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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Important Feng Shui Tip For Balancing Energy Entering Your Home

Energy in any form is always moving and it flows in and out of your hone right through the main door and also your windows. The main door is considered very important in feng shui as this is the mouth of your house. The main source of energy and nourishment for your house and hence lots of importance is given to main door feng shui. As you make your entrance inviting  and attractive with an designer feng shui  name plate, you may also have plants and symbols for good luck and also religious symbols can be displayed on the main door to protect your house from harm as people enter the first impression and glance is very important. Now here we do not wish to let any negativity enter your precious home. It has been heard since ages that people cast spell and evil eye and this one look is sufficient to destroy the calmness and peace of your home. Not only do you feel negative energy around but sometimes even when people leave then the energy lingering will keep on creating problems in your house, be it health problems, wealth problems or relationship problems.
Have a feng shui mirror fixed above your door to avoid negativity to enter your home. You can also any feng shui cure that will go with your personal nature and decor of your main door. As far as possible select any feng shui cure that goes in harmony with your home decor and does not look like a black sheep amongst all the other decor.
Tibetan mantra Modern Healing painting

Feng shui Mystic Knot and Rooster

Feng Shui Antique Pot painting
The first glance into your home and to avoid the negative arrow her try to put any object of beauty and high price here near the main door at the entry way. You can hang an expensive painting or artwork or go and put up a feng shui painting which will also act as a cure for protecting from negative energy. You can have a big antique vase or flowering plant as the colours will command attention immediately upon entering your home. Select your door mat according to feng shui principles. If your main door faces south or south west you can have a free form or triangular shaped door mat whereas when it faces east and south east you can have a rectangular or square shaped door mat. When your door is in the north you can have floral and wavy patterned door mat. As today interior decorators are placing much importance on designer door mats you can let your creativity flow with selecting new designer door mats. Put the door mat with the intention of peace and prosperity. Anyone entering your home and stepping on the door mat must at first feel peace and calmness and then enter your home.
The next glance should be over a feng shui painting or any expensive object or wall hanging. Then the view of the whole room can be taken and then the rest of your home. Never allow anyone to enter your home straight into your personal room or bedroom, as this is a sure way to let negativity enter your home. Be if friend or foe or neighbor, do try to converse before allowing them to enter inside as this will ease out the energy they come with and allow the energy to settle down and become in harmony. Better to be safe than sorry.
All the Best from Rizwana!  

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Why is Home Feng Shui Most Important for Progress and Success

Your house is considered the most important place in feng shui. Since the home gives energy and feeling of belongingness to the family members this sit he only pace where an individual eats, rests and increases his life energy. When an home is happy and environment healthy then the family members are also seen happy and feel good and attract luck and prosperity. All problems are narrowed down to your home and feng shui places a lot of importance on your home energy which is the most important energy for anyone.
365 Days of Happiness Symbolic Painting on Canvas 26x34 inches , Rizwana Mundewadi

Passion Guitar Cubism Painting 20x27 inches Oil on paper Rizwana Mundewadi
Though we use feng shui for office, restrooms , hotels and every other place we do believe that any cure begins from curing problems at home. Your house when feng shuid will show improved results in every aspect of your life, and many times, most of your problems are solved when the home is feng shuid according to the principles of feng shui. Why does feng shui place so much importance on house?
Of all the constructions the house has to most strongest energy and this energy can affect your life in positive as well as negative manner. It has been said since ages that your home reflects your personality and this is very true. Since a home is the major part of every individuals life the energy here is of utmost importance. Any problems and poison arrows in the house when cured will reflect in every aspect of the individuals life. Feng shui cures used in the house will be sufficient for every problem and will show results in every field.
Consider all the elements before beginning to feng shui your home. Make a plan according to the feng shui map and divide your home accordingly. Your main door should be the most important part where you put most efforts to improve the energy here. Decorate your main door according to feng shui principles and see the positive change in your life.
Another most important cure for welcoming grace into your home and life is as we all have door mats which are often dirty and unkempt. Place a lot of importance on your door mat. This is the first welcoming sign for any visitor and in other words good luck. place an attractive door mat, you can also select red colour, but if you are not comfortable with this then you can have any coloured door mat which is clean and has neat edges. Remember to avoid the ruffled edged doormat as this is not good. Also try to have a door mat that does not slip and move often as there is risk of people slipping on entering. Decorate your main door with attractive name plate, plants and lights, remember all according to your tastes and nothing should be done just because it is said in feng shui and if you are not comfortable with anything please do not use this cure.
You can also hang a feng shui painting for welcoming good luck and attracting positive energy into your home. Try to keep the energy of energy room balanced and in harmony. Use the feng shui principles to balance yin and yang energy.
Your living room ahs to ahve a lot of yang energy to keep it lively and your bedroom has to have more of yin or passive energy to make it relaxing. Whereas the children’s bedroom ahs to have a balance of both yin as well as yang energy keeping in mind the bed area for yin energy and play and study area having more of yang energy. Use colours wisely according to their energy of yin and yang and improve the feng shui of your home using colours and objects of yin and yang colours.
All the Best from Rizwana!  

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How to keep your wallet full using feng shui Important wealth cure in Feng shui

This is a dream for everyone to have a full wallet but unfortunately it is not possible as we have to spend money for buying things and part with the precious wealth. A full wallet is one thing which we all want. To begin with place a few feng shui good luck coins, six in number, tied with a red ribbon in your purse or wallet. Feng shui gold coins are a sure cure for improving your money luck and your wealth luck. This will start attracting more money inside your wallet.
Try to keep a big note of money say thousand rupees in the innermost section of your wallet. This money has to be kept with the intention of keeping your wallet full. Please do not use this money for expenditures and keep this as saving. Only use this when there is an emergency. Keep this money in the innermost section of your wallet sot hat this does not get mixed with the daily expenditure money. Consider buying a new wallet or purse of black colour as black colour in feng shui represents good luck and wealth. This colour attracts good fortune and wealth and activates your money luck. Have feng shui coins in three, six or nine in number. Tie the coins with a red ribbon. Place it inside your purse or wallet where only you can see it. Avoid display of your feng shui cures in public.
Genuine Leather hand bag Colors of Feng Shui
Keep a section for small change as coins are supposed to be very lucky in feng shui. Metal luck has to be in your favor to attract money into your life. So activate the energy of your house and office for getting success in improving personal finances. As money attracts money so will your change attract more change and your notes attract more currency notes in your wallet. The coins placed in your wallet will keep your wallet charged with positive energy and the red coloured twig or ribbon will keep the energy high. 

