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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Make Your Vision Board Money Board This 2016 Unique Wish Board Tips and Feng Shui Symbolism

Vision boards have been used in business houses and management personnel since years these are drafts, or plans put on paper. In feng shui we do just this and then see how our life goes about fulfilling and attracting each aspect.
While we see feng shui cures available in the market its high time you gave your home and your life a unique new energy. The same feng shui cures in so many houses, just makes your space look boring and monotonous. Oh yes I see the same feng shui boats the same turtles and the money frogs, in so many homes.

Rarest of the Rare Gold Pearls , Made into Hand Made Jewellery
The need for uniqueness has brought me into making feng shui art. And then there was also space crunch and the maintaining of all theses, oh so many feng shui cures, that for convenience , comfort and good luck I just assembled my thoughts and put them onto paper! The visions boards you make can be unique and creative with images and objects.
You can first understand your own wishes and symbols you relate to and them make your vision board.
Four Clover Luck, sharing here a complete package of good luck, Acrylic on canvas, Rizwana Mundewadi
Different people view and connect to different objects like today a ship does not symbolize bringing wealth , in fact we see  Couriers and Air Parcels coming our way, so putting a ship may not be so much you relate with money.
Then also while money transfer is online putting a cheque may some what not relate with you.
People also go in for bold text message and inspirational quotes paintings and this does work as visual communication is best.
Pictures and images of places you wish to visit can be got from magazines and also online sites. You can put travel spots, tourist places and even details like which travel agency you wish to go with.
In your family feng shui, you can collect happy occasions photos and put up a collage to carry this energy for your life.
You have to understand, connect and relate to the symbols on your walls!
Thus bring in some creative unique energy this New Year, Rizwana Mundewadi Wishing you a Merry Christmas and A Very Happy Prosperous New Year!
Where to hang Wish Fulfillment Paintings
Symbolism of House Wish Fulfillment Paintings
Thank you very much,, each one of you,  for liking my blogs,  reading my posts, commenting  and sharing, Thanks a lot for all my followers and art lovers and especially my art buyers for encouraging me to continue making healing art, I hope I continue to share knowledge and this helps many of you all! Its great to receive the happy emails of seeing my Feng shui advice and Reiki healing working on, just following my intuitions and my spirit guides, Thank you! God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana!

Friday, December 11, 2015

The Best Place for Christmas Tree in Feng Shui Which place To have a Christmas Tree outside Home with Feng Shui

 The Best Place for Christmas Tree in Feng Shui is to understand its elements from feng shui perspective.
Christmas Tree
1) Christmas trees are of the dominating element  wood. Best placement is east, good health, family relationships, and wealth/prosperity.
2) Strong lights, and colors, also Christmas trees are symbolic of great fame so good to be placed in south.
3) They have gifts all over, representing prosperity so a great symbolism for your southeast wealth sector.
4) Your prosperity corner that falls on the innermost left hand corner of the living room.
5) Choose the colors of sparkling shiny ribbons, garden ornaments,  and lights for great feng shui. oranges, yellows, purples and reds are great feng shui energy for good luck.

Which place To have a  Christmas Tree outside  Home with Feng Shui
Choose the East sector , that is best but if you cannot have your Christmas tree here, then always choose a space near the front door.  Avoid having Christmas trees at the backside of the house unless if it is necessary and that is the only available space. Growing Tips for  Christmas Tree.
Christmas trees symbolize great energy with all the beautiful sparkler lights, garden ornaments ,  ribbons, and loads of luck and what more than to invite good luck from the main door.
Rizwana Mundewadi Wishing You a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year Ahead! All the Best!
Feng Shui Wealth Tree
Nature Flowers Paintings

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Gifting a Heart Painting this Christmas and New Year Will it Break Your Relationship! Check Feng Shui Of Heart Paintings Before Buying

Some important consequences of heart paintings gone wrong and Feng Shui Healing tips to consider before buying and choosing heart paintings.
1) Never buy bleeding hearts paintings, this symbolizes heart break and is sure to affect your relationships whether it is your friend, partner or spouse.
2) Cracked hearts, a famous representation in many artworks, again represents break and may affect your relationship. 
3) Dark colored black hearts are seriously bad symbolism and never choose such artworks, may develop doubt, fear and insecurities in your relationship. 
4) More than two hearts represents a third entry into your relationship, not good for healthy relationship. 
5) Hearts that are incomplete symbols, again will adversely affect your relationship, symbolizing either both or one of the partner will not give their hundred percent for this relationship. 
6) Single heart paintings for gifting a couple must be avoided as it leads the viewer to loneliness.
7) Avoid stormy seas and muddy backgrounds in heart painting gifts. It symbolizes trials, misunderstanding and quarrels among the couple.
8) It is best to choose hearts overlapping each other for perfect harmony and happiness as compared to two separate hearts in the painting. 
Best colors for heart paintings are pink and red. You can also buy colorful hearts but be sure to buy full symbols.
Hope this helps!
Usually paintings and artworks selected of painted hearts are never simply hearts, they have a lot of other images and objects also in them which can bring out a totally different symbolism and energy.  Yes symbols of hearts , people in love feel there is no better way to express their love and bonding for their mates and friends. Two hearts has become a universal symbol for love and soul mates and people buy this for any occasions to express love. 
Choose the Heart paintings carefully and Here's Wishing You Awesum Happinesses on Christmas and New Year, with My "Beautiful love"
Beautiful Love, Acrylic on Paper, Rizwana Mundewadi

