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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Shape of Ladders in Your Home and Office and Feng Shui

Ladders symbolic in feng shui for growth and prosperity as they take you above level  , a symbolic rise in your life and career, also matter a lot when selected in which shape. While an up going ladder gives you the extra push a wrongly selected ladder may be the hidden cause for your business and wealth downfall.
Since ancient ages we see homes and offices having ladders at the back sides and now in villas and bungalows there has to be a ladder   for connecting the house of different levels. While usually angled straight ladders are most common the spiral types also are seen in ancient villas and homes.
A simple angled slanting ladder taking you up is great. Feng shui masters prefer to have tow spate ladders for going up and coming down, positive chi energy coming in and negative shar energy going back out,  but this may not always be possible with space crunches today. Having a curved shaped ladder also allows chi to travel in slow motion as compared to the straight upright ladders which look dangerous and steep for climbers. Chi directly hits the upper floor with straight ladders and in curved ladders it has time to move slowly and energize the whole home.
Cork screw shape ladders are the most harmful as they may bring about the feeling of being fitted  tightly inside your home , just like we fit the cork to a bottle. It may also bring about feeling of entrapment and claustrophobia  inside the house for the inmates. Spiral staircases and ladders with metal designs allow chi to escape and does not reach the upper level of the home.
Ladders  without railings are also very harmful can fall   of while climbing or  coming down. It is best to have side railings and holding metal pipes rods for getting good grip while climbing the staircases and ladders. In case of open ladders a simple feng shui cure would be to have potted plants , sculptures, lining the ladders but take care that there is no risk of the pots falling sideways to the individuals walking       under.
Ladders and staircases are very good in feng shui as they help you to symbolically rise to another level, in your life, in finances, in relationships as well in wealth and business, provided they are fitted properly and in the right shape.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is Feng Shui.
All the Best!

Golden Ladder  feng shui wealth oil painting on oil sketch paper by Mrs Rizwana  A.Mundewadi
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Love Blossoming Oil painting on Oil Sketch Paper Year 2012

Monday, July 22, 2013

Torn Money Notes and Torn Purse Feng Shui Symbolism

Torn money notes, loose change we all receive some time or other torn notes, or the dollar / rupees notes get torn by mishandling during shopping or accidentally end up with you. Feng shui places a lot of importance on respect for money. The law of attraction works everywhere, so also with money. How to attract more money and wealth by feng shui simple cures and symbolism of torn purses wallets and torn notes.
A note of dollar or rupee whether torn or not has its value. You have to learn to handle money with respect and care and the money gives back more. Torn purses symbolize poor wealth condition and it has been seen that the more you are thankless the more money repels from you.
Wallets and purses must be in good condition to attract more wealth. Buy good quality purses and remove torn or damaged purses, you always risk the money falling or losing from a  torn wallet or purse. This also indicates that you have no record of how much money you have in your purse.
Feng Shui Attract Wealth

Have sections in your purse for change and dollars  rupees notes. Respect coins and change as it is also money and as  Chinese Feng shui gives lot of importance to shiny silver gold colored coins, symbolic of metal, wealth.
Torn rupee notes have to be either stuck up and used or parted with. Torn money kept in purse symbolizes poverty and the same condition transfers to your life, wealth area. Keep money in good condition with respect to attract more money.
Feng Shui Wealth Painting on oil sketch paper by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui.
All the Best!
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Buying Land and Property Feng Shui Tip Choosing the Right Shape of Land with feng shui

Buying land property for investment or personal use one can follow simple feng shui tips to see that the investment gives us good returns. Feng shui masters believe and state that the shape of the land or property is of utmost importance in deciding factor whether this will give your peace , prosperity and good returns or incur health problems and financial losses.
Many people are now opting for buying land and  constructing a customized  bungalow or villa according to personal needs or even buying land for investment purposes  as  rates of property are always on the upper graph.  While buying property land for making bungalow or villas  or just investment  it is important that you follow feng shui to avoid any losses in property deals.
First comes common sense,  the basic amenities and paper work   that is the title   of the property and land must be clear to avoid losses. Check  the documents carefully, take professional advice of property consultants and lawyers and then proceed, you will save a lot of tension and get peace of  mind with your investment. Whatever the offer never compromise on paper work and documents in  property and and deals. 
The shape of  the land is of utmost importance. Rectangular plots, square plots are best for any land or   property. Avoid land or properties with irregular shape, the feng shui masters believe  negative  energy moves with such shapes and there is no stability in energy here. Though such lands can be cured with feng shui guidance.  Round plots are confusing for chi as the positive chi moves around very fast and does not stop at any place so chi is confused, such places are either too hyper with energy, yang or  too yin and passive  dull.
Land must  have a narrow mouth, front side and spread wide at the back, end of property must be wide spaced. This brings lots of good luck and wealth as  with good feng shui energy. A narrow end blocks energy and with a wide mouth the chi is spread and diluted before it enters  your land or property to bring blessings.
Land for Sale
Too uphill or too low land is also not good and even lots of rocky land must first be filled before beginning construction to a flat level.
Properties with wide mouths bring ill health, financial losses  and unknowing unnecessary expenses, thus making this property a  bad investment. Money goes  off in directions  other than coming to your land thus  increasing stress and health problems for the owners of this land.

