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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Under the Bed feng shui How what is under your bed can affect your health wealth and happiness

Feng shui for bedrooms has been given a lot of importance in good health and happiness and the best of bedrooms, soothing relaxing and well rested ones give out positive vibes and bring out happy confident individuals. From among all the rooms that bring in prosperity and happiness in our home,  bedroom is coming just after the living room where the whole energy comes into our home. While we use many feng shui cures to attract good luck, good health, happiness and harmony , and happy relationships many times the space that goes unnoticed is under the bed. So here I suggest how things can go wrong by what is under your bed and a few feng shui tips for under the bed feng shui. 
Your bed is a space for rest, relaxation, unwinding, recharging and of course for the married a space to improve relationships. With the crunch of space today in many homes we see a lot of things stacked under the bed. The latest contemporary furniture boasts of storage capacity within the bed as also in sofa cum bed where the space provided can be used to store many things.
No doubt this space is a lot beneficial as we get to use the same floor space and even the things are hidden under the bed. Visit any home and when we see is stored bed linen, upholstery, bed sheets , cushions and cover rugs etc these fall as common things stored under the bed. 

Problems begin to crop up when People even store children’s toys , gifted objects crockery cutlery not in use, old objects, broken objects , old artifacts that are chipped, broken out of use, and there is just about anything that is not required goes under the bed. Since the space is hidden from external view this space often goes neglected even during cleaning and mopping. For years together many things go untouched accumulating dust and grime under the bed. This accumulates a lot of negative energy which is visible among the family in many ways.
Contemporary bedroom furniture the purple room
The couple starts getting irritable, argumentative and small problems lead to bigger misunderstandings ,especially when objects are given or handed over or gifted with negative energy from individuals who we do not carry along well with.   Hardly does any one notice the latent problems coming up with small arguments which when neglected may lead to serious issues in marital life and family harmony.
Clutter cleaning is essential part of feng shui and the most important one. By clutter we do not mean broken objects and dirty things only but also those objects that have never been used  since the past five to seven years are hardly going to come to use later on. Even with space crunch your bed should not be the store room you require and it is better to avoid accumulating clutter under the bed.
When you do not have option and are using under the bed space for storing objects follow these simple tips-
1) Keep the objects clean, regular cleaning and stacking them neatly. When storing old magazines, old clothes to be given for charity,   and news papers do remove them and give them away regularly.
2) Do not put sharp objects or ones with pointed edges, like scissors, knives, and metal pointed items, as they emit shar energy pointing towards the sleeping couple.
3) If you are storing bed linen and upholstery do take care to keep using them and cleaning them regularly.
4) Gifted items and antique items, the ones you really  cannot give away,  and artifacts can be stored with proper packing and safe storing.
5) It is advisable to remove all objects within few months and do space clearing and cleansing to purify the space from accumulated negative energy and to invite fresh air and energy under the bed.
The space that goes unused for many months does begin to accumulate stagnant energy in a while and needs to be cleaned to keep the energy of the whole house balanced. However much you keep the home clean and apply feng shui cures for attracting good health, wealth, harmony and prosperity , the under bed space will have a lot of effect on your health, wealth and relationships. Energy is blocked, does not circulate and stagnates thus attracting ill health and loss of wealth, or total wealth blocks, sometimes leading to extreme effects like loss of job or losses in business.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
Take Care and All the Best from Rizwana!

Monday, June 23, 2014

No Windows Rooms Feng Shui Work Spaces Cubicles with no Windows Effects and Simple Feng shui Guidelines

