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Monday, September 28, 2015

Why do we need Right Feng Shui Understanding Chi Energy of The Universe

Feng shui the science of placement of objects in harmony with the five elements roots down to thousands of years. The simple explanation put up can be when things flow along with the energy of the Universe there is harmony balance and easy luck. There is a flow going on in the energy fields every where within us and outside us and when this is in harmony we are at peace.
The Tao symbol Yin and Yang is what comes as a   simple example to understand all life forces and chi. There is always the movement going on from Yin to Yang, from inaction to action, from up to down, from white to black, from night to day. Hardly does the universal force be quiet as there is always movement going on. The female and the male energy, passive and active forms, are essential for harmony and peace prosperity. The wrong acts of human energy stops, hinders this movement causing imbalance and thus struggles in life energy.
Ashtamangala Good Luck Collection of Good Luck Paintings
Why do we block this energy, that is free from the source, unlimited from the universe, with little knowledge, thus resulting is life energy drain and blockages in progress. The energy is broken down and spread unwisely everywhere instead of replenishing the body and soul. It is here that the right knowledge and right feng shui helps.  
The knowledge of Yin and Yang helps to understand each and every object, energy as of two forms, moving , changing, and the individual who learns to balance this is at peace and naturally flowing along with the universal life force. It is with this that the healers spread energy and become pure hollow channels to spread happiness. That which many unknowingly block out and thus do not experience,  understand the magic of the universe.
Once you understand the simple principles of feng shui life becomes beautiful, no doubt there may be ups and downs but you know and understand that every inaction and action mostly depends upon you and your responses, your actions. Understanding elements helps the universe to allow you to lead a healthy beautiful life with nourishing chi in and around you.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Do feng shui cures back fire? Bad Feng Shui Energy Wrong Placement of Your Simple Fish Tank Wealth Cures

how your feng shui cures back fire energy, yes this is what I am noticing more and more in homes. Reading a few tips on feng shui people go about spending lots of money in refurbishing their homes and add beautiful costly feng shui cures.
And then wait, but nothing seems to work. In fact it so happens that they have disturbed an already flowing income sector and blocked it with a fish tank or a plant that is creating more shar energy than good chi.
Do feng shui cures back fire? Not in most cases but only when they are put in totally wrong places that create confusion in the energy of elements dominating there. Example for fame  and recognition sector we have the strongest dominating element fire and when people unknowingly put fish tanks here to activate this luck for name fame and recognition, they are in fact keeping water here. Yes there are fishes who activate this luck, golden ones, koi fishes, that will help too attract some luck but in few months the energy may go stagnant, and what about fishes dieing in this sector?
Then the disturbed energy affects the mind and life of the inmates adversely. Many feng shui masters advice to put fish tanks any where to activate wealth luck and people follow this unknowingly how it will affect in long term their lives.
Feng shui fish tank cures going wrong reasons
Then I see people leave their  large sized fishtanks as they are unable to  care for the fishes. Sometimes it so happens that the tanks are so dirty with worms as the people have just left them without any decision on their costly tanks.
This is when feng shui cures back fire! any object or feng shui cure not activated and used is clutter. This accumulated clutter , every time you view this , brings a pang of pain in your heart for your wrong financial decision.
And then they dont even remove this as lots of money is involved and resale value is nil of second hand decor items and goods.
It is thus better to choose your feng shui   simple cures carefully especially the fish tank cure as this one involves regular maintenance and proper energy care.
All the Best from Rizwana!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Tips for Feng Shui Wealth Corner Missing and why your simple feng shui cures are not working for attracting wealth

Feng shui wealth corner missing tips
Feng shui wealth corner missing affects the family incoming wealth , that is not only money but also drains energy from relationships and life seems a journey uphill. Missing corners is one of the main reason people are affected in many aspects of life and not knowing about simple feng shui cures, their life becomes a trial and they are confused No amount of efforts from their part show any fruits and their labour goes waste many times. Relationships need a lot of effort to maintain yet are strained this sure affects health and career indirectly.
Especially with the missing wealth corner it becomes difficult to hold on to money and money seems to be sliding by even if your luck is stronger and you earn good income. Because the energy to complete this sector in your life, that corresponds with a space and element in your home is missing.
Missing corners can be completed with feng shui simple cures like use of feng shui objects, colors, paintings and putting some furniture or shifting some object. Sometimes these simple cures do not show much changes in coming of wealth as there is more to it than is visible to the eye.
The southeast missing affects really bad ways and people keep struggling their whole life for accumulating wealth which seems to take a side track for them always. There needs to be a deep understanding of the science of feng shui to heal missing corners.
Then also there are a lot of factors like karmic influences and soul past karmas. The house energy feng shui is one aspect  of your luck to balance   heaven and earth luck. Colors are beneficial but still symbols and art can help attract good feng shui and balance the energy that is missing in your home and your life.So sometimes even on putting many feng shui cures there is still not much change seen as the area is already missing and you have been placing symbols, paintings in the wrong place.
Abundance a symbolic colorful abstract painting feng shui wealth  Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Colors in your artwork, sculptures, shapes and sacred geometry and healing symbols can work towards filling in  energy of these missing wealth corners. Plants are a great way to attract abundance like my favourite healing Reiki symbol for abundance.
All the Best from Rizwana!
Block of Prosperity Simply Energy Stagnation
Horse Paintings and Feng Shui Office Business Luck

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tortoise under your bed for support and Healing back pain 5 Important tips for using Tortoise Cure for Health and Confidence

The Tortoise is one humble creature so loved by everyone who know their importance in feng shui. the feng shui turtle with its hexagon designed back itself is highly symbolic in feng shui as it resembles the shape of the Ba Gua.
So from its  multiple umpteen uses, found that Tortoise placed under  your bed can also help out as a good feng shui health cure. Tortoise under your  bed for support  and Healing back pain has been put for symbolizing luck and healing energy for your life support. Since the tortoise is an animal that lives for many years it is symbolic of good health and long life. Back pain is also related to the sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra that affects your confidence and personality.
Tortoise in  Pink stone
Kindly note that having too many tortoises as cures are not good and one must be cautious as to not allowing too much quiet energy into your space.
Each feng shui cure must be thought of and understood before placing them and using them for these to be effective in your life. And do know that feng shui is not a replacement for modern medical therapies, in fact feng shui and Reiki healing when added with modern therapies work miraculous wonders to your health!
1) placing under your bed see that the element is one that is harmony with you, avoid sharp metal tortoises.
2) See that the tortoise figurine is placed under your back and not under your  head while sleeping.
3) choosing a tortoise in your birthstone or pink rose quartz is best for healing health cures.
4) Jade is another stone that helps attract good health and wealth.
5) Do not use broken, chipped or cracked Tortoise figurines under your bed. You just know what type of energy they will bring towards you!
Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shuui!
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!