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Friday, June 1, 2012

Split Level Duplex Apartments and Feng Shui

The trend now is of living in duplex apartments and people enjoy large homes with two or more levels above the ground. There are certain principles to be followed when living in duplex homes in feng shui and if followed will lead to a peaceful and harmonious life. Usually according to feng shui we prefer staying as close to the earth as possible for better living because the connection with the ground is best for healthy living. As far above the ground the earth energy reduces and it will affect your health in long term. Though many duplex apartments also have attached entrance front gardens and back kitchen gardens which in turn balance the energies of heaven and earth in the home.
Single floor apartments are better from feng shui point of view as the chi gets confused every time to move from one level to another. Also have staircases in proper directions and do not have straight staircases, preference must be given to curved staircases which allows chi to move freely. The stairway must not face the main door directly as chi moves out as it enters and moves fast towards the upper level of the apartment leaving the ground floor without much energy. Also you when have your living room above level will come from the main door and use the stairway, this will leave the ground floor without much positive energy and it will suffer from remaining unclean and lacking chi. This will also form divisions among the family members as the people who have their bedrooms above level will come directly and move above without interacting with the rest of the family members.
Divide your rooms for use judiciously according to feng shui principles demarcating the areas of five elements. It is preferable to have the living room as close to the main door as possible. This welcomes positive chi form the main door into your home and with the guests comes positive energy inside your home. Remember to have the most important rooms, the kitchen and dining room at a higher level because otherwise when people and friends visit they will bring positive energy to the ground level only and the rest of the home will remain without much of positive energy chi. So it is advisable to have a larger dining or kitchen area where all can meet and converse. Try to avoid having living room on a higher level because as your guests leave they will also take away the energy they bring when they leave.
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