God Bless and all the Best from Rizwana!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

What are Feng Shui Paintings How Will You apply Feng Shui With Paintings Understanding Feng Shui Energy in Zen paintings

What are feng shui paintings? when we talk of feng shui paintings does a simple flower stalk, stones, bamboo stalks or fishes come in your mind. On Google search of feng shui paintings you will find simply these paintings only. Feng shui paintings have a much wider range and not just peaceful images. They are actually termed Zen paintings as they bring soothing energy.
Soothing images in paintings that bring relaxing energy are Zen paintings and feng shui paintings do have a lot more different types of symbolism and  energies. If you display soothing soft images paintings in south it will not attract the desired energy for fame and recognition, in fact may lead to no motivation to work.
Then another area suffering from lack of knowledge is the career area. people are hanging horse paintings and dirty confusing water falls which they buy on name of feng shui paintings. This has never been understood that each image displayed will  affect the feng shui of your space and your mind.
My feng shui paintings  have been made with positive intentions and apply the principles of feng shui symbolism, elements theory and color symbolism. Images Painted in feng shui paintings attract good luck and wealth energy. Each sector has been well though off and studied before guiding you to hang or choose an artwork for your space.
Bedroom feng shui paintings I see so many, have been made with dried stalks of flowers, fishes swimming with water, the most controversial topic in feng shui of displaying water  in bedroom, is never thought of while buying feng shui art for bedrooms!
Then I have also noticed that feng shui healing paintings are sold as many prints, healing energies cannot be transferred to prints. What type of energy can come about with commercialization.
Focus and purpose oriented feng shui paintings will serve their purpose, that is act as great feng shui cures for your space. While you cannot put the many feng shui cures in your home space feng shui paintings are a great way to use the walls and attract the positive energy.
Then another energy point of view is feng shui  paintings need not be soothing every time. They have to fill up the energy vacuum in life and attract the required type of energy.
Another most important shocking discovery! the so called Feng shui paintings are painted abnormal images, partly broken part, incomplete flowers, irregular shapes, and the worst is three panels of images and this is suggested for bedroom feng shui art!  and just imagine what these three panels, number 3,  will do for your relationships if this is hung in bedroom in relationships area!!!!
Feng shui Art is not just about stones, fishes  and Bamboos! it is much more!
All this Happiness, Rizwana Mundewadi

Feng Shui Bedroom Paintings, Rizwana Mundewadi
Rizwana Mundewadi and some thoughts on understanding feng shui symbolism in paintings!
Have a Great Day!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Feng Shui for Your New Pre Owned Car Feng Shui Tips for Second Hand Cars

Feng Shui for Your New Pre Owned Car Feng Shui Tips for Second Hand Cars, the buying and selling of cars, an important vehicle today almost every house and every member has a vehicle today.
Every vehicle has the energy of its own as well as that of the owner.
If your new preowned car is behaving erratically, or without reason stops, troubles you just check the feng shui energy of the car and help it out! Mots times evil eye cures are hung on bumpers or dash boards for protection and this , like many share has helped their vehicles in running  smoothly.
When you buy a second hand car-
1) wash it thoroughly. Even under the seat covers, the floor mats and the door inside accumulate energy from past owners.
2) Purify it with burning incense and fragrance inside and out. The engine has to be good and not noisy or giving a jerky bumpy start.
3) Flowers and garlands are great to help refresh the energy of your vehicle.
4) Check all the mirrors and glass surfaces. Window glass, mirrors, all have to be clean, clear and not cracked or broken.
5) Use feng shui elements theory to choose  color of your pre owned car. Your lucky color can add up to your feng shui luck. Feng Shui lucky color is red and it is beneficial to attract wealth luck, and Scientifically also red is an energy color os passion and happiness.
Check Your Pre Owned Car Feng Shui
But other colors too have their own significance and one can choose accordingly.
6) If it is an accident vehicle, do this all the more to purify the energy as this will keep affecting the next owners.
7) Sound is also a great purifier and helps purify the interior space of your new car. Stereo systems and music systems must be in proper condition as this affects the feng shui  of your car.
8) The most important oat part of your  car, the horn, the mouth of your car affects the driver immensely. If the horn is soft, not in working condition  this indicates very strong ill luck and shar energy and affects the driver as well as the members sitting in the car .
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere efforts, for everything else there is feng shui!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Doors in Line Symbolism of Doors in One Line with Feng Shui Back Door main Door in One Line Feng Shui Tips

