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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Under the Bed feng shui How what is under your bed can affect your health wealth and happiness

Feng shui for bedrooms has been given a lot of importance in good health and happiness and the best of bedrooms, soothing relaxing and well rested ones give out positive vibes and bring out happy confident individuals. From among all the rooms that bring in prosperity and happiness in our home,  bedroom is coming just after the living room where the whole energy comes into our home. While we use many feng shui cures to attract good luck, good health, happiness and harmony , and happy relationships many times the space that goes unnoticed is under the bed. So here I suggest how things can go wrong by what is under your bed and a few feng shui tips for under the bed feng shui. 
Your bed is a space for rest, relaxation, unwinding, recharging and of course for the married a space to improve relationships. With the crunch of space today in many homes we see a lot of things stacked under the bed. The latest contemporary furniture boasts of storage capacity within the bed as also in sofa cum bed where the space provided can be used to store many things.
No doubt this space is a lot beneficial as we get to use the same floor space and even the things are hidden under the bed. Visit any home and when we see is stored bed linen, upholstery, bed sheets , cushions and cover rugs etc these fall as common things stored under the bed. 

Problems begin to crop up when People even store children’s toys , gifted objects crockery cutlery not in use, old objects, broken objects , old artifacts that are chipped, broken out of use, and there is just about anything that is not required goes under the bed. Since the space is hidden from external view this space often goes neglected even during cleaning and mopping. For years together many things go untouched accumulating dust and grime under the bed. This accumulates a lot of negative energy which is visible among the family in many ways.
Contemporary bedroom furniture the purple room
The couple starts getting irritable, argumentative and small problems lead to bigger misunderstandings ,especially when objects are given or handed over or gifted with negative energy from individuals who we do not carry along well with.   Hardly does any one notice the latent problems coming up with small arguments which when neglected may lead to serious issues in marital life and family harmony.
Clutter cleaning is essential part of feng shui and the most important one. By clutter we do not mean broken objects and dirty things only but also those objects that have never been used  since the past five to seven years are hardly going to come to use later on. Even with space crunch your bed should not be the store room you require and it is better to avoid accumulating clutter under the bed.
When you do not have option and are using under the bed space for storing objects follow these simple tips-
1) Keep the objects clean, regular cleaning and stacking them neatly. When storing old magazines, old clothes to be given for charity,   and news papers do remove them and give them away regularly.
2) Do not put sharp objects or ones with pointed edges, like scissors, knives, and metal pointed items, as they emit shar energy pointing towards the sleeping couple.
3) If you are storing bed linen and upholstery do take care to keep using them and cleaning them regularly.
4) Gifted items and antique items, the ones you really  cannot give away,  and artifacts can be stored with proper packing and safe storing.
5) It is advisable to remove all objects within few months and do space clearing and cleansing to purify the space from accumulated negative energy and to invite fresh air and energy under the bed.
The space that goes unused for many months does begin to accumulate stagnant energy in a while and needs to be cleaned to keep the energy of the whole house balanced. However much you keep the home clean and apply feng shui cures for attracting good health, wealth, harmony and prosperity , the under bed space will have a lot of effect on your health, wealth and relationships. Energy is blocked, does not circulate and stagnates thus attracting ill health and loss of wealth, or total wealth blocks, sometimes leading to extreme effects like loss of job or losses in business.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
Take Care and All the Best from Rizwana!

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