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Friday, June 1, 2012

Home Rooms Sizes and Room Divisions Guide in Feng Shui

Home Room sizes and home room divisions are very important in feng shui. In feng shui it is believed that the dining room and the kitchen must be spacious. It is directly related to the opportunities and wealth that comes into your family. 
As in feng shui the dining room must be spacious and members of the family and guests must feel comfortable while eating. The seating arrangements in your dining room are directly related to the career and wealth prosperity of your home, so all must be seated comfortable without and negative shars to enjoy their meals.
Many people also prefer to have the dining area along side the living room to create a feeling of openness and spaciousness.
Do not have one room very large and the other very small. This will create feng shui imbalance in the homes and within the family. Try to as much as possible balance the rooms. You can have a large common living room for the whole family to be seated comfortably to watch television or entertain guests. The other rooms must be proportionate to each other. 
The home rooms also should be proportionate in shapes of square or rectangles, as irregular shaped rooms, C or semi circle, confuse the chi and leave the feeling of something empty or incomplete. Though this can be easily solved by balancing out this area with a feng shui cure. You can hang mirror to complete the missing part of your room.
The feng shui bedroom must be comfortable with bed, wardrobe and side tables or dressing area for the couple. The bedroom must be farthest away from the main door to give good rest and undisturbed sleep for good health. This is essential because the main door will have too much noise and disturbance form outside which will affect your sleep. 
Avoid clutter in any form in your home.Visible as well as hidden clutter needs to be cleaned regularly.
Your feng shui bathrooms and toilets must not have overly large areas. In feng shui it is not advisable to decorate or have fancy toilets because this area is where the chi leaves in large doses, in form of drains, taps and water pipes. The toilet door must not face the main door and must be always closed after use.
Now the most important part of your feng shui home is the centre. This is the good luck area of your home. Try to keep it clutter free and spacious. Clean and bright. Do not in any case have a bathroom or kitchen here. This area is the most important area supported by the element earth. Creams, yellows and browns are best here. The centre of your home is the best place for a large living room. This area can be larger than the other rooms which must be for common use as a living room or family room.
All the Best!  

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  1. Everything is so beautiful, so delicate, I loved it!!
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  2. Thanks Liana,for the comment, you too have a rocking weekend!


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