Doors in Line Feng Shui Symbolism
Doors in one line, doors parallel to each other and many doors in a house all in one line, are some feng shui imbalances that we never notice. Modern homes today have many rooms each interlinked with  doors that are in one line.
Then there are also main door  and back door or two doors to the living room.
Also another room arrangement I have seen are with main door having all rooms on sides and the whole long pathway leading straight to kitchen.
Each one has a different feng shui perspective and affects health wealth and prosperity of your home.
Simply put people say the more doors the more opportunities/incoming wealth,  and love to have large doors and entrances.
Sharing some feng shui thoughts-
1) Main entrances have to be proportionate to the size of home, too large doors means incoming energy is strong and  inmates cannot balance the energy, affects health and peace of mind.
2) too small doors and entrances in line again indicates small energy incoming and that too neutralized, so opportunities are mild and one cannot earn enough even after trying many things to work out.
3) In line doors dilute the chi coming from main door and nourishes only the first room and the last.
4) Energy goes to the end of the room, so also people coming in go straight in. So the other rooms lack energy and happiness. Stagnant chi.
5) Main door in feng shui is mouth, incoming chi, wealth. Back door is where the  negative energy goes out. When in line they indicate an imbalance of feng shui energy. Either the doors have to be shifted or it is advisable to use only one door as main entrance.
6) Some homes people for comfort level use only back doors, this will indicate in the means they earn their income, it may be more of back door prosperity. No I am not indicating it is illegal money but just that it may be wealth coming that is unrecorded. or not known to others. That which you cannot proudly share.
7) The people staying in other rooms will have less creative energy, less health energy and less confidence. They will not be able to mix with other family members and often feel neglected as every time guests and  people come in they sit in first room or straight away go tot the end room. Less nourishing chi as movement of chi in one line in harmful according to traditional feng shui masters the devil goes in straight line. Hence All Chinese constructions and designs encourage curvy directions and roads.
Important feng shui imbalances with one single line many doors , that cannot be broken and reconstructed can be by applying feng shui simple cures, Simply add furniture, plants,  wind chimes, hanging door ornaments or tassles of colored threads that move with wind , this will allow chi from flowing fast to the end of the home and make it stay in between for some time, thus nourishing the other rooms also. Try it, it  works!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Most Important Wealth Cure in Feng Shui Gas Burner and Feng Shui Best place for Gas Burners in Feng Shui

Gas Burners Gas Stoves and Cooking Ranges in Feng Shui
Gas burners, raw flame, the glowing clear flame, bluish red, looks beautiful and has great feng shui. Fire in Feng shui symbolizes wealth. From first feng shui masters have always encouraged cooking food on fire.
Today however we see a lot of  cooking ranges, electric hot plates and ovens that have completely replaced the traditional fire, Gas. Cooking by burning wood was the best energy that made the food good , charged with positivity for health and attracted wealth.
Feng shui is always about balancing the elements and nature , and being as close to nature as possible.
Fire symbolizes  wealth and prosperity, as in Traditional Chinese homes fire burning in kitchen symbolized that food was abundant there and being cooked for the family. This is a symbol of wealth and have been carried on till today.
Gas burners in feng shui have an important role in your wealth coming in. This actually means sources of income also. Hence the many burners in kitchen the many sources of incoming wealth open up.
1) Chocked, blocked, rusted and broken gas burners indicate irregular and difficulty in earning wealth by inmates of the home.
2) Too many Gas burners that are never lighted or used is indication of many options to earn but under utilized opportunities.
3) very small  burners again are not good feng shui as they take a long time to cook even small quantities of food, thus indicating more effort required to earn even little amount of money.
4) It is good to have different sized burners, that help to conserve gas, as small amounts of food can be cooked on small gas burners. This indicates judicious and proper utilization of wealth and opportunities.
5) Always use all the available gas burners every day to keep the energy and wealth coming in. You can rotate or alternatively use one or other burner in case you cook less on this fire, but it is important that every day at least one gas burner is lit/used for some time for cooking.
The Kitchen feng shui lays importance on placing fire and water properly for good health and wealth. While water (wash basin) and fire (gas stoves) are never to be placed side by side or opposite to each other you can put them at an angle so that the energies don't clash. A triangle shape formed is the best feng shui arrangement, with refrigerator, gas stove and wash basin.
Fire element rules here, the South, fame recognition and desire to achieve and work. South , South east all can benefit from fire element. Avoid fire in north sectors and northwest as the corresponding elements here are water and wind, both not good for fire.
Three Gold Coins of good Luck, Feng Shui small Painting Acrylic on paper , Rizwana A. Mundewadi

All this Happiness...Feng Shui Painting on Photo Paper, Rizwana A. Mundewadi
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Festival of Lights Check out Some Practical Feng shui Home Cleaning Tips and My Article in Spiceroute Inflight Magazine November 2015 Issue

 The festival of lights and cleaning the house begins from the curtains to cushions and all artefacts everything is cleaned. Just go with these simple feng shi tips and clean your home this festival attracting prosperity.
1) Purify your home with not just sweeping and mopping , add some fresh liquid fragrances t o have a clean fresh smelling home, and we know how a great fragrant home brings in peace and soothing energy, great feng shui! Each object must be touched and cleaned which will remove accumulated energy and attract fresh energy.
2) This time do check all the clutter, the outer as well as the inner, yes not just your home objects but your mind and emotional baggages need to go!
Feng Shui Bells Hanging invite Great Goodluck
3) Festival of lights and some areas of your life are still not activated , check out dull dark areas in your home, Add some lights and see how your life changes for better!
Light this festival season feng shui fragrant candles
4) Feng Shui cures are magical energy bundles , added them , do place them in proper directions, some amount of checking helps!
Job Career opportunities luck comes by placing shiny crystal globe
5) Clean just about everything and not just furniture and walls!  from the little floor lights to the knobs of door and even the doormat! all objects in some way or other invite feng shui wealth luck in your space.
Check out my article in Spice Jet's  Inflight magazine Spiceroute this months issue, November 2015. For more on Practical workable suggestions for House Cleaning the  Feng Shui Way.
Ba Gua Protection Acrylic on Cardboard Evil Eye Good Luck Feng Shui Cure
Buying some art this festive season, don’t forget to come by my website for some feng shui paintings!
All the Best and God Bless from Rizwana!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Wooden Wrist watches, Modern Contemporary Watches Great Feng Shui Energy Wrist Watches in Wood