Feng Shui Golden Basket, Rizwana Mundewadi
All the Best from Rizwana!  
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Feng Shui Cure When you keep losing money extra unexpected losses and expenses soemf eng shui cures

It so happens that you frequently keep losing money. Be it unexpected expenditure or unexpected and impulsive buying of things which result in you always coming with empty wallet or purse. You plan your expenses but suddenly new expenses come up and your budget goes hay wire. In feng shui most expenses and losing money problems is related to over head beams in your house. Over head beams are not considered good in feng shui. As the beams are extended form from the ceiling they put undue pressure on the ground and this affects the inmates adversely. There is always pressure in the home and relationships are tense and you can feel the atmosphere always lingering with tension and as if everyone is on the edge and any fraction there will be a quarrel.
Feng shui wealth cures

Home and feng shui
Beams have been problematic in many homes and now as people are realising this many people are avoiding buying houses which have over head beams in the rooms. Beams though can be cured by making artificial ceiling or false ceiling this is very costly. Many people try to conceal the beams with making storage or compartments to display small knick knacks and decorative objects. Having a beam in your dining room especially above your dining table is not considered good in feng shui. There is tendency of the family to keep losing wealth and money frequently. More expenses and tight finances are a result of having over head beams in the dining room above the dining table. This will not only create pressure in relationships within the family but it will also bring unexpected expenditure and wastage of money. If the beam is above the gas stove then there is always a financial crunch within the family. However much the income increases the family will always be under the pressure of more expenses and financial crunch. As you los money with beam over the dining table you will lose in any relationship when this over head beam is in your bedroom especially above your bed.
Try to conceal these over head beams with false ceilings and decorations. An easy and inexpensive cure for this would be to hang decorations of paper or cloth over your dining table. You can also use shiny paper or cloth decorations and hangings and as they move and sway with the wind the energy here will be eased and so will the pressure created in your life due to the over head beams. Remember the rule here is not to hang heavy objects and wind chimes above your dining table or bed as there is a risk of accidents. The rule here is light weight objects that can move along with the wind and even if they drop there is no risk for the people sitting under them.
Abundance a great Reiki feng shui painting to attract good luck and wealth

All the Best from Rizwana!

How to Use Feng Shui to Speed up your Business Deals

How to use feng shui to speed up and hasten business deals, sometimes business offers, deals are plenty but there seems to be no business going on.  It just is not working in your company favour and thought there are many hanging discussions on new business deals very few are working out for your benefit. Here simple feng shui tips can help to speeden up business deals.
A simple and easy cure for quick business deals and attracting new business opportunities is to activate the north and north west area of your home and office. As I love the lucky bamboo plant this cure has never let me down. This is the safest and immediate acting feng shui cure which can never go wrong in any case. Business deals are very important for any business and we all know how stressful it is to converse and complete any deal.
In feng shui metal is the element of north and west. When we use any object or knick knack of metal we unconsciously activate our career and business luck. 
Metal is also symbolic of money and having feng shui gold coins here or an symbolic feng shui metal painting can help to improve your present clients and also attract new business deals. Having a metal container with coins will activate your business luck. Another easy feng shui cure for speedy and quick business deals would be to hang seven tiny metal bells with a red twig or ribbon. This will hasten the process and materialise your business deals for your profit. All cases will be decided in your favour by activating your metal luck.
Feng Shuii Gold coins Collection Razarts
Since it may not be possible to hang a wind chime in your office it is possible that you have very tiny metal bells tied with red ribbon in your office drawer or under your office table. In case this is not possible do try to have metal object which is round in shape, remember the shape for element metal is round, on the left side of your office table. 
Very important feng shui tip , have a glass of water on the left side of your table for good business deals and attracting money luck.  
All the Best from Rizwana! 
Thank you for coming by Razarts!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Many People Interfering in Your Life Use Simple Cure in Feng Shui to get your Privacy Back

Many people interfering in your life, personal and professional , use simple feng shui cures to get your privacy back.
Feng shui can cure any problem or imbalance in your life. Be it your home or office and friends or relatives all the problems coming up in your life can be easily solved by using simple feng shui cures without making any major changes in your life and home.
There are some people who can lead their life according to their own wish and they are the leaders of their life whereas some people find too many people meddling in their personal life and private affairs. In fact there is nothing hidden from the public and sometimes there is no private life.
The reason seen here according to feng shui maybe there are too many mirrors in the home or office. With the latest trend of having mirrors everywhere as this creates a more spacious feeling and open space mirrors have been extensively used by many interior decorators for designing homes and offices. You can see mirrors in the living room , the bedroom, the dining and the children’s room as also the guests room along with the entertainment room.
With the latest trends in interior decoration many mirrors are customized according to the home or office decor to fit into the interior design of your home. The result is an excellent lively and bright room as we all know mirrors reflect light so the rooms look very attractive, bright and there is no need for extra lighting during the day.
Since there are many positive points about using mirrors but they are not suitable for every room and every place. In feng shui we believe mirrors are an important and assured cure for many problems. With deflating negative arrows to multiplying your wealth mirrors can be sued for many purposes. But the problem arises when there is too much.
We know that anything too much is harmful as this leads to imbalance. Even mirrors can lead to disharmony and relationship problems in your life.
Having too many mirrors especially in the south west region may attract undue and unnecessary attention to your private life. Just like the mirror reflects everything it sees so will your life become open tot he outside world. Too many people will start interfering in your personal life and this will create disharmony in not only your personal life but also your professional life.
Designer mirrors are made in various designs and the designer may not consider feng shui elements while constructing an customized mirror. It may have sharp edges and abnormal abstract design which is not considered good in feng shui. The person looking at abstracts does not have sense of direction and will not be focused in his life. Sharp edges are also harmful as they tend to act as negative arrows and the feng shui cure in fact will turn out to be a negative strong arrow which will do more harm than good.
Consider having mirrors with smooth edges and curved shapes as this creates good chi. Avoid having too many mirrors or group of mirrors on any one wall. In a room go according to the size of the room and have the mirror, too large a mirror or one single wall of mirror is not good feng shui for the room. Take special care while putting mirrors in any direction especially taking care of relationship area that is south west and the west. If there is any glass or mirror with broken edges immediately seal it and fix the problem and if there are broken mirrors please replace them or remove the broken mirrors from the room.
For the office feng shui try to have at least one plant beside you for support if you have large mirrors. This will multiple your income and business opportunities but do take care to have the mirror in front of you and not at your back as the client will be able to see your back which is not good in feng shui and you will always feel the client will pay more attention towards your back wall which is not good when you are negotiating a deal.
Too many mirrors in office will have too many people interfering with your work and there will be confusion and no concrete decision making which will affect your business adversely.
All the Best!  

