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Friday, April 12, 2013

Feng Shui Tips for Selecting Frames for Paintings Artists and Art Collectors

Frames in paintings play a very important role in uplifting the energy of any artwork, as all artists would agree. Feng shui energy with every frame adds up to the positive energy of the paintings we display in our homes and offices. While we pay so much attention to buying paintings rarely  does  anyone focus on the aspect that the painting is never complete without a frame, its like dressing up your painting and how well you dress up your painting the more attractive it will look.
Good quality frames not only bring out the best in your artworks but also improve the energy of the room the paintings are displayed in. Consider broken, chipped, dull frames and observe the feng shui energy emitted from them. However costly original the painting may be of a  famous artist but the frames will reduce the aesthetic appeal and thus reducing the feng shui energy along with it.
Old frames, broken rough edges may hurt anyone who passes by and also the painting with broken frames may fall off accidently, for which everyone is afraid to pass by near them, thus producing shar , negative poison arrow energy along with the painting. Glass covered paper  paintings , even though they may be of very bright colorful landscape scenery or vibrant feng shui paintings  will  not give you the desired results if the frames of your paintings  are not good quality and in good condition.
Good Quality Frames in Feng  Shui- Paintings by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Feng shui tips for selecting frames for your precious artworks-
Art collectors, art buyers and  Artists all need to pay attention while selecting frames. Buy good quality frames from good frames who can guide you and make best quality painting frames at reasonable rates.Good frames do not by any means mean costly ones, but simple ones that are made neatly and firmly. 
Keep the frames of your artworks clean and shiny  and repair any chipped portions.
Very important in feng shui is that frames of glass covering must be always in good condition,  never display broken or chipped glass frames anywhere , be it home or office or even store rooms.Having broken mirrors, glass artworks or any artefacts is not considered good in feng shui as viewing in broken glass is considered very bad and the individual loses focus , it is as if the person is broken into pieces.
Feng Shui Painting "Fame" by Mrs  Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Wooden frames need to be polished  and kept clean. Wood chips from surface of frames abrased or coming out from the frames or damaged frames must be immediately repaired or stored away from traffic areas till repairing is done.
Improving the feng shui energy of your home by selecting golden or metallic frames or golden colored, feng shui colors of prosperity,  would bring in the strength of metal, career luck and also add to the glamor quotient of your home.
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Thank You!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Feng Shui of Your Home Linked to Problems of Lower Body

Feng shui of your home is linked to problems of the lower body as say Feng Shui  Masters.
Stomach, kidney, liver problems, most health problems related to the lower part of your body have  a feng shui energy imbalance base to   them. People very often do not realize how feng shui has been a part of their lives since ages and some how has been linked in to many problems coming up in life. As we have feng shui simple cures for just about any problems in life there is a link found between serious health problems coming up unexpectedly or chronic problems linked in to the feng shui of your home or office.
In case  family  members  or office  colleagues start suffering too much from gastro intestinal disorders, stomach upsets have increased among members, people are very often falling sick with stomach aches and pains, and also if there are new chronic kidney, liver , or stomach problems like acidity, loose  motions, and disorders related to the lower part of your body, like back aches spinal problems, vertebral and bones problems, knee joints problems, do give a thorough feng shui walk into your home and office.
Feng shui walk is to  walk into your home with a clear mind and absorb the feelings you get while going  through the various places ,  nooks and corners, passages, bathrooms, and back doors. A simple feng shui imbalance will bring about many health problems into your home and family.
Have you seen the back door, the store room,  the attic, here lies the main problems affecting the health of you and your family.
Every home has a front door and a back door or your building complex also has two doors, one to enter and the other exit.Hoarding junk items, old furniture, old magazines, or even piles of waste broken things, all accumulate negative energy and has an effect on your health.
As main door is considered the mouth of your body so is the back door exit for removing negative waste from our body, this energy when blocked will accumulate, stagnate and create problems affecting the whole body and mostly the lower part  of  your body. As you pile up unused objects, broken old furniture, old clothes, news paper piles, old files, old magazines , watches and wall clocks not in working condition, clutter in any form is very harmful to you and your family.
If your home   does not have a back door go to the farthest end of your home , most interior room and give a look to the windows, cupboards, wall units or whatever you have kept there. See whether this area  is being cleaned daily. Usually the most interior room may become the store room or the guest room where daily mopping and cleaning is not done or most of the times it is kept closed. This block of energy at the exit of your home will create serious lower body problems in mostly the owner of the house or head of the family. Again if this area falls in the feng shui good luck area of wealth or any other members prosperity area this will affect their lives as well.
Feng shui simple cures for lower body, liver, kidney, chronic acidity and other stomach problems- First  of all do not use feng shui as replacement of any medicine to your health problems. Yes these cures will surely give you results within days but use along with medications and this energy will gradually over the months lead you and you family  to good health.
Clean up the mess. Remove all unwanted old broken furniture, clutter in from of old objects, outdated old work files, old clothes , old footwear, anything that is not being used since   the past five years or more and will not be used in future also is clutter in feng shui. By this we do not mean to throw away precious antique pieces of furniture, either you repair them, regularly clean them or share them with others, you can also store them by covering them and keeping a cleaning session  after few months regularly. If the most interior of your home back window has an unpleasant view and is closed put up a nice artwork or picture of bright colors to enliven the dead space.
Use plants to enhance energy of your home and office  as  live plants always improve the chi of your environment. Try if possible to relocate the store room if at the back door of your house  or office for improving health and inviting good  luck  and prosperity, and if not keep it clean as possible  by regularly spring cleaning the area within few days or moths thus avoiding negative clutter to pile up there.
Avoid storing, anything at the back door, even if it may not be in use, and seriously never close the door forever. You may lock up the back door if not in regular use for safety reasons but keep it clean and operational if your home or office has one.Never pile up old junk near your back door, blocking it or closing it may lead to serious health problems of lower part of your body.
Thank You!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