Wooden Wrist watches on Etsy
Wooden watches, wow Awesum, feng shui Earth and wood energy together in such a beautiful way, all the way leading to good luck!
Wood is a beautiful element that represents growth and energy in feng shui. As water nourishes wood,it is good to select blue and dark colored watches, of course apart from the lovely earthy browns!
Wrist watches have been trendy and even though we now get to see time in so many different ways ( mobile, tab and all devices!), the wrist watch till rules in our apparel and fashion industry.
Wrist is a throbbing pulse part of the body that continuously gets energy from the element it is connected to. Yes metal is good as time and money are linked in feng shui. Do keep a check on your writs watch, it has to be good fitting , comfortable and always working on time, neither ahead nor slow.
Watches and clocks affect your whole life, your work and your relationships. The individual who is always on time and works according to time schedules has more success and attracts prosperity.
I have always observed that the homes with great wall clocks and individuals wearing watches, that are always clear and working on time look more confident, successful and always in control of their life.
Loved this wooden watch on Etsy,!
Wood element activated by growing plants, greens, but yes, can be incorporated in so many ways to attract good health and wealth and this sure is one of a beautiful way!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Experiment this for bedroom feng shui, Choosing Feng shui Bedroom Paintings and Art tips

The Irregular Pots, a Feng shui Bedroom Painting Love
 Experiment and try out, it works! I did this, it really is scary to try out bedroom feng shui checks. So for a few weeks hung some paintings that denoted single energy, yes they were all beautiful paintings, lucky symbols but single. There were single flower, single pot, single square, so suddenly the energy shifted from that of love to restlessness and argumentative one. Feng shui is a powerful science and for those who have suffered know and for those who have witnessed magic know!
The human brain views symbols and as I always say surround yourself with symbols of happiness. You have a choice.
Some important tips for bedroom feng shui-
1) Think of the space utility, it has to project a pair of energy always. Avoid single pots, single flowers, single vases, single tree, any image single on your walls brings that type of feng shui energy.
2) Check the position of bed, have a supportive head rest and hang a beautiful painting depicting love.
3) Choose the colors of love and life in paintings for bedrooms. Pink, oranges, red, and green all depict life and love.
Cubism abstract painting, Blue Bird of Good Luck and The Orange Bird of Wealth
4) Avoid dark gloomy colored paintings. Storms, drought, war etc, Dull, muddy and confusing abstracts paintings must be avoided in bedrooms.
5) Choose happy emotions in paintings.  Sad people, lonely couple, frustrated losing hope emotions depicted in paintings must be avoided for bedrooms, in fact for any space in your home!
6) Think in pairs, be area specific! Collect all items, even furniture in pairs. In fact going with feng shui principles never let anything be single, even coins for goodluck and that lucky coins in your wallet I always mention, keep them two or more, money never likes to be alone!it goes away..
7) Avoid clutter of paintings in bedroom. Yes you may love art but having too many with all walls covered with create a stifling energy and the other partner may feel uncomfortable and neglected.  At least leave one wall blank.
Please do not experiment with feng shui of bedroom, it has drastic serious effects, may lead to separation or extreme cases break the relationship! Use with care!

All the Best and God Bless from Rizwana!
Amazon Kindle, published my ebook, Feng Shui 27, most powerful 27 wealth enhancers in feng shui.  Attract wealth with feng shui and welcome prosperity! My Mini chicklets of Feng Shui paintings, did at a stretch 27, continuing my spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, painting healing art and sharing healing energies, the feng shui good luck  magic number, all the colors of happiness, complete package of goodluck. great as gifts and I can paint customized paintings in any size, as per order for bulk orders, will be sent on date and address accordingly. Spread and gift happiness!

My Mini Chicklets of Good Luck $50 Feng shui  Colors of Happiness

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

3 FengShui South Fire cures Gone wrong! How to Use Fire for benefit in Feng Shui

Fire is one of the most important element in our life, feng shui fire energy is required for survival. Job loss, changing jobs, job hopping all these have a major effect on incoming wealth of the family. Not only does this affect stability of your home but also less incoming wealth means financial crunches.
The low desire  to work is one of the major causes of job losses and job satisfaction. Motivation and fire to achieve something if missing will not take the individual far, and they will lose interest in their work and life.
  Feng shui energy is all connected and activating each and every sector of your home space following the theory of elements will help the energy to flow easily and attract abundance.
Feng Shui Fame

Vibrant Colours for  Activating Feng shui South

Fire for South Feng Shui

Spiritual Art
The energy for desires and motivation falls in the south sector. As we know that fame and recognition sector and is activated by the dominating element fire energy, the color red is very much essential one here.
Soothing fire energy  

Greedy Dragons of Fame
It is not just for attracting good name but the complete energy for motivation to work and do any task corresponds to this sector. So if an individual is having problems continuing in a regular job, of finding it difficult to stay in one job or business it would be good to check the feng shui energy of this sector and activate this with simple feng shui cures.
Fire energy is beneficial here. But as I always suggest check out the cures you are choosing carefully. 1) Fire in any form will not work for you as cures. See that it is the dragon energy fire that will give a positive motivational push to everyone to work productively.
2) Having Temple here as any say we burn fire here daily, but this is soothing spiritual fire that will take you a way from worldly  life and encourage leaving the worldly desires.
3) Do not meditate or have relaxing seating arrangements in south sector. This leads to your destiny relaxing and going to sleep! Red Purple are great colors here.
Fire energy has to be a strong yet positive intention one to work for your luck.
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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3 Decor Mistakes with Golden Colour Golden Colour Strong Feng Shui Cures Use the Colour to Activate Wealth Feng Shui