One must avoid buying property that has wide area in front and tapers  at the back. And when you are really getting a very good  deal and you buy this land,  A simple feng shui tip when you buy such a property would be to change the direction if possible of the main door of your property  , this will instantly change the ill effects to positive energy.
Buying Land Property for Investment
Irregular shaped land can be balanced and completed as a  square or rectangle with a water feature, landscaped garden or swimming pool.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui.
Thank You, All the Best!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Green Color Symbolism Meaning and Importance - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio
Green color a symbolic representation of growth and health. Feng shui colors can help to attarct energy in form of colors used. Color green in various shades and hues always brings one thought in our mind, nature.
Symbolising nature as in green leaves, trees, plants and always we see flowers in any color look great with a backdrop of green. In ancient times though the color green was used as a symbol of envy and greed. Green also symbolised sickness as in mould growth(spoiling of food), moss growth in garden(unkept garden) and green faces that were symbolic of envy and greed.
Even while painting walls people used to shy away from this color but now the contemporary interiors always boast of various hues and shades of flourescent and lime greens used to enliven the environment. You cannot just ignore the color green as it will enter your life and is embedded in any form or way somehow. 
Green as in feng shui hGreen Goldas given new meanings to this beautiful color. Growth as in nature is symbolised with the color green. Green Jade Elephants are quite famous as feng shui cures in many aspects of life. Love green jade stone, healing stone to bring good luck prosperity and good health. The jade plant, feng shui plant for wealth and prosperity,  with its soft mushy leaves is another great green , must have plant in your life.
Gemstones the birth stone of June, Emerald, who does not know the power of this beautiful green colored gemstone , and of course the rarity and the price! 

When used in paintings on canvas there  are umpteen number of shades and hues you can make and it is always said that a good artist never uses greens in nature painting directly from the tube. great artists always made their own greens. A bit of chrome yellow does wonders to your nature greens.
Also adding a little bit of prussian blue to yellow brings a great green. Adding white would very often spoil my greens and using emerald green, sap green or chrome green  was never the solution, trying out various green mixes I have wasted quite a lot sometimes , though used  the (muddy) color for base of new artworks.This tip helps quite a lot, never waste paints , paint it over empty papers or canvas  and use this as base a cover to paint your painting on this, you will see fresh bright colors  and your painting will come out with much better visual impact.
Use green in paintings and in your home only when you like the color as there are individual personal tastes.    Green being the color of heart chakra among all chakras, your emotions are always reflected in your works and life and with the heart chakra color being green this color helps heal  heart and attracts positive energy to your heart.
While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim as I continue to paint healing art... I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Setting Up Consulting Rooms of Physicians and Doctors Feng Shui Guide and Simple Cures

Feng shui for developing consulting practice and setting up clinics and consulting rooms forms  an important part in  the success  of any physician, of course, apart from their qualifications which are most important and their intention to heal.  Consultants physicians and doctors have to look at the feng shui area of their clinics and consulting rooms. All income and wealth when they have a good practice and are able to relax and heal many people.

 Select a shop or room  which has a  favorable  traffic of incoming and outgoing people. A road where many roads meet is best for setting up any consulting room or hospital.
Avoid buying shops or places where drainage stinking, broken pipes, dirty environment, as people, however sick they are  will not want to visit such a place to get better.
Avoid a shop where the road seems to come direct to the main door, have green plants  or plant (bamboo, peace lily) near the entrance or main door to purify the environment and maintain a healthy energy here.

The reception area must be spacious, clutter free and welcoming. Your receptionist must sit facing the door and attend to any patients coming in. Have  silk flowers, plants as they are easy to care near the lobby reception area.
Color in your consulting room must be in pastel shades  or white,  off white,  pink, light beige. dark colors  though are easy to maintain have an over powering presence and sometimes  make people uneasy. Minimize too bright colors  and you may have an artefact  or painting for welcoming chi.
Door of your consulting room must always open inside, welcoming chi inside, and must  be in good condition, creaking doors, broken knobs are bad feng shui.
Furniture and Cupboards, shelves may be of any pastel color. usually consultants prefer to have full tiles int eh  clinic as they are easy to maintain. Select plain tiles, white or off white for best energy. Avoid specific  figures (God images, strong  animal images, war images)  in tiles  as they may repel patients. Best colors for medical practice are still the traditional red and white, though now we see quite some impressive consulting rooms with an aura of success.
Hanging paintings of lotus or floral paintings and simple light colored  healing paintings improve the chi of the place  while making the patients more comfortable  and relaxed.
The Doctor Physician consultant room must be clutter free and organized. have ergonomically balanced chair  and table which has all the required things  in place, fax machine, printer if you need one, telephone mobile , lights have to be normal and specific lights need to  be installed  in case the doctor needs to view  Xray and other reports.
Fax Telephone Printer Computer  in Consulting Room
 Keep the place in front of your table free to communicate with the patients, and not block view  as  this makes patients feel uncomfortable and the doctor also looses out on the patients non verbal clues.
The consulting room must be fresh smelling but not with an over powering perfume liquid.
Sanitization and cleaning of the consulting rooms is of utmost importance  to maintain health of the place.
The patients examination, another very important  piece of furniture in a consulting room which is never though of much, feng shui is all about harmony and comfort, ease level. have the examination table at level which patients feel comfortable with, place a small foot table for them to climb the examination table.
Staff in your consulting rooms must be well dressed inc lean uniforms with an helpful and healing attitude towards your patients for  the success  of any consulting   practice.
Green Emerald gemstone healing

Evil Eye Cure wall hanging Show Piece

The  Crystal Globe Feng Shui Cure for Business Success and Wealth
As  for the table   of the consultant  there are many simple  feng shui cures for success. The Crystal globe on the table, an emerald stone for healing vibrations to you and your patients, white crystal for reflecting positive energy , avoid hanging wind chimes in clinics as they are disturbing though you can have a  welcoming bell with pleasant sound for calling patients in.

Lotus Paintings in Reception Area

Floral paintings in Consultant Rooms and Clinics
Feng shui of your consulting room is important for the success of any field of medical practice  and if you have not received the due you deserve and  even after putting up lot of expenses on furniture and renovation, maybe the feng shui of the place is not balanced,  try feng shui.
All the Best!