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Saturday, May 31, 2014

How to Protect your child from Mobile phone radiations Feng Shui Care Using and Best Place for Your Mobile

Children are the most affected with today’s technology progress and mobile phones have become an important part of their life. Mobile, phones , tabs are what we just cannot do without. What all parents are worried about is how to protect their little ones from the harmful radiations emitted from the gadgets. In the connectivity with the outside world our mobile phones act as life savers and in fact every home and every family member has an individual piece of phone and a vast amount of knowledge by Google king of searches, this has become an important part of our lives. . Considering the harmful electro magnetic radiations coming from electronic and mobile phones we must keep some important feng shui tips while using and placing our mobile phones at home.
While charging keep mobile phones in south east and also for attracting more beneficial energy it is best to avoid keeping them very near to bed of your child. While keeping the mobile phones at home always keep them on wooden tables or shelves to balance the energy coming out from them.
The more your child uses the mobile phones and is attached to the net online the more they are exposed to harmful radiation and need to be balanced with earth energy. Keep them hydrated with more fluids and water to prevent energy depletion.
The aura of most children even after having healthy meals is becoming weak and shows signs of murky colors due to the exposure and this can be corrected by keeping the web timing in control and selective hours of internet exposure.
Mobile covers are another way to inculcate feng shui into your child’s life by choosing earth or eco friendly mobile covers for their mobile phones. Health in terms of physical, mental and environmental is affected and as feng shui is all about balance so you can add some fresh green plants into their room if they are not very small and tend to love mud. Other wise you can add fresh flowers in their room to bring in lots of positive energy into your child’s room and life.
The most harmful piece in the mobile is ear plugs that they use to listen to music which has been a proved ear drum damager by prominent ear specialists and ENT consultants. Encourage your child to play listen to music from the phone instead of getting the ear plugs on constantly.
Mobile phones and tabs also are used for many beneficial purposes and cannot be removed form your child’s life. Better feng shui placement and controlled use along with energy protection can minimize the harmful radiations emitted from them.
Healing Art Work  by Rizwana
Mobile phones best placement for attracting helpful energy into your child’s life-
If possible place them in north for attracting more career opportunities. 
North west for mentor luck into your childs life , better understanding teachers.
West is another place to activate the child’s creative energies as mobile phones, internet are an important way for learning and finding knowledge they also work good in north east.
Use mobile phones covers with earth colors or green color or healing art printed covers. Add symbols on designer mobile phone covers for protection and balance of elements to harmonize the radiation coming from them. This can help you as well as your child and send out positive energy.
Thank you and All the Best from Rizwana!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Portraits of Pets and Feng Shui Where to Hang Paintings of Your Pets

Pets our loved, cherished and important parts of our family which get so close to us that they have a great important role in our family also play an important part in the feng shui of your home. Children learn to love and develop caring attitude and sharing as well as taking care of pets gives them important lessons in life.
Often people get portraits made of their loved pets and hang them on their walls and as the portraits keep the strong happiness and memories alive for years sometimes the loss of pets brings back fond memories and brings about a sad note of energy. Feng shui is great when pets portraits are hung on walls as it not only decorates our walls with art but also is a form of expression of love for our pets.
Inquisitive Budgie love birds
Portraits done in oils and pencil or pen sketches are favorite among art lovers and this helps to keep the memories of pets alive even sometimes when they are no more with us. It is a really difficult genre of art to capture the mood and emotions of your pet in the paintings and done with great acre and specialists in this field of art.
Portraits of dead ones is actually not permissible in feng shui as it is an energy of the past and most often stops progress and hinders in future development of children and family members, especially those who were more attached to the pets often get entangled in past memories and thus are not able to move ahead in life. You can keep the photographs, portraits or pictures of your dead pets in an album inside the cupboard and refer to them when you remember them.
Pets that are living and you have their pet portraits made it is advisable to not hang them in children’s room. Living rooms also do not show much benefit with dead pets portraits hung on any wall as it brings past dead energy in that aspect of your life. Some private used space like lounge or study where the space is private can be used to hang animal pet portraits. You can hang them in the north east sector which is good for also keeping, pets, staying pets at home are best in this sector of your home. 
Our Pet female Parakeet , missing still remembered with fond memories
While deciding to capture the emotions of your pets the animal portrait artist often have a real demonstration of model but since pets are difficult to keep in one place, especially dogs and cats, they often ask for photographs and pictures taken on different occasions with your pets. It is advisable that you select happy emotions in the customized portraits of your pets.
The right occasion which involved happiness and joy in the whole family where you all were happy along with your pets is best to capture in an art form for your home. Crying, sad, angry, fearful, lost emotions in your pets are very very harmful for your family and will transfer the same emotions to the viewers.  
Animal portraits are often made to keep the special  memories and happy occasions with your pets alive and to store happy emotions,  so it must be in that way and the portraits must bring a smile to your face even when they are not with us any more.
Playful small puppies stray looking cute

All the Best for all those who love their pets and who have captured fond memories of their loved ones in pet portraits, hang them with feng shui knowledge and long live your pets!
Thank You and Take Care from rizwana!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Get up today Refreshed by looking at some Healing Art Symbols of Good Luck Feng Shui for Bedrooms- Feng Shui Paintings Near the Bed

Look up the first thing when you wake up, will show how your day goes! Your day will go the way you begin it, so say knowledgeable positive thinkers and leaders and Feng Shui masters. Great human beings, successful at work and life are those who are  always in the mode of well balanced emotions and know how to make correct decisions.
Life is all about making decisions and the way to start from changing yourself from a normal ordinary leading life individual to a more happy, successful and confident individual can begin with viewing some healing art first thing as you begin your day. The art displayed on your bedroom walls can uplift your mood, energize your spirit and give the required confidence to begin the day afresh.
 Soul Mates Bedroom Love Paintings
Feng shui for bedroom begins with spaces that go in pairs and harmony between the couple. As the bedroom of a married couple , the simple feng shui tips go in having all things mostly in pairs. Right from the side tables that go along with the king sized bed there can be candle stands, lamps and vases with flowers on both sides of the bed. Having two or in pair always gives the message to the universe that there are two staying here and they need to be happy.
So also when single people need feng shui advice to find the right soul mate they are advised to place objects , things in pair in the bedroom. Like two birds paintings, two pots paintings or a pair of fragrant candles paintings in the bedroom. This attracts the energy to get the right partner in one’s life and also promotes happiness after marriage.
Healing art  be it motivational, symbolic, religious, spiritual when displayed in the bedroom area and viewed the last thing before going to sleep can help to clear the brain of false notions, negative experiences and negative thoughts. The symbols can lead the brain to convert the thought processes into one of peace, happiness and clarity.
The first thought you get when you get up in the morning some what totally influence how your day goes, so say mind gurus and team leaders. Waking up to an image of positivity, the colors you love, the meaning of the symbols help to connect to your mind and emotions bringing about a new surge of energy making you start the day with hope, happiness and energy.
Imagine waking up looking at beautiful symbols for harmony, happiness, success and positivity,  and you know you will get along well with colleagues and with this energy also transfer some around at your work or business place. People feel more acceptable to you and your way of thinking and also this leads to improved relationships and increased profits and business opportunities.
Symbols also a  way to connect to your true self and they give you energy to make the right correct decisions and the art displayed on your bedroom wall will time to time remind you of your life goals, importance of character and thus attract more of positivity and wealth. The purification of past karmic influences over your present life may open new doors of opportunities and success.
Thank You!
All the Best from Rizwana!
Invite Soothing Cathartic Healing Art in Your Life