For buying any of my healing symbolic feng shui paintings for protection from negative energies, good luck, wealth, fame, happiness, focus, prosperity, education luck, health, karmic healing or getting one made according to your budget and size of painting customized  please visit my website Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art. Thank You!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Why Feng Shui is not Working?

Using feng shui cures we do get success in majority of cases but in few case there are no results seen and the people often wonder why feng shui is not working?  Since this is positive energy from the universe that has no direction of its own and it will show results according to the placement of any feng shui cure and your intentions.
The first question I ask is are you prepared for the change? Here you will get all your answers. The very fact that the individual is not prepared for the change is a mental block that will hinder in your achievement of any goal. Be it mental, physical or wealth related or your health any change must come from within and from the individual himself and any feng shui cure will start working only when the concerned individual is involved with this.
Whenever we use any feng shui cure we always set up an intention and then begin with the cure. Very often the individual concerned is not prepared for the result and change and it is they infact themselves who are creating blocks in achievement of their success and goal. Many people come with getting cure for wealth, in feng shui wealth is not just money, it has a deeper meaning. Wealth is money, health, relationships and every aspect of your life that becomes rich by using an feng shui cure for wealth. Your life starts to unfold all the creases and cracks are healed and you come upon a new life with renewed energy and healthy relationships with your family and friends.
When people come for cure for improving heaven luck they themselves are not prepared to come out and face the new life and carry the burden of bad karma, not letting go is another important hurdle which will prevent you from seeing any result from using an feng shui cure. They feel it is justified that they suffer due to their past karma and hence do not really wish to come pout of their problems. Many childless couples also are not prepared for the new arrivals and they keep trying various cures for this to bring in a new baby when in fact they are so busy with their work and their bedroom does not even have a place for their new baby! They are so much involved with their present lives that there is no energy for the new baby and no place in their lifestyle and here no amount of healing and cures will work to remove the mental and karmic block. When people ask for money to improve their prosperity and use various feng shui cures they are not themselves prepared to handle the amount and are sometimes happy with the less income and small saving that they have. They may keep wishing from outside but within they themselves block their progress due to their own beliefs. On conversation you come to know that they believe money is the root of all evils, children and family get spoilt with more money, people get into bad habits with more money, these  are some of the beliefs that majority of people have which will stop in their financial progress.
When they use an cure their first though is how will this work? how can placing a wind chime or a plant act as feng shui cure, how can placing few coins in the prosperity corner bring you money luck? Well I say why not! Feng shui is all about simplicity and love. There are no mistakes in nature. The universe has everything in abundance and you just have to ask for it and you will get it.
Since we place importance on balance and harmony any cure will create peace and positive energy. Even if your life is going on good any more good is always welcome. There is nothing bad about feng shui and here is no harm created by using any feng shui cure. Either it works or it will show results in a different manner where it is more required. May not be what you have asked for but a better way to fulfill your goal.
Your intentions and approval for using any feng shui cure is the most important rule here for seeing success from any feng shui cure. When I paint a feng shui painting to work as cure I do place a lot of importance on the nature and life style of the individual who has to use this cure as every individual is different and a person who loves brown may not like red color and may feel repel towards the feng shui painting, so there will not be any chance that the cure will work as required. Many people also have moving energy levels and they will try to change the placements of feng shui cures every few days, which will not allow the positive energy to settle and show you visible results. Give at least few months for the feng shui cures to show you nay results and though you will immediately begin feeling the results of using and feng shui cure after harmony of elements it is advisable to give more time for the cure to work.
Give respect to feng shui and you will be rewarded many folds.
Having an open heart and mind is very important before beginning to use any feng shui cure. Clear and clean the mental clutter before beginning any feng shui cure and please give at least six months for feng shui to work and you will see miraculous results!
All the Best!  

For buying any of my healing symbolic feng shui paintings for protection from negative energies, good luck, wealth, fame, happiness, focus, prosperity, education luck, health, karmic healing or getting one made according to your budget and size of painting customized  please visit my website Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art. Thank You!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chinese Coins Placement Tips for Fast Money Cure

Chinese coins are a symbolic way of representing gold and money in your life. This cure has been used since many years and has given successful results. Chinese coins on the turtle are also considered very lucky and can be placed in the north for improving money and career luck. People often wonder about the right placement and sue of these goodluck coins in feng shui. These coins can be used in any form and will give you good results. Chinese gold coins in feng shui paintings can also be used as cures if you are unable to maintain and keep the coins with you. Hung on any wall of your home or office these feng shui coins cure will help you to come out of any financial mess and improve your financial heaven and earth luck.
You can carry these feng shui coins tied with red ribbon in your purse or wallet. These coins can also be used under your table or under the laptop or computer if you work from home. In case you have a home office you can also place these feng shui cons stuck to the printer and fax machine. The cheque book purse and the cash register can also be activated by sticking these feng shui coins. You can place these coins in your cash register where you collect daily cash and if you are a salaried person you can keep these coins in your drawer where you keep your monthly expenditure money and salary slips. Place these coins in the south east in metal container for instant improvement in money luck and wealth.  
In the north you can activate money luck by placing these coins near your telephone or in the water feature by adding 6 or 9 feng shui gold coins. For beginning to use of this feng shui cure do make the intention of respect and love clear and then begin any cure. Try to keep a container specially for loose change and coins from daily use and do keep this area activated by adding few coins everyday. You will not only activate your money luck but daily adding money here will also in a small way bring up your savings.
I have learned from feng shui that we have to respect money and even if it is small change of loose coins do not underestimate its power. If you need to improve your wealth luck and fast then you need to use this cure where you feel comfortable with. The intention is to have money around and feel and look at the gold every time you view these coins and hear the ringing so will money enter your life from unknown quarters. The Chinese coins used as cure can also be a part of your refrigerator and kitchen to welcome luck. Feng shui coins can be used in south west as this area is very important for wealth in relationships. South east, north and north west are other areas where you can use this cure as all these areas of your home are considered wealth areas.
All the Best!  