Rooms without windows, yes in some work places and cubicles we see there are just about no outlets or windows, fully air conditioned cabins and top class executive manager rooms with windows always closed do not draw our attention as the air conditioners are always on. The feng shui energy in such rooms need to be considered for progress and after a few months the rooms start getting boring, and emit stagnant energy, which hinders creativity and business profits.
The closed cubicles and work meeting rooms with windows are also many times kept closed as for environmental exposure like heavy winds and rains but what is essential here is that every day some amount of fresh air and sunlight is essential or the room energy to be great.
What happens in closed rooms without windows, the same air circulates inside  and hardly does any fresh air find its way in, only when the door is opened to enter and exit the room. Within few days the room energy starts to stagnate, by this I do not mean smelly rooms, as for that many use air fresheners. Feng shui means wind and water and all elements in harmony to bring in loads of good luck and prosperity.  
The same air keeps circulating with little or negligent amount of new energy coming in form of fresh sunlight and air.
1) The result is that people start losing interest in their job or work at hand.
2) It affects their health adversely by making them feel sad, depressed, tired.
3) Creativity levels keep on decreasing thus resulting in low output.
4) Social contact with external world becomes limited as the cubicle has no outside view. Thus also affecting the mental health of the individual.
5) This affects overall work results, output and finally wealth and profits.
Then come so many other specific reasons that can have an effect on you and feng shui cures help to over come these and welcome good luck and prosperity into your home and your lives.
Feng shui for closed room without windows and closed cubicles with windows-
1) If you have windows and even if the rooms are fully air conditioned it is advisable to let in fresh sunlight and air at least once a day in the morning to welcome fresh energy. This purifies the environment and also removes bacteria, viruses, fungus spores,  and insects that infect the space.
2) In offices many are now welcoming the half open cubicle option in furniture where the cubicle does not have a complete wall till ceiling, this allows air to circulate and also helps in maintaining social contacts, socializing with colleagues.
Feng Shui Painting in progress
3) If your work space is under the stairway or a store room, especially artists and writers  prefer quiet spaces, then there are just no windows here and it is important that you apply some feng shui cures to attract positive energy and keep the creativity levels high. Keep the door of your cubicle open for some time every day  to allow air and energy from main rooms to enter your work space.
4) If the cubicle has no windows, It is also important that you purify and do space clearing for the place frequently. You can clean the room with salt water and burn fragrant incense for attracting some fresh energy into your work space before beginning the day. Also keep the main door open of the room so that this energy can enter into the closed cubicle also moving about from the whole home.
5) To maintain creativity and fresh energy in closed work space cubicles use objects or things that emit freshness, symbolic silk flowers (cleaned regularly)  or real green bamboo plants even in small containers work wonders to uplift the energy, but they also need some fresh light and air to grow healthy.
Symbolic objects like positive paintings also help to uplift energy in the closed cubicles. Plants are a good way to improve energy. But there is no replacement to fresh air and sunlight, God’s ultimate gift for attracting lots of positive energy and prosperity.
Take Care, All the Best from Rizwana!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dealing with tough tricky people feng shui How to attract more business opportunities Feng Shui for Office

When in business we know how dealing with people is the most difficult part. And when all the other factors, like product quality, sincere dedication and effort from part of  employees work out dealing with  business clients is the most trickiest and difficult part, and one very important for the success of any business.
When you start applying feng shui your organization will benefit immensely by starting to attract more clients and many deals work out according to your plans. If you work somewhere the  organization you work with shall progress by leaps and bounds.
People start treating you as an  invaluable asset for your company, and rewards and promotions open up.  If you happen to be a businessman, plan your expenses well. For single owners you plan and cut down on redundant staff to control your overheads, as they may be eating away at your profit margins. If you think you need someone more skilled or competent who can help to increase your company's profitability, then it may be worthwhile considering hiring such a person - even if you have to shell out a little more by the way of salary.
Feng shui is all about moving with the flow. A healing artwork just behind wall is a great way to attract strength for your business and if the owner has back support the business can face any amount of pressures and hardships and come out a winner. With feng shui you will learn to  enjoy your work, and, therefore, are unlikely to feel stressed.
When you know clients are tough ones, apply simple feng shui. Welcome them with a smile, a smile neutralizes negative energy immediately to some extent. Seating arrangement must be such that the client faces you and does not get chance to look out of the main door. Otherwise their focus will shift and deals will be difficult to finalize.
Keep a glass of water on the left side of your table covered.  And always talk with open hand gestures, this gives an expression of your frankness and sincerity to do business. Chairs for clients must be easy to sit, comfortable without them getting hurt by your table or having difficulty in moving, movable chairs are best so that they do not feel restricted in conversations and can easily move to see your presentations without having to get up from their chair, in case you need to show a presentation fo your services or products for sale.
Your office must be welcoming and represent the product you offer. Symbols about your past successes, medals, certificates can be displayed in the south sector for proving your creditability in the business. If you have just begun a new business have symbols , pictures, or paintings that represent your business and give a visual presentation of your goals and products offered.  Never display products or certificates behind the chair of owner of company.
You as owner must be able to have a view of the outside so that you are prepared for the client. Finally do not sit with an open window at the back of your chair, many feng shui masters have shared cases of back stabbing, back biting, attracting bad reputation and name, and even friends cheating with such seating arrangements.
Have some green plants or lucky bamboo in the south east sector or extreme left of office room and activate especially north west sector if your profession deals with male clients and south west to attract business female clients.
Hope this helps, Take Care and All the Best from Rizwana!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What to do with gifted paintings and artifacts from your Ex- Wife or Ex-Girlfriend or Ex-Lover