Money and wealth as also spiritual passion to work are all inter linked. People love golden colour and add many decor elements , furniture in this colour. As we know Gold is the ultimate spiritual colour and also a very strong symbol of wealth in Feng Shui. Masters  often suggest to add up decor elements and upholstery as well as knick knacks, and feng shui cures in this metal with golden colour. Yet , the Golden colour will not always work for your benefit, and sometimes may go completely with producing shar energy and wrong feng shui. Read here how and why.
Spiritual Golden Colour Painting
3 very important  Feng Shui Decor mistakes with this colour-
1) Using Fire along with Golden colour for south east. Not only does this affect stability of your home but also less incoming wealth means financial crunches. Fire is required for south but for south east we need growing energy. Golden colour has metal energy and with fire, as we know fire melts metal, produces negative, share energy, or neutralizes the feng shui effects of your cures.
Tibetan Mantra Lotus Painting
2) Golden Coloured Complete room decor is over whelming and puts undue pressure on inmates to always be on the edge and high stress.
3) The low desire  to work is one of the major causes of job losses and low job satisfaction as a result instability in income and work. Motivation and burning desire, fire to achieve something is missing , the reason may be the decor has too much Golden sharp objects energy. Choosing furniture with sharp edges, artworks with war symbols in golden colour, and many abstract paintings will bring energy to loose focus in life. Clear cut messages and symbols have to be displayed to attract the same form the universe.
4) Arguments, power ego issues and unnecessary arguments at home can be triggered by adding too much Golden coloured objects and wall art in the south West sector. The energy here is pairs and soothing colours go well here.
  5) Feng shui energy is all connected and activating each and every sector of your home space following the theory of elements will help the energy to flow easily and attract abundance. So if you add up Golden colour to every sector, it will mar the effects of other colours, that will also look like a major decor mistake!
Four Clover Luck 
Simple cures and decor tricks can improve the feng shui of your space. The energy for desires and motivation falls in the south sector. As we know that fame and recognition sector and is activated by the dominating element fire energy, the color red is very much essential one here. Golden colour  also acts with the same energy and has a yellow gold energy. but do add red and orange colours also. Add Golden colour decor elements for accents and highlights in decor. Try to choose paintings and wall art with golden colour for few walls only and keep the rest with their respective feng shui colorus following the Ba Gua.

Black White Golden Healing Artworks

Spiritual Geometric Abstract

It is not just for attracting good name but the complete energy for motivation to work and do any task corresponds to this sector. So if an individual is having problems continuing in a regular job, of finding it difficult to stay in one job or business it would be good to check the feng shui energy of this sector and activate this with simple feng shui cures.
Fire energy is beneficial here. But as I always suggest check out the cures you are choosing carefully. 1) Fire in any form will not work for you as cures. See that it is the dragon energy fire that will give a positive motivational push to everyone to work productively.
2) Having Temple here as any say we burn fire here daily, but this is soothing spiritual fire that will take you a way from worldly  life and encourage leaving the worldly desires.
3) Do not meditate or have relaxing seating arrangements in south sector. This leads to your destiny relaxing and going to sleep! Red Purple are great colors here.
Golden colour  energy has to be a strong, with positive intentioned one,  to work for your luck.
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Monday, October 5, 2015

Biggest Bedroom Feng Shui Going Wrong Buddha Paintings Feng Shui Tips for Hanging Buddha paintings

Feng Shui for bedroom Paintings
Art in feng shui has a major role to activate corners and element. Loving modern art and symbolic art today people love to buy spiritual paintings for bedrooms. Religious, symbolic, calligraphic art with religious texts, all need to be displayed carefully.
Understand the basic feng shui of your bedroom first. The purpose of your bedroom is one to relax, recharge your batteries that are drained everyday while you go out for work. After facing  a tiring, hard day each one of us wants to enter a bedroom that is inviting, soothing and relaxing.
While in feng shui we lay a lot of importance on paintings displayed above your bed head rest, remember for bedroom all objects always in pair,  the major biggest mistake people do is hang religious and spiritual art here.
One example , look at the above image that I clicked in a feng shui loving couple's bedroom.  The representing energy is soothing, relaxing but not so good for the newly married couple. People hire interior home decorators who have absolutely no knowledge of feng shui and just choose paintings according to their knowledge of spiritual art.
Images displayed in your bedroom have a great effect on your psyche and send these unconscious messages to your brain which in turn , converts this to reality. Let me explain this Buddha artworks in detail, symbolic images of Buddha and  spiritual art send out messages of simplicity, sometimes celibacy and leaving home in the path of spirituality. They also indicate less interest in worldly ,matters and leading a life of detachment, all this that is not good feng shui for family, married people, especially, people newly married and in beginning of  life.
Now these painting are in pair, but the type of feng shui energy coming is not what we suggest for bedrooms. Buddha paintings go really well for north east sectors which is one of the important centres for self revelations and self realisations.
Choose bedroom  paintings carefully, try to have some pinks, reds and oranges to keep your life healthy , active and very much in love, whatever age you both are in!
All this Love, feng shui reiki healing painting for bedrooms Rizwana Mundewadi