For buying any of my healing symbolic feng shui paintings for protection from negative energies, good luck, wealth, fame, happiness, focus, prosperity, education luck, health, karmic healing or getting one made according to your budget and size of painting customized  please visit my website Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art. Thank You!

The Meaning and Importance of Chinese Feng Shui Coins

We all see Chinese feng shui coins as a strong cure for any wealth and money problems and people who have used this feng shui cure swear by this cure as this has brought many lives out of misery by welcoming money luck into their life.
Let us first consider the shape of the feng shui coins used for good luck. These coins are round and have a square hole in the center. Symbolic coins may or may not have and images and characters on the coins but the Chinese coins have certain characters written over the coins. In my feng shui paintings I have used symbols written over the coins for acting as money cures for any financial luck problems. The round represents heaven as this is complete and circular in shape and the square represents earth. The symbol for earth is square and round is for heaven and a feng shui lucky coin represents just the same, both heaven and earth luck with you.
Since the coins are of golden colour you are in fact being and carrying gold with you as a symbol of prosperity and wealth.
These feng shui coins can be used as an important cure for any financial problem and setbacks or losses in business and to attract wealth and luck into your life. It is advisable to keep feng shui coins in your purse or wallet to attract wealth. Coins in number of three, six or nine are considered lucky in feng shui. Placing coins under your work table and computer or laptop will also attract wealth and  success in your business and bring new successful opportunities towards you. It is considered very good feng shui to carry these coins with you and tied with a red ribbon to charge it with positive energy. The activated energy brings money luck into your life.
All the Best!  

For buying any of my healing symbolic feng shui paintings for protection from negative energies, good luck, wealth, fame, happiness, focus, prosperity, education luck, health, karmic healing or getting one made according to your budget and size of painting customized  please visit my website Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art. Thank You!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Red Purse and Black Wallet in Feng Shui

Red purse in feng shui is considered very auspicious and is a sure way to improve your wealth luck and hear the money tingling. You can welcome money into your life by having a red purse. As red colour is considered a lucky colour in feng shui you will charge your money with the red purse and see the coins rolling.
You must be careful in selecting a red purse as this must be comfortable for you. If you feel awkward then this cure will not work. Also see that all the compartments of your red purse are according to your needs. It would be better that when you go for buying a red purse first consider all the items that you need regularly and then see the size and compartments available in the purse to buy. Do have a red purse where there is money compartment, mobile phone compartment and comb safety pins and medicines for emergency use. See all these may not only help you but also when someone else is in need of these items you can sure get some blessing and improve your heaven luck by helping others in emergency need.
Red Purse
Lay importance and respect on your money. This is an important lesson in feng shui. The more respect you give to your money it will give back many folds. And yes this does not mean you run after money. Begin the habit of saving regularly be it few coins , also these may add up and improve your money luck.
Always keep few Chinese feng shui coins tied with red ribbon for good luck in your red purse. See that your red purse is not cluttered and you find difficulty in finding thins yourself. This will indicate that your finances are a mess, so as you organise your purse see the results in few days as your finances will improve.
As women can have a red purse men would not look good holding on to a red wallet. They can select black wallet which is the best to improve finances and money luck. As the rule avoid clutter and have you wallet organised and you can have your cheque book and other important cards in proper sections of your wallet. For improving money luck do keep feng shui coins tied with red ribbon in your wallet. 
All the Best!  

For buying any of my healing symbolic feng shui paintings for protection from negative energies, good luck, wealth, fame, happiness, focus, prosperity, education luck, health, karmic healing or getting one made according to your budget and size of painting customized  please visit my website Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art. Thank You!

Where to Have a Temple in Feng Shui- Where to Place God Idols in Home

Where to have temples and God idols in home, the right place selection according to feng shui.
In every home we see idols are placed in an important place and since this is one of the most important part of any home the right placement also is of utmost importance. People have idols of Gods and Goddesses in their homes and usually it is termed as the puja room or prayer place. This place is charged with positive energy and whenever you enter you are recharged with positive energy.
In feng shui we do have the three Chinese Gods Fuk, Luk and Sau which are seen in every Chinese homes. Fuk is the God of wealth, Luk is the God of high rank and Sau is the God of longetivity. These idols placed together are symbolic purposes and in fact they are rarely worshipped as a ritual. The symbolic presence is important and they assure long life, good health, wealth and respect. If you have idols of God and worship regularly in feng shui the temple or puja room is important for the peace of mind and good health of the family.
In case you light incense and lamp regularly then your temple would be best in the south. This will also charge your area of fame and recognition and give your prosperity a boost. The south and the south east are best for having lights and lamps here. Since you will keep the area clean and also light small diyas regularly this will keep the area charged and positive. Chanting of mantras will also improve the energy of this area and this will send healing of your soul with sound.
You can also have pictures and paintings of Gods and these are best placed in feng shui in the north west of your home or living room. Since the north west area of your home corresponds to heaven luck and mentor luck having God paintings here will bring help from unexpected quarters in your life. Angels, and Fairies pictures can also be hung up here to improve the feng shui of this area.
Do keep the area and your temple clean and always keep it fresh by burning incense regularly and allow heaven luck and grace into your life and please avoid clutter, do not have too many idols together into a small temple. You will need to focus your energy in one direction to achieve results. You may be following many Gods but minimise the focus into one God and do your regular prayer here to get best results in your life.
All the Best!  

