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Monday, June 23, 2014

No Windows Rooms Feng Shui Work Spaces Cubicles with no Windows Effects and Simple Feng shui Guidelines

Rooms without windows, yes in some work places and cubicles we see there are just about no outlets or windows, fully air conditioned cabins and top class executive manager rooms with windows always closed do not draw our attention as the air conditioners are always on. The feng shui energy in such rooms need to be considered for progress and after a few months the rooms start getting boring, and emit stagnant energy, which hinders creativity and business profits.
The closed cubicles and work meeting rooms with windows are also many times kept closed as for environmental exposure like heavy winds and rains but what is essential here is that every day some amount of fresh air and sunlight is essential or the room energy to be great.
What happens in closed rooms without windows, the same air circulates inside  and hardly does any fresh air find its way in, only when the door is opened to enter and exit the room. Within few days the room energy starts to stagnate, by this I do not mean smelly rooms, as for that many use air fresheners. Feng shui means wind and water and all elements in harmony to bring in loads of good luck and prosperity.  
The same air keeps circulating with little or negligent amount of new energy coming in form of fresh sunlight and air.
1) The result is that people start losing interest in their job or work at hand.
2) It affects their health adversely by making them feel sad, depressed, tired.
3) Creativity levels keep on decreasing thus resulting in low output.
4) Social contact with external world becomes limited as the cubicle has no outside view. Thus also affecting the mental health of the individual.
5) This affects overall work results, output and finally wealth and profits.
Then come so many other specific reasons that can have an effect on you and feng shui cures help to over come these and welcome good luck and prosperity into your home and your lives.
Feng shui for closed room without windows and closed cubicles with windows-
1) If you have windows and even if the rooms are fully air conditioned it is advisable to let in fresh sunlight and air at least once a day in the morning to welcome fresh energy. This purifies the environment and also removes bacteria, viruses, fungus spores,  and insects that infect the space.
2) In offices many are now welcoming the half open cubicle option in furniture where the cubicle does not have a complete wall till ceiling, this allows air to circulate and also helps in maintaining social contacts, socializing with colleagues.
Feng Shui Painting in progress
3) If your work space is under the stairway or a store room, especially artists and writers  prefer quiet spaces, then there are just no windows here and it is important that you apply some feng shui cures to attract positive energy and keep the creativity levels high. Keep the door of your cubicle open for some time every day  to allow air and energy from main rooms to enter your work space.
4) If the cubicle has no windows, It is also important that you purify and do space clearing for the place frequently. You can clean the room with salt water and burn fragrant incense for attracting some fresh energy into your work space before beginning the day. Also keep the main door open of the room so that this energy can enter into the closed cubicle also moving about from the whole home.
5) To maintain creativity and fresh energy in closed work space cubicles use objects or things that emit freshness, symbolic silk flowers (cleaned regularly)  or real green bamboo plants even in small containers work wonders to uplift the energy, but they also need some fresh light and air to grow healthy.
Symbolic objects like positive paintings also help to uplift energy in the closed cubicles. Plants are a good way to improve energy. But there is no replacement to fresh air and sunlight, God’s ultimate gift for attracting lots of positive energy and prosperity.
Take Care, All the Best from Rizwana!

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