Modern feng Shui painting for bedroom, "Designer Hearts" Rizwana Mundewadi

Another beautiful bedroom painting, "Happiness" 
All the Best from Rizwana!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Why do we need Right Feng Shui Understanding Chi Energy of The Universe

Feng shui the science of placement of objects in harmony with the five elements roots down to thousands of years. The simple explanation put up can be when things flow along with the energy of the Universe there is harmony balance and easy luck. There is a flow going on in the energy fields every where within us and outside us and when this is in harmony we are at peace.
The Tao symbol Yin and Yang is what comes as a   simple example to understand all life forces and chi. There is always the movement going on from Yin to Yang, from inaction to action, from up to down, from white to black, from night to day. Hardly does the universal force be quiet as there is always movement going on. The female and the male energy, passive and active forms, are essential for harmony and peace prosperity. The wrong acts of human energy stops, hinders this movement causing imbalance and thus struggles in life energy.
Ashtamangala Good Luck Collection of Good Luck Paintings
Why do we block this energy, that is free from the source, unlimited from the universe, with little knowledge, thus resulting is life energy drain and blockages in progress. The energy is broken down and spread unwisely everywhere instead of replenishing the body and soul. It is here that the right knowledge and right feng shui helps.  
The knowledge of Yin and Yang helps to understand each and every object, energy as of two forms, moving , changing, and the individual who learns to balance this is at peace and naturally flowing along with the universal life force. It is with this that the healers spread energy and become pure hollow channels to spread happiness. That which many unknowingly block out and thus do not experience,  understand the magic of the universe.
Once you understand the simple principles of feng shui life becomes beautiful, no doubt there may be ups and downs but you know and understand that every inaction and action mostly depends upon you and your responses, your actions. Understanding elements helps the universe to allow you to lead a healthy beautiful life with nourishing chi in and around you.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Do feng shui cures back fire? Bad Feng Shui Energy Wrong Placement of Your Simple Fish Tank Wealth Cures

how your feng shui cures back fire energy, yes this is what I am noticing more and more in homes. Reading a few tips on feng shui people go about spending lots of money in refurbishing their homes and add beautiful costly feng shui cures.
And then wait, but nothing seems to work. In fact it so happens that they have disturbed an already flowing income sector and blocked it with a fish tank or a plant that is creating more shar energy than good chi.
Do feng shui cures back fire? Not in most cases but only when they are put in totally wrong places that create confusion in the energy of elements dominating there. Example for fame  and recognition sector we have the strongest dominating element fire and when people unknowingly put fish tanks here to activate this luck for name fame and recognition, they are in fact keeping water here. Yes there are fishes who activate this luck, golden ones, koi fishes, that will help too attract some luck but in few months the energy may go stagnant, and what about fishes dieing in this sector?
Then the disturbed energy affects the mind and life of the inmates adversely. Many feng shui masters advice to put fish tanks any where to activate wealth luck and people follow this unknowingly how it will affect in long term their lives.
Feng shui fish tank cures going wrong reasons
Then I see people leave their  large sized fishtanks as they are unable to  care for the fishes. Sometimes it so happens that the tanks are so dirty with worms as the people have just left them without any decision on their costly tanks.
This is when feng shui cures back fire! any object or feng shui cure not activated and used is clutter. This accumulated clutter , every time you view this , brings a pang of pain in your heart for your wrong financial decision.
And then they dont even remove this as lots of money is involved and resale value is nil of second hand decor items and goods.
It is thus better to choose your feng shui   simple cures carefully especially the fish tank cure as this one involves regular maintenance and proper energy care.
All the Best from Rizwana!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Tips for Feng Shui Wealth Corner Missing and why your simple feng shui cures are not working for attracting wealth

Feng shui wealth corner missing tips
Feng shui wealth corner missing affects the family incoming wealth , that is not only money but also drains energy from relationships and life seems a journey uphill. Missing corners is one of the main reason people are affected in many aspects of life and not knowing about simple feng shui cures, their life becomes a trial and they are confused No amount of efforts from their part show any fruits and their labour goes waste many times. Relationships need a lot of effort to maintain yet are strained this sure affects health and career indirectly.
Especially with the missing wealth corner it becomes difficult to hold on to money and money seems to be sliding by even if your luck is stronger and you earn good income. Because the energy to complete this sector in your life, that corresponds with a space and element in your home is missing.
Missing corners can be completed with feng shui simple cures like use of feng shui objects, colors, paintings and putting some furniture or shifting some object. Sometimes these simple cures do not show much changes in coming of wealth as there is more to it than is visible to the eye.
The southeast missing affects really bad ways and people keep struggling their whole life for accumulating wealth which seems to take a side track for them always. There needs to be a deep understanding of the science of feng shui to heal missing corners.
Then also there are a lot of factors like karmic influences and soul past karmas. The house energy feng shui is one aspect  of your luck to balance   heaven and earth luck. Colors are beneficial but still symbols and art can help attract good feng shui and balance the energy that is missing in your home and your life.So sometimes even on putting many feng shui cures there is still not much change seen as the area is already missing and you have been placing symbols, paintings in the wrong place.
Abundance a symbolic colorful abstract painting feng shui wealth  Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Colors in your artwork, sculptures, shapes and sacred geometry and healing symbols can work towards filling in  energy of these missing wealth corners. Plants are a great way to attract abundance like my favourite healing Reiki symbol for abundance.
All the Best from Rizwana!
Block of Prosperity Simply Energy Stagnation
Horse Paintings and Feng Shui Office Business Luck

