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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How to Use Ergonomics Furniture Feng Shui Energy Important Office Safety Tips

Ergonomics furniture plays a very important role in maintaining your energy  at work. Office safety tips for improving the feng shui of your office to attract more business and prosperity luck helps to attract more business and wealth.
Office feng shui is one of the main reasons for good business or losses in any business field. Office safety and employees safety  plays a major role in the success of your business.
Ergonomics and feng shui go hand in hand as good well postured and well balanced furniture makes employers and employees comfortable and they can focus their energy and become more productive, which of course will affect your business and wealth.
Feng shui is a science of harmony and balance, not just good costly furniture but also one that gives the individual most comfortable and balanced posture. How often we hear people complaining of backaches, headaches and tired eyes , all due to faulty office furniture.
Ergonomically made furniture designs focus on the body of individual and as the materials used are also create beneficial chi to the users. Bad office furniture and not considering office safety rules is one of the reasons people often get tired while working due to body strain.
Consider a few examples of what happens with bad feng shuid furniture- our office table is placed in a dark corner which needs constant artificial lighting; your chair is rigid and smaller , making you feel stuck up and crammed in sitting posture; you have to take a big round to access to the printer or other stationary materials; your office table drawers are too low or too high for your height and each time you need some documents you strain or stretch your body; your office dining table is narrow with small stools where you have to eat on the move;colleagues and other office tables are crammed together without space between two tables for movement of any feng shui energy, making you feel restricted; etc
This all indicates that office furniture being ergonomically balanced provides good chi. Feng shui energy when positive will invite more luck and wealth to any office and business. Following simple feng shui office safety tips would prevent hazards and invite more good energy into your office. Customized office furniture helps to avoid clutter and makes the environment comfortable to work in. This does not in any way mean to have costly furniture and latest technology equipment, even simple economic furniture will help the feng shui of your office. Clients and employees will work in a more comfortable environment, relationships will improve bringing in more positive feng shui energy, thus increasing your business returns and attracting new business opportunities.
All the Best!  
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Friday, October 12, 2012

Feng Shui One of The reasons for Infertility in Women

Feng shui one of the reasons for infertility in women is linked to the five elements theory. As the traditional Chinese system believes that each individual has all the five elements energy in them, some in less quantity and some more, there are many behaviour and energy problems coming up due to imbalance in feng shui chi energy. Infertility is becoming more and more common now adays and one of the reasons is because energy levels of women are different than the women from the earlier years. Feng shui has the answer to the reason behind increasing rate of infertility among women today.
Every individual has  a certain level of energy that corresponds to one of the five elements. We have the energy of all five elements but some have one stronger and more whereas another individual has another element energy more. So some are fire people and some water whereas some wood and some earth people.Usually women having more of fire energy tend to be eccentric, bold and do not follow anyone and have difficulty in adjustment in relationships. They may be good at creative and challenging jobs but in personal life it may be the opposite. Due to fire energy the strongest among all elements having more fire in your personal chi is harmful and needs proper channeling and feng shui balance. If women have more water again this is harmful and needs to be balanced with feng shui cures. They may have very good finances and good position in job but in their personal life with family they find difficulty in maintaining their marriage and relationships. So also women having strong wood energy tend to be very rigid and again they have adjustment problems with family and husband.
Problems arise when the spouse of supporting the opposite element and has a different element as stronger than one. example a fire women and a fire energy man may have difficulty in relationships leading to one of the reason of infertility among woman. In a case the spouse male being soft water may not be able to earn much whereas the stronger element fire women may have difficulty in adjustment. The traditional Chinese in feng shui believed that men may have all the elements in their personal chi and a combination of all the five elements this is very good sign but women must not have all the five elements together. they must always have one element short than the rest. This may lead to and be one of the reasons for infertility among women and those who have all the five elements together need to balance their energy and reduce some arts by using feng shui cures for harmony and good life.
As I have also suggested other feng shui tips for infertility along with feng shui simple cures in my previous posts.
All the Best!  
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Tips and Suggestions on How to deal with People using Feng Shui element Theory

