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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pet Birds Parakeets and Love Birds in Feng Shui

Birds are common pets seen in many homes. Children love to feed birds and take care of them and this is the easiest way to teach children love and understanding and develop a sense of responsibility in them. It is proved scientifically that pets heal and help to develop strong bonds of affection by giving their unconditional love. Let us discuss what feng shui has to say about pets birds.
Budgie Love Birds Feeding

Alexandrine Parakeet Relaxing

Sleeping time

Love Bird Sitting on the Curtain Rod
It has been said by many masters that keeping birds in cages is not good feng shui. They are born free and must live like that. I do have my opinion on this.Yes it is true that birds increase the chi of your home. They are lively , active and their sounds and chirping definitely increases the environment vibrations and brings about positive energy into your home. It is true that you must not bind the bird into a small cage, but you can make a spacious cage for them with all the amenities for their enjoyment and relation. I have seen people offer so much love to parakeets that even after leaving them far away the friendly birds find their way back home, because they are partners for life and they never forget your love and care. I have also seen that birds give back the love many folds that which we give them, as their love is unconditional and without any bias.
I think that keeping them forcefully in bad conditions would affect your health and career as well as finances adversely. In feng shui masters believe that keeping birds restricted in cage would also keep your life feeling restricted and not grow to you full potential.
You can keep rare birds especially love birds who are breed in controlled conditions and are not well equipped with the laws of nature. If left on their own they would be feasted upon by some large bird! It is necessary that you allow your bird pet some time out regularly from their cage or home. Do take acre to keep the windows and doors closed as they may suffer from some accident when left without supervision for flying.
Our Parakeet has come to stay with us since the past two years and flies freely for the whole day and rests in afternoons and night inside our home. She does not need any supervision and is trained to eat from her dishes and loves fresh fruits and vegetables. We were lucky enough that she chose our home to stay and has been staying outside on our window sill for many months when during winters we let her in. and the rest is history! she has now become the head of the family, we have to consider her wishes when we eat and she loves to eat from our plate.Special foods are prepared and fruits of her liking are searched and brought for her.Our love birds are also very loving and caring and they do take some time out but are eager to go into their safe home.This all requires patience and training and lots of love and you get back many folds. And of course the mynas, sparrows and pigeons, the crows who get regular feedings daily from our home.

Birds bring positive chi into your home. They will increase the positivity and remove all negative energies form your place. But do take care never to neglect or abuse them Never get angry on your pets, a firm no is understood by them.
It is advisable to avoid keeping birds in cages which are too small for them. This will bring about feelings of restrictions to them as well as you and your whole family. If they can fly inside and play it is the best feng shui cure for many problems in your life. Keeping them in the south area will activate your fame and recognition aspect of life. Keeping them in the north or north west will bring about great helpful friends into your life as well as their chirping will increase the chi around your home bringing new opportunities your way.
You can also activate the energy around your home by feeding birds on your window sill regularly for healing past karma and energy blocks into your life.
All the Best!  

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  1. Sure do love those types of birds! What kind of bird/parrot cage is used for them??

  2. Jon thanks for coming by Feng Shui Simple Cures

  3. It is true that you must not bind the bird into a small cage, but you can make a spacious cage for them with all the amenities for their enjoyment ...

    1. Yes Agreed Parakeet Cage, we have a three tier villa for them and they fly inside, play and enjoy!

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