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tortoise under your bed for support and Healing back pain 5 Important tips for using Tortoise Cure for Health and Confidence

The Tortoise is one humble creature so loved by everyone who know their importance in feng shui. the feng shui turtle with its hexagon designed back itself is highly symbolic in feng shui as it resembles the shape of the Ba Gua.
So from its  multiple umpteen uses, found that Tortoise placed under  your bed can also help out as a good feng shui health cure. Tortoise under your  bed for support  and Healing back pain has been put for symbolizing luck and healing energy for your life support. Since the tortoise is an animal that lives for many years it is symbolic of good health and long life. Back pain is also related to the sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra that affects your confidence and personality.
Tortoise in  Pink stone
Kindly note that having too many tortoises as cures are not good and one must be cautious as to not allowing too much quiet energy into your space.
Each feng shui cure must be thought of and understood before placing them and using them for these to be effective in your life. And do know that feng shui is not a replacement for modern medical therapies, in fact feng shui and Reiki healing when added with modern therapies work miraculous wonders to your health!
1) placing under your bed see that the element is one that is harmony with you, avoid sharp metal tortoises.
2) See that the tortoise figurine is placed under your back and not under your  head while sleeping.
3) choosing a tortoise in your birthstone or pink rose quartz is best for healing health cures.
4) Jade is another stone that helps attract good health and wealth.
5) Do not use broken, chipped or cracked Tortoise figurines under your bed. You just know what type of energy they will bring towards you!
Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shuui!
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Feng Shui Travel luck place a conch under your bed Conch Symbol Paintings Symbolism

Feng Shui Travel luck place a conch under your bed, conch has been considered a beautiful symbol of enlightenment since ages and also used in many religious rituals,especially Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism.   Conch Symbol Paintings are a great symbol for peace, harmony and good luck.
Being one among the eight auspicious symbols in Tibetan Buddhism symbolism the conch is a very good feng shui cure to attract feng shui travel luck.
People struggling for going abroad, travelling places, and trying for work and job offers from other countries can benefit by hanging these beautiful symbols or placing them in lucky spaces to attract great energy for travel luck.
"All Encompassing Vase of Good Luck" symbolic pot oil painting Rizwana A.Mundewadi
The conch symbol is also a good symbol to attract education luck, thus those also wishing to travel abroad for higher education can benefit . Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
"Antique Pot of Good Luck" Rizwana A.Mundewadi
All the Best from Rizwana!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Want more control over your wealth place a wealth vase under your bed

Want more control over your wealth place a wealth vase under your bed. This is one of  the ways to activate wealth luck in your life.
Lapis lazuli Stone Jewellery box

Wealth Bowl
It so happens that the wealth area falls outside or near a bathroom and is difficult to activate this sector. The wealth feng shui sector is south east and prosperity  sector is left side innermost of living room. If it is not possible to activate the wealth sector you can have symbols of wealth, like wealth bowls, gemstone boxes, stored under your bed. This  gives you more control over your finances and also attracts wealth.
If your wealth southeast falls in bedroom you cannot have live plants here and also fish tanks or any water features are not placed in bedrooms as per feng shui principles so this tip can help activate your wealth luck.
All the Best from Rizwana!
Feng Shui Guaranteed Cure for Wealth
Pot of Prosperity Painting

Death Position Energy in Feng Shui, worst position in your home death position feng shui

Death Position Energy in feng Shui , one of the most negative energy space, poison arrow effects comes from sleeping in the death position.
Bed placements have been always given a  lot of importance  in feng shui yet, people apply so many fengs shui wealth cures but hardly give this one a thought. the death position.
The Chinese believe  that sleeping with your head in a certain direction is either beneficial or harmful to ones health and life.
The most dangerous among all spaces in your home is near the door. never sleep with your  feet towards door.
Command position in bedroom is diagonally from the bedroom door. Never opposite to the door. Bathroom door in alignment with bed is another worst energy maker affecting health adversely.
The bed head rest must not share the wall of bathroom, wash basin , fire stove kitchen wall or any water draining structure.
Best feng shui beds 
It affects health, mental disturbances, sleep disturbances and even stress. Anger also comes frequently to  people who sleep in line with door. Water in any form , moving, flowing, is harmful near your bed.
Avoid these positions , never sleep near the main door. The death position, literally as the dead are placed near the entrance before they are carried for last rites.
God Bless from Rizwana!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Which is the Best place in Feng Shui for Fish Tanks in Home or Office and Which Places to avoid