For buying any of my healing symbolic feng shui paintings for protection from negative energies, good luck, wealth, fame, happiness, focus, prosperity, education luck, health, karmic healing or getting one made according to your budget and size of painting customized  please visit my website Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art. Thank You!

Important Increasing Knowledge Feng Shui Cure Setting Up a Library With Feng Shui Tips

Important increasing knowledge feng shui cure as knowledge brings growth and wealth. Knowledge and reading is one of the most important forms of increasing knowledge. A library is considered very auspicious in any house as it is  a treasure chest of knowledge. Setting up a library using simple feng shui tips  helps too attract education luck.
 A home that has plenty of knowledgeable books and reading matter is a home where happy families reside. There is always a book at hand which indicates that the family can pass through any thick or thin moments easily.
Setting up a library is very good and you need not have loads and tons of huge books. It can be a small compartment in your wardrobe and can be as large a whole wall unit, all depends upon your life style and choice of reading habits of your family. Unless you and your family are in the reading habit please do not make a library just for the sake of it. Books are not an decorative item and of course not another show piece or furniture. Lay utmost importance on books and see how they give you respect and recognition in your line of career a boost.
You can have second hand books or new ones according to your likes and there are also many hand over’s from our parents, friends and relatives. First of all keep the area of your library clean. Books do need tending and care and if neglected they may catch fungus and also be attacked by mites which can destroy everything. Have the books organised according to story books, novels, thrillers, children’s books, knowledge books, romantic novels,  self help books and motivational books if you are a true collector of books. Organizing your library will keep your life organised and you will see how your career and education graph of your children move in upward direction.
For bringing luck in knowledge and increase in academic performance of your children the best placement of a library would be in the north east of your living room. If you have a large bungalow you can also have a special room as library but do remember to use this room frequently lest it catches on negative energy and dust. You can also have a globe placed here in the north east to improve your academic and knowledge luck.
Confidence is Beautiful Reiki symbol painting Rizwana M
In feng shui we advise to have the library in closed structure as open shelves accumulate lots of dust which is not considered good. Even if you are not a frequent reader and have a good collection of books do take out time to remove all the books, arrange them and keep your library clean.
This cure can also be used to enhance education luck and if your children are not doing good academically or you feel stunted in career growth then setting up a library will start the process of welcoming knowledge luck in your life.
Just like the rule number one in every feng shui cure do not accumulate clutter. Your library must be welcoming and not a compartment where as soon as you open the door books fall all over you! Do keep a comfortable seating arrangement near your library to get cozy with a book as books are considered man’s best friend! I love books and our library is always stocked with good books and believe me you are never alone when there is a book at hand.
All the Best from Rizwana!  

Friday, December 16, 2011

Water at Your Main Door in Feng Shui

Water energy is considered very very auspicious in feng shui and water can be used for great benefits if used correctly as feng shui cure. With years of experience using feng shui cures which uses wind and water to balance energy for good life we can understand that water is one of the most important elements in feng shui. Using this cure though in the right place is very important and it is proved that water can be used for miraculous results especially in your money and career area it is also one of the elements that need correct guidance and care to be used.
Let me tell you first where water cannot be used and this comes first especially in the south. Since this area corresponds to fire energy and we all know water will extinguish fire and so will your will and desire to work and achieve success. Your main door chi can also be improved drastically by using water element incorporated as water fountain or waterfall. As we see many offices and homes decorated with water features at the entrance not all these features are good feng shui, especially if your main door comes in the south. Please avoid any water element even water fall paintings in this area of south even if you wish to improve the chi of your main door. Here you can opt for other feng shui cures like wind chimes, wall hangings of floral design or colourful lights at the entrance.
If your house and main door faces north this cure will be best for you to have an attractive water fall or fountain near your main door.  Also remember to use water only on one side of your door. Having water features on both sides will promote bad feng shui and it will be like water in both eyes and will bring eventual downfall in business and life.
Place any water feature like water fall or fish tank on the left side of your main door.  As you are inside the house and main door this area will fall in your left side. Never place two water elements on the opposite walls. If you cannot place a water feature you can also have a feng shui painting of jumping dolphins or any feng shui painting having blue colour to increase the chi of your main door.   
Main door feng shui can also be improved by having water in any form like blue coloured name plate or colour blue for career luck. Black colour also represents water and this can be used to improve career luck. Having fishes or a feng shui painting of fishes swimming in water will promote good luck and as the fish swim with ease in water so will you be able to face your life and all problems with ease.
The sound that the water feature creates is also an important aspect while selecting any water feature. if you like soft flowing water go in for wood or metal fountain and water feature that are simple whereas if you can tolerate louder motor sound then you can select a water fountain to be placed near your main door. But do listen to the sound of the motor before selecting any water feature as the sound may become disturbing later on and will not be able to serve the purpose of a good feng shui cure, which is to promote peace, good luck and prosperity. Having placed a water fountain will improve the main door chi but do remember that if you have a water fall the direction of the water flow must be towards your house and not away from it. The flow of water is symbolic of wealth coming in your house and you do not wish it to flow away from your home. As in feng shui water is money and we carefully conserve water and avoid leaking pipes and leaking taps this feng shui water feature at your main door will bring you lots of good luck and money luck. 
All the Best!  

For buying a water luck painting or any of my healing symbolic feng shui paintings for protection from negative energies, good luck, wealth, fame, happiness, focus, prosperity, education luck, health, karmic healing or getting one made according to your budget and size of painting customized  please visit my website Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art. Thank You!