How to deal with people using feng shui rules? feng shui has guidance in all aspects of your life. It is not just a    placement of furniture and adjustment of colours but much much more. Feng shui principles when used in daily life not only nourish your soul, body your home and office but also helps in facilitating good business deals and attracting good career opportunities. How to deal with people using feng shui?
As we know every individual is unique and has their own characteristic nature and no two people even if identical twins are the same. When one person loves to spend money the other is a saver and when one is lavish in life style the other , even when having money in abundance is alert in expenses. No this is not only the result of upbringing but according to feng shui element theory each individual has certain characteristics according to the respective element in their birth chart. Their unique individual feng shui number will make us understand how each will behave and also give certain insight into the psyche and behaviour of the individual. How this will help us? As humans are social beings right from childhood we need to be in group and with other people. Right from childhood as the child goes off to kindergarten he is faced with the understanding to his teachers, care takers and servants and here we see there are some individuals with whom we are well versed and some we feel uncomfortable.
Individual chi is divided into five elements and each person has these five elements in their personal chi. One person may be of  the fire element strong whereas other may be of the water element stronger and yet another may support wood. each element will develop certain characteristics in your behaviour and predicting and studying this will help you to deal with them in a much better and comfortable way, especially if it is your boss! As odd and even numbers have different characteristics so also two numbers and single numbers have an effect on your life. The Chinese hence prefer two digit numbers to avoid lonliness and singlehood and select homes having two digit numbers.
A fire element strong person is bold and energetic in behaviour. This is the element of wisdom,reasoning and etiquette. They sometimes tend to be rash and eccentric also. If you are with such a person try to act with care, be mild and avoid arguments and open discussions with people having stronger fire element. Especially two fire element people cannot work together or do business deals as both may be hot headed.The person with maximum amount of fire element can be unreasonable and sometimes flare up without any reason. whereas the person having very less fire element is meek and moulds according to any situation, does not even address his own rights.  For such cases there are simple feng shui guidance and cures to balance the elements with another element prior or after this element in feng shui productive cycle of elements, metal artefacts or crystals to deflect the high energy coming from them.
The individual having metal element stronger is righteous. people with little metal rarely speak and are careful in speech thus appearing aloof and isolated. Metal people are fair and speak direct. Wooden element people tend to be more different, small wood are like leaves that float on the water. Such people are flexible and do not have very strong opinions and adjust well with anyone, handicap they get carried and influenced buy others very soon. If the person has some big wood he is like a tree, that bends with strong breeze but does not break. Such people listen to everyone, assess and then make their own decisions.  And when there is too much strong wood energy he is like an oak that does not bend or move , even with strong winds, so such people are quite stable and good , only they are not open to anyone's side. they will not be receptive to any advice and be set on his own opinion only.
Water, the element of  motivation, insights, and of course social contacts. Moving water as is considered very good in feng shui people having the right amount of water element are often the most successful business people with lots of wealth and money luck. Every individual has two qualities of water element one is moving , the other is still. Moving water indicates the person to earn and be in society well adjusted among others and still water indicates the individuals clear mind. Slow trickling water element people are comfortable in their own environment and do not like to change jobs or homes. Water springs from the ground energy people are strong, controlled and sometimes glamorous. Such people are like the water fountain where the same water returns to the pond, such people are comfortable with the daily routine of going to work and coming back home. Gushing water fountain or water fall energy , sea and lakes energy people are bold , energetic and always try new business ventures. they are open to develop new contacts and are usually very social people. Though water in large force sometimes creates chaos so this energy though very good for wealth and business needs to be controlled and channelized in balanced form. In cases of more of muddy water energy we now understand the person is mentally unstable and needs help in all aspects of his life.
Each individual has all the five elements in their body, only some have more and some less.
Some simple feng shui cures for excess element energy- For more fire element carry some soft cloth or silk hand kerchief to balance the energy on your self. You may also do breathing exercises to control your fire energy.  Too much water in your chi balance it with strength of metal, by wearing a metal ring, preferably with your lucky birth stone. More of strong wood, rigid in nature, place a trickling water fountain , a stream near your office desk or north of your home.Very less water energy, the person faces frequent job hopping behaviour and finds difficulty in adjustment in every work, bring stability of wood and strength of metal. Place at the centre of your home a strong heavy wooden furniture.
Remember feng shui rules are for helping and guiding us and they are in no way an indication that the person may be so. Each person has all the five elements energy in their body and personal chi but you can notice the difference in their behaviour and come to know their strong and weak elements by which element is stronger and more than the other element. These are just few suggestions which when followed can help you to understand people better and use this knowledge for better education, business and improving financial situations and wealth.
All the Best!  
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Monday, October 1, 2012

Surgical Removal of Moles and Skin Tags Open doors to Success in Feng Shui

Surgical removal of moles and skin tags is not a secret anymore and many people are opting for surgical removal of moles and skin tags ,especially when they are on the face for a better face and skin appearance. In feng shui prosperity and wealth is many times linked with your face.
Feng shui advisers lay importance on skin colour, dark circles under the eyes and skin tags and moles on your body as they are linked to your prosperity luck. Your body has centres of good luck hence you must take care of it. Skin tags and moles on the face not only lower your self confidence but also make you feel aloof and shy. You try to avoid public functions and not only does this affect your academic performance in case of students,  but also your job opportunities and performance at work is affected adversely. Directly this links to the wealth coming into your life. Your face is your business card and having a mole or skin tag here may immediately repel the viewer, or unconsciously they see the mole at first sight and cannot focus on your resume or work profile. 'Be in pink of health' is  important for success and many people are now going in for curing pimples, facial skin tags and moles.
Feng shui lays importance on healthy skin and avoid dark circles under the eye for success and prosperity.
Moles sometimes have been linked to past karmic issues , financial or emotional which have been carried from past lives into this life. They not only take your energy emotionally but also create blocks in progress and present karma. Feng shui also has certain places on the body where moles should not be seen. On the face, especially tip of nose, near the eye or eye lid. On other parts of the body especially on the bottom side where you sit is the most unluckiest portion which when having a skin tag or mole will block your prosperity and wealth luck. Surgical removal of moles and skin tags have become very easy and cheap. So if your feng shui consultant suggests you place importance on that skin tag do consider surgical removal of the skin tag or mole from your face.
From medical point of view also doctors and surgeons suggest surgical removal of skin tags and moles as they may become cancerous and lead to fatal diseases. Any area of your body having a skin tag or mole needs observation, whether it is growing in size, becoming darker in colour or itchy or puss formation on the mole or side of the mole then immediate surgical help is required to check whether the  mole is malignant or cancerous.So such complications in health may also arise with skin tags and moles.
Many cases after surgical removal of moles and skin tags have showed immense progress in life, financially and emotionally. The removal of moles from your face immediately unlocks the potential good luck chi that had been blocked since your birth and opens new door of opportunities to success and wealth.
All the Best!  
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