Best Place for Fish Tanks in Feng Shui
Fish tanks is one of the best and Guaranteed cure for wealth , opportunities, career luck and prosperity from among the many beautiful feng shui simple cures. The fishes keep moving, swimming in the tank and this produces active chi that helps activate the element of north, metal luck here. The dominating element of north is metal and water , orange colored fishes are great here.
People do love fish tanks and some homes I see have two or three huge fish tanks.
Feng shui is all about balance and harmony, do not over power your space with any feng shui cure, in understanding that it will bring more luck, in fact it may create shar energy, poison arrows for the inmates.
1) Best places for fish tanks- north, northwest, Though people have observed noticeable great luck from placing fish tank in any part of their home. Just avoid centre.
2) Avoid  fish tanks in centre, the element here  is earth and water  is absorbed by earth so it sucks away all opportunities. More over as in feng shui the centre is best left empty , uncluttered and creamy earthy color.
3) Fish tanks also do not help as cures in some businesses which deal with medical health and personal health care products.
In such cases you can hang a painting of fishes to activate wealth and good luck.
4) Try to have the fish tanks in proportionate size to your room space.  Over overwhelmingly large sized tanks and fishes take away all the chi, and leave other sectors of your life unnoticed and dry.
5) Avoid some types  of fishes in your home fish tanks, especially very slow or very fast moving ones, fighter and aggressive fishes.
6) Never place two fish tanks near the entrance on either sides, or facing each other, water on the two sides of main door represents tears from both eyes.
7) Odd is good in feng shui. Three,,  five, seven, eight nine numbers are great. Though,  I request please, if some of your fishes have died do not add new ones immediately, Fishes do not  adjust well in new environment. let the previous lot live, or else either old fishes die or the whole new lot all together die one after another.
Hope this helps!
Check out "Sernya the Two Gold Fishes Wealth flows"
All the Best from Rizwana!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Will My Tortoise Shaped Finger Ring Work Why is tortoise shaped ring not working

Will My Tortoise Shaped Finger Ring Work?
Feng shui Reiki cures are always followed by each one as individual preferences and with open heart. You cannot judge or question, doubt these feng shui cures. If you doubt and you mind wavers it automatically begins a cycle of negative energy force that will counter or hinder the positive outcomes from your feng shui cures.
Amazing results and changes are seen from those who love feng shui and Reiki and have made this a way of life. You can always try using the tortoise shaped finger ring and , then also try it in different hand and fingers, I always go with my personal instincts and not so much on reading or information by others.
why is Tortoise finger ring not working
Choose shapes of your finger rings carefully and those that you are comfortable with.
 Why is tortoise shaped ring feng shui cure not working?
If some people , though very few, find that there are no changes, it is that this cure may not be for you. Always trust the universe, there is always something better for you. It may have carried some negative energy from the shop, the buyers or the gifter.
What to do if your tortoise finger ring feng shui cure is not working or showing any change?
Cleanse it with mild  soapy water and purify it with burning incense and some fresh early morning sunlight. Put positive intentions and again wear it, hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Who cannot wear Tortoise Finger Rings

Tortoise finger rings must never be worn by these people, who are sick and have chronic health serious problems. Then there are some people who suffer from depression and anxiety. Tortoise is a symbol of good health and good luck but practically thinking it really is a very slow animal. Harmless though the shape does trigger emotions and slow movements sometimes if the wearer suffers from mental disorders or mental health problems.
The tortoise finger rings symbolic of attracting good health,wealth and prosperity are usually worn in right hand fingers.
Small children and old people must avoid wearing tortoise shaped finger rings as the energy changes with feng shui cures worn on body may cause different reactions in their body and auras. As this will also depend upon the intentions and energy of the buyer of the ring.
Gemstone tortoise finger ring
When there  is a surge in liking the new trendy shaped tortoise finger rings, it is essential  that some people take care never to wear this shape. For attracting wealth there are many feng shui cures and the feng shui wealth , prosperity, sectors of your home space also need to be activated along side for the tortoise shaped finger ring  to work. It is always better to see that the wearer is comfortable wearing this shape and try wearing it facing inwards or outwards with open mind and see  how the ring connects with you. Always go with your personal instincts.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Are Fish Tanks Good for Private Physician Consultant Clinics and Hospitals Feng Shui Tips

Fish tanks, the most powerful wealth and career luck energy feng shui cures seen in Clinics, Hospitals , private consultants and medical centers, today while some do take care of the feng shui aspects some drive their wealth and well as incoming traffic energy by placing the fish tank on wrong direction or getting an over overwhelmingly large sized fish tank in their small clinics.
While fishes moving are relaxing to observe in clinics today some people hire interior decorators and they go over board with the size of the fish tanks as well as the choice of fishes, thinking large is better and costly fishes are good! Sharing some important feng shui tips for fish tank placements in clinics and medical centers.
"The Joy of Simplicity" and "Harmony Pot"original healing art by Rizwana A.Mundewadi

"Color Therapy" by Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Fish Tanks In Private Physician Consultant Clinics and Hospitals Feng Shui Tips
1) Size of your clinic space. In a small clinic it is better to opt for feng shui cures wall paintings than have a fish tank.
2) Hygiene of your patients. However clean your fish tank is remember it does give out some smell!
3) Safety of your patients, how is your clientele, small children pets are always at risk of accidents while in the seating area or near entrances observing the fishes.
4) Directions are most important in feng shui. South , north east west be clear where you are placing the fish tank and for what purpose. Placing a tank near entrance with a water filter, water cooler on the other side attracts ill luck and not wealth but tears. Be careful!
5) If fishes keep dieing they take away so much luck and energy, and also indicate coming of ill luck. And you have to always keep replacing fishes, takes too much of your energy.  It is better to avoid placing fish tank in such cases in your clinic.
6) Clinics and Medical facility centers must have an ambiance of soothing and healing feng shui energies and placing too large sized fish tank or too many fishes moving fast in water,   creates strong energy, which may not be so good for serious sick patients.
"The Golden Wave" acrylic on canvas Rizwana A.Mundewadi
"Sernya The Two Gold Wishes, Wealth Flows"
All the Best from Rizwana!