Best Placement of Mobile Phone, Laptop, Printer, Fax Machines in Feng Shui

Telephones and mobile phones are a very important part of our lives. They are not just communication devices but also a important link with the outside world. With shopping and news till education our mobile phones are very important devices that help us to progress in our life and career.
In feng shui phones and fax machine and other equipment are very important and the right placement is suggested for good benefits from these. Every office or home office ahs telephone, printer, fax machine, internet connections and laptops or computers. These being very essential and a part of every household it is important to place them in right area for better results in wealth and business.
In feng shui every object and thing is considered living and has its own energy and aura. Even inanimate objects are considered according to their constituent materials and energy levels. Just like water is used in north so are these electronic equipments and office stationary machines are considered metal.
Being of metal energy these equipments are best placed in the west or north, North West of your home or office. Here you will not only consider this simple rule of feng shui according to the elements. Do consider the use of these equipments in your life. If you are using phone, fax machine, computer and printer for business then the best area would be North West of your home. This will boost the energy of this area and promote good business contacts and prosperity on your field.  These telecommunication devices bring you business and whenever the mobile phone rings it is one step closer to bringing new opportunity and business.
Here we consider these as mentors in your life and as the area for helpful friends and mentor luck is North West this area has to be kept clean and charged with metal energy. Having a bunch of metal feng shui coins or feng shui metal painting in this corner will promote good luck and also bring mentor luck into your life. Having balanced this area of your home and office you will get good understanding business partners and customers and also good employers and friends who are supportive in your life both personal and professional.
Keep the North West area clean and organised and you can beautify it with metal round objects. Tables with round edges will not emit negative arrows and will be good for selecting furniture designs. Your table and all latest equipments can be placed in the north or North West corner of your room.  
All the Best!  

For buying any of my healing symbolic feng shui paintings for protection from negative energies, good luck, wealth, fame, happiness, focus, prosperity, education luck, health, karmic healing or getting one made according to your budget and size of painting customized  please visit my website Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art. Thank You!

The Effective Salt Cure in Feng Shui

Mopping the floor with salt is considered very auspicious in feng shui. You can use rock slat crystals added in water to clean your floor of your house and office at least once a week. Salt has been used since ages by our grandmothers to remove evil eye by others and we would often see them taking a handful of salt and moving it over our body after any ceremony, festival or functions in the house.
Red Dot of Healing, Small 6.5x9.5 inches Feng Shui painting Rizwana Mundewadi

Salt is a substance that can be dissolved in water and even alum can be used to remove evil spell. As these remove impurities from water and our body’s main constituent is water these materials are effectively used in purification of aura and house and office premises. Salt will absorb all the negative energy and make the area purified and clean. The environment will feel fresh and lively with a surge of positive energy after cleansing the house with salt. The right procedure for purification would be to clean the walls of all webs and dust. Mind here I would mention that this dirt may not be visible to the naked eye but this negative energy particles are embedded in the corners of your room and do have an effect on your health and mind.  After any function where a lot of people have come, relatives, friends, acquaintances then after this you need to purify the space. Also termed as space clearing this salt water is very effective cure in feng shui to remove negativities coming for negative thoughts of the visitors. The energy that may be jealousy, hatred, evil eye etc does exist and will go on existing till end of life. Even if we do not accept it this is a fact that among all your groups there may be very few people who are genuinely happy about your progress. There may be some who wish bad for you and there may also be some who do not wish bad but who do envy you and your success. Even though these people do not wish negative their quiet pondering and thoughts emit negative energy which will have an effect on your home later on after many days and even months.  
This results in bickering, frustrations and quarrels after any function even thought it has gone off successfully. This is the result of remnant energy that remains embedded after these large gatherings. And in feng shui it is advisable to plan the energy of your home and office before arranging any large gathering or function. Take utmost care of protecting your home and office with symbols and strong protective religious or symbolic art forms. I have been painting many protective feng shui paintings with strong symbols to ward off evil eye and these symbols work effectively as feng shui cures for any problems. Having functions and large gatherings will bring in a lot of energy together under one roof and just imagine as we have religious rituals we purify the space so also functions will bring a lot of positive as well as negative energy. Not all people will be your well wishers and here there is the change in energy of your house or office which cannot be seen, only felt.
Put some rock salt in crystal or ceramic container and keep it hidden in every room of your house. Avoid putting salt in metal containers as this will melt and corrode your container. This is important that you place salt crystals before the function and gathering and then wash off this salt after the completion of the function. This salt with all the negative energy is a lot of negative energy and this has to be disposed off in the toilet and flushed away. Cleaning the floor with salt added water will purify the space and then you can burn incense to make the environment fresh and clean to welcome positive chi in your home and office.
All the Best from Rizwana!  
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Friday, December 9, 2011

Selection of Right Shape of Clocks in feng Shui

Clocks are important furniture with every home and office. Though we get to see time in our mobile phones still the good old clocks have kept their prominent place in every home. With designer wall clocks and chiming clocks we can see so many new and contemporary clocks that we wonder how the clock ahs adapted to our latest trends and progress of time.
In Feng shui clocks play a very important role in our lives. As they not only show time but has many more other meanings with us. By seeing a good designer clock and wall clock we understand the owner has passion for good clocks and design. Designer clocks have been making waves and many people order customised wall clocks according to their home decor.
A working clock that is also attractive indicates positivity and harmony in the environment. It brings to our notice that all is well. The hourly music of the clock and the pendulum clocks all indicate good chi in the room and house. This also leads to good business and wealth coming from all directions. Placing a clock in your career area especially of the lucky ship will promote good business and increase your wealth and business opportunities. Placing a wall clock in the south will promote fame and recognition. Having a clock with music in the relationship area will promote good and healthy relations between family, relatives and friends.
Clocks can be used as effective cures in any place where you need the energy to keep moving. Any corner of your home where there is stagnant energy and you wish to bring more chi here you can hang a wall clock or have a table clock here to improve the feng shui of that area. Many people hang wall clocks on beams which is also a good cure but do make sure that the clock is visible to you as you have to take care of its cleaning and working and any clock is of no use if it is not visible and does not show time, the main purpose of the clock! and also the right time!
A good feng shui cure can be a wall clock or table clock in the shape of the area element of your home it is to be put up in. Example if you wish to put up the clock in the east area a rectangular clock is good and if you have the place in north or west a round shaped clock is good as this is the metal area and the symbol for metal is round. Any clock that has floral shape or waves shape can be put up in the north area. A triangle shaped clock can be good for the south area as the shape for the element of south is triangle. A square clock can be hung or kept in the east direction of your home of office.
Wall clocks and table designer clocks can be used as very effective feng shui cures provided they are used with care and timely maintenance.  But do take care to immediately repair the clock or replace the cell of your clock as soon as it stops. If the clock is broken do remove it and replace it with a new one. Even though you may not have the time to buy a new clock it is better to remove the old clock that cannot be repaired than keep a broken clock that has stopped working.
All the Best!  