Break ups and divorces are not the most occasions to be remembered and are so unpleasant that they leave the scars for life. Broken friendships, broken relationships and broken marriages are a better facts of life for some that need a lot of effort from their part to move on and begin trust in the energy of happiness and life.  Feng shui does not promote to encourage this type of past energy as this blocks for the individuals. concerned.
What to do with the gifts paintings artifacts, objects , greeting cards that have been given on happy occasion by your ex- wife, lover or girlfriend and the most first thought that people have is they were a part of happy moments and they must be prized and preciously kept as fond memories of the happy couple, friends, marriage years .
Pink Roses By Rizwana A.Mundewadi Oil on Paper
People display the paintings gifts  in bedrooms or special space in office desk and continue with their life time and again  looking at the works of art and  remembering their past. The feng shui energy here is not a good one, and this stops the individual from progressing in life and relationships.
The individual fears getting into new relationships as they always are being reminded of their failure in previous relationships and hence they do not make new friendships or look out for new partners in life. Then there are also feelings of loss, sadness, depression, a fear of failure, and a feeling of why this did not work out, self blame and a lot of negative energy coming up every time they view the pieces of art or gifts by exes.
Hence according to feng shui which  is all about moving with the flow stagnant energy is every bad. Remove all symbols of past in your bedroom or home or office. If you really wish to move ahead in life and progress it is better to accept the situations and move on activating the relationships area as well as helpful friends area in feng shui and brings in lots of sportive energy into your life.
Take Care and God Bless you,  from Rizwana!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Water Paintings Some important feng shui tips for choosing wealth cure water paintings

Water paintings symbolize wealth and prosperity and have been used since ages to symbolically attract prosperity and wealth.
1) water must be smooth flowing, gradually and persistently.
2) Water falls in feng shui paintings must not be angry violent scary. Storms and gloomy weather with violent large waves does not mean roe money but in fact create a fearful energy affecting the environment.
3) Water must be clear or natural color and not muddy, as this symbolizes black money or dark dirty wealth from wrong sources. water with mud ( will absorb all the water-wealth- and make it muddy),  not good
4) never display huge water paintings, too much water in any form be it river, sea or violent water energy is bad, water in any form is a force that needs to be handled carefully.
5) water tankers, represent stored water which is not such a good feng shui , prefer artworks with flowing natural springs and water falls.

Floating Treasures oil on canvas by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
6) Water reservoirs, like a water fall with a base at bottom is symbolically good as this represents accumulation of incoming wealth into your home.
7) waves of water or water fall must be incoming and not going out of the house as this symbolizes wealth going out of the house as large expenses.
8)  Never select any type of water or water fall paintings for bedrooms, water has a energy of flowing and cannot be stopped and will affect personal relationships adversely.
9) Always display paintings in front of you and not at the back wall where you sit, as here you need strong mountain support energy.
Hope this helps. Take Care and all the Best from Rizwana!