For buying any of my healing symbolic feng shui paintings for protection from negative energies, good luck, wealth, fame, happiness, focus, prosperity, education luck, health, karmic healing or getting one made according to your budget and size of painting customized  please visit my website Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art. Thank You!

Meaning of Mental and Physical Clutter in Feng Shui and Clutter Cleaning

Meaning of mental and physical clutter in feng shui, as the name suggests clutter is any form of objects or furniture which is lying without use for many years. You have it in your room or cupboard but you do not use it. You also do not clean it and usually it ends up in your attic or store room. Clutter is one of the most important energy stealers in your home and office. This hinders all progress and creates blocks in every aspect of your life.
This means the old furniture that may be broken, the old clothes that are in good condition but you have not worn them in years, your broken clocks and of course books lying full of dirt without use.

Clutter is anything that will block the chi of that particular area. In other words it will take space in your home without giving out any productive energy. By this I do not in any way mean that more furniture is clutter. If you have a small house then your furniture which is being used daily is not clutter even though it may be tight fitted in your room. Though in feng shui we do promote to keep the space free as much as possible to maintain cleanliness and positive chi to flow easily in every nook and corner of your house.
By clutter we mean not only physical clutter but also mental clutter. I have seen many people reluctantly remove and part with things whereas still keep grudges form the past deeply embedded in their minds. This will not lead you top a free path and still create blocks in your karma.
Offices also have clutter of past in form of old files and objects along with furniture. You may not throw away all the files of the past workers but it can be filed and stored in some other place to make way for new files of the new employee.
Clutter cleaning especially comes handy when there is a take over from past employer to a new business head. Important steps in clutter cleaning are very very important for the progress of your new venture. Other wise the bad luck of the past business owner will also come along with the energy of the place and you may also suffer the same losses as the previous business owner. Cleaning of clutter is very important to clear the space and make way for positive energy to bring about growth in business and also new opportunities for increasing your business.
All things that have not been used since past five years can be removed, sold out or donated as charity. If you have antique furniture and objects which you find difficult to part with you can clean them and store them in tight containers in your store room. Usually people tend to cling to broken furniture and clocks along with other objects that are not in daily use and also are not cleaned regularly. As a result they accumulate dust and negative energy which creates blocks in energy of that area of your home or office and in the long run that area of your life suffers.
Another very important clutter cleaning which many people do not pay attention is advice for those who have jobs online or use of internet for work. They do work using laptops and computers and as they try to keep their working table organised and clean many do often forget to clean and organise their folders. Just like your manual files are the computer folders which need organising and cleaning form time to time otherwise you have lots of unorganised data which you yourself get confused.
Just like an object takes space in your house and blocks that area so do your thoughts of the past. They stay in your mind without paying rent and are very difficult to drive out. They need regular cleanings and as an disinfectant for the house so is exercise, meditation and relaxation for your mind.
For any cure in feng shui we do begin with the ritual of clutter cleaning as we have to make place for the new and unless the old negative energy moves out there will be no progress and all your feng shui cures may take a long time to show results.
All the Best!  

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What is Feng Shui Customised Money Board Painting

Usually people try out feng shui cures fro many problems and also for maintaining peace and harmony in their home and office. One of the easiest ways to improve feng shui of your home and office is to have a customized money board painting done by a good feng shui artist regarding all the aspects that need positive energy in your life.
Be it relationships or searching for good friends till finding a good life partner all cures can be done effectively by using feng shui paintings. The money board painting is one of the famous and most reliable cures in feng shui. Many feng shui masters use this cure to help people come out of their health, wealth and relationship problems.
Using feng shui symbols an healing artist after discussing all problem areas in your life guides you with all cures in one single painting. Symbols used have lots of power to cure all aspects which require tending in your life. And this also is a way to use any feng shui cure without making it noticeable by others. The balancing of all the elements can also be done effectively using feng shui paintings.
Searching for good soul mate is one of the most important turns in everyone's life and feng shui cures can help to find a loving and caring partner and also help to maintain the love between the couple. Finding the right partner using feng shui has become one of the most used cures in feng shui. Relationships can be healed using cures in the south west area of your home and wealth problems can be cured by using money cures in the south east and south directions of your home.
Feng shui paintings can be used to deflate negative energy and bring about positivity and growth in your environment.
A money board painting as the name suggests is a cure for all your money and wealth problems. Be it high expenses which you wish to curb down and reduce the flow of out going money or be it increasing your income and raise in present income along with new sources of income all these can be effectively cured by using feng shui. But though this is a major cure for wealth problems a money board painting can be customized to make a feng shui painting as cure for any and every aspect of your life. A healing feng shui artist can use various symbols to put up all your wishes in one painting. in fact this is a map of your thoughts and dreams. You can converse with the artist and they will come up with the right and adequate cure in form of a feng shui money board painting.
Paintings can be used effectively to improve the feng shui of your home and office and as these cures are in form of paintings they are concealed and do not make public your use of any cure and thus you need not discuss about the use of these cures and let the cures do the work.
All the Best!  

For buying any of my healing symbolic feng shui paintings for protection from negative energies, good luck, wealth, fame, happiness, focus, prosperity, education luck, health, karmic healing or getting one made according to your budget and size of painting customized  please visit my website Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art. Thank You!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Feng Shui Cure for Promoting Fertility Along with Latest Infertility Treatments

With many couples working and also marrying at a later age many couples are facing with delayed pregnancy and infertility problems. With stress in personal and job the couple need strong feng shui cures to bring back passion in their personal relationship. After medical check up and tests if the coupled o not have any biological or medical problem with fertility then feng shui cures can help to promote fertility.
Clutter clearing in the room and office. Also try to remove personal blocks by using healing methods if possible. Try to clean the bed if there is storage underside and once cleaned do not try to clean it till for few months when trying to conceive for baby as we want stable energy for the bed.
Have paintings of red flowers or two fragrant candles lighted daily for some time in your bedroom. Do put the candles off before going to sleep. We do not want any accidents using feng shui. A painting of apple orchards with red apples full is considered very good as also paintings of orange trees or bowl full of oranges. The best cure is of painting of pomegranate as this cure has been used since ages and even our ancestors believed that this fruit, as pomegranate resembles many seeds, is very lucky to promote fertility. The couple an also eat pomegranate fruit as this is very good for health.
You can also place pomegranates in the bowl in your bedroom near your bed. If this is not possible to have real fruits then you can have plastic ones and even if this is not possible have a painting hung on the west wall of your bedroom. West area of your bedroom is the creativity and children area of your home and is most important to promote fertility.
Also hang baby pictures on this section of your bedroom and view them daily. Never hang a calendar or clock on your bedroom door as this will put undue pressure on the couple to have baby as time is passing.
If possible do take a break from your job or vacation to some relaxing place, not adventure sports, just some quiet relaxing place to promote fertility and kindle passion between the couple. And remember feng shui can be done along with any medications or latest infertility treatments as feng shui promotes good energy and will only hasten up the process of you getting a baby. Best of luck!
All the Best!  

For buying any of my healing symbolic feng shui paintings for protection from negative energies, good luck, wealth, fame, happiness, focus, prosperity, education luck, health, karmic healing or getting one made according to your budget and size of painting customized  please visit my website Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art. Thank You!

How to Get Job Promotion and Salary Rise Using Feng Shui

Ask any job employee and you will understand the need for rise in salary and job promotion. Working for years together if you have not got any promotion and your employer does not pay much attention towards you, try using simple feng shui cures to attract wealth and good respect from others.
First of all use feng shui cures where they are needed. Here since your career is involved the best area to feng shui would be the north and north west. Also the left side of your living room which is the wealth area of your home and the south east also the most important area for the home owner has to be feng shuid. Not to forget the main door feng shui which is required to welcome chi and good luck and prosperity into your home.
Make your front door attractive and also your name and address along with flat number clearly mentioned. Also consider all the other feng shui tips for main door from my previous posts.
Dragons of Fame Rizwana Mundewadi

Abundance Reiki symbol Modern painting Raz

Confidence is Beautiful Reiki symbol motivational art Rizwana Mundewadi
Your business card plays a very very important role in this case and the most easy and quick fix feng shui tip is to make a business or your position card according to your position. It does not mean you select a red card for your post as an software consultant trying for a managerial position. If you are an marketing agent trying to rise and become an area manager or some one trying to go up the corporate ladder everyone knows that your business and position card represents you and gives a first impression about you.  
Try to keep your name on the left hand side of your card and select clear fonts as you want people to know you by your first name at a glance. Many people have cursive fonts and designer personal cards and then they do not know why people do not remember their names!
Try to put up happy pictures of your office and colleagues and of course your boss in the north west section of your home. Viewing these pictures you will unconsciously build up happy memories regarding your boss and your colleagues. Everyday before leaving for office make positive intentions and view these pictures for few moments and then leave for office.  
You can also place an feng shui cure in your office in this section in form of a bamboo plant and do try to take care of this plant as I have seen many people buy the bamboo plant and feel it will grow itself without watering! Pay attention to office table feng shui and keep it clean but not empty, as this will indicate you are not doing any work, do try to keep files in place and all stationary arranged in working mode and not in the pen holder. Whenever anyone enters your cabin they must get the impression that you are with work at hand. All this will attract money luck.
Feng shui cure paintings are very easy solutions for all job related problems, be it salary rise or upgrade in position. You can have paintings of horses galloping as these bring strong energy and bring in loads of luck and wealth as well as opportunities. The feng shui greedy dragon is one painting that is a must for high achievers along with money board paintings with your personal intentions.
Trying your hand at simple feng shui you will understated that luck favours those who keep working toward betterment of their position. So try upgrading your skills list and always keep upgrading your resume with new additions which will definitely lead to a higher position up the corporate ladder. And for the heaven and earth luck use feng shui cures. Results can be seen as soon within few weeks.
All the Best from Rizwana!!  


How to Pay Off Your Home Loan Using Feng Shui

How to pay off your home loan using simple feng shui?
Home loans have become a part of the new generation as property rates are very high and everyone needs to buy a house of their own. Since home loans are the easiest way to fulfill your dream of buying a new dream home you do feel stuck up with your loan and paying off the loan sometimes pulls your finances too much. Let us see how feng shui can help you pay off your home loan.
The feng shui of your main door is very important here to welcome good opportunities and increased income. Also consider feng shuing your north west section of your living room. Place feng shui cures here for attracting help from unexpected quarters and good supportive friends which are most essential during the times of loan repayment, though you do not expect them to give you money but understanding and supportive friends are always welcome to give your right guidance.
Feng shui money cures will help you here and keep a orange plant of real or artificial one near your main entrance. Oranges in feng shui are similar to money and wealth and this also represents gold. You can also place a small metal turtle in water facing the door. Turtles arte believed to have long life and this will give you support and strength in your loan repayment times. Also money going out in form of expenses will curb down and you will learn to save with whatever funds you have. Over the rime you will get accumulated funds and you can repay your loan on time or even much earlier that the tenure.
Tie few feng shui gold coins and money with red ribbon and place it near the main door to welcome wealth into your house. Having feng shui cures paintings for promoting money luck can also help you to improve your money luck and welcome wealth into your life.
Keep the toilet door and toilet seat lid always closed after use to minimise the drain of money and expenses and also repair all leaking pipes and other leakages of your home or outside your home. Being in any loan indicates that your money finances are not sufficient and you need to put in more effort to improve your finances. Try to feng shui your career area to get new and improved opportunities to improve your financial status which in turn will bring new money and help you to come out of any loan.
Do put up a feng shui money board painting with all your dreams and intentions for achievements as this will unconsciously promote you to go through your dream daily and having the picture of your dreams before you will make way to work towards fulfilling your dream of coming out of any loan and owning a dream home.
Yes and please do not forget there is no replacement to sincere effort and hard work and do not try to use feng shui cures as an excuse to do less work and wait for miracles! keep working towards paying off your loan and leave the rest on feng shui and see how easily and smoothly your home loan is paid off.
All the Best!  

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