How Much of Art to Show to your Guests - by Rizwana A Mundewadi

whenever we have guests people do love to go around our home as art is displayed everywhere, from living room to bedroom and even our kitchen wall is not left empty!
The first question everyone asks is you paint, show us more, now here comes the tricky part  how much more? as artist we all love to show our work to others and see their glaces, their mind thinking and observe their emotions, and as the excitement carries forward we  go on and on showing off our works. This happens I am sure with all artists, we are just so emotional and love to go on about our art.
Distance yourself first and be within the shoes of your guests, (they may end up being our good art collectors or prospective buyers!) keep a watch at their emotions show only the best works and wait, if they have hunger for more art, then show another few, this I have understood after so many years, try to control emotions.  Other wise first they love the works then they tolerate the works and finally they feel why did I ask to view more! this must not happen as we all know there are art lovers who like different genres of art and not everyone loves every type of art.
Showing too many pieces makes them lose interest, also if they had liked a piece at first glance they are now confused after viewing too much of other paintings as they love too many to make a decision.
There is always a next time and not this only chance for showing art,  so  be conservative while showing art, maybe your attitude will attract  their attention! this is my personal opinion and maybe other artists may have their own way who are more far travelled in this journey of art., and yes most people like to touch paintings, i do not know what this human tendency is to touch when you can see the art by eyes! so be sure paintings  are well dried before showing it to anyone.
while  on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as  I continue to paint ....
I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.
Thank You!

Buy Pair of Original Ming Antique Vases Simple Feng Shui Cure Strong Symbol of Prosperity

Buy pair of original antique ming vases, they look very pretty and of course cost a fortune unless you are lucky enough to have them handed over by ancestors,  China ware,  ceramic vases are strong feng shui symbols of wealth and prosperity. Feng shui simple cure for wealth is of course the laughing Buddha that stands happily near facing the main door to attract good luck, wealth and prosperity. Vases , pots,  containers, vessels have been used a symbols of prosperity and wealth since ancient times and feng shui also encourages use of symbolism to attract wealth and money luck to your home.
Pair of Original Antique Ming Vases Feng Shui Cure Symbol for Wealth Photo  by Mrs  Rizwana A.
The bright fresh colorful ming vases attract the eye and bring in loads of positive energy.  They can go along with any decor style and add an upper quotient to the interior of your home. Vases and pots have been considered strong symbols of prosperity and I love to collect pots vases and most of the times times I buy cheaper ones and hand paint them to bring out a uniqueness and originality.
Ming  vases original antique ones are strong symbols to attract wealth and money into your home. Buying and displaying things objects of great value add the fengg shui energy to attract more money and wealth.
Pair of  vases displayed in the  south east section of your  home or living room is a very good   feng shui cure to attract wealth luck into your home. The colors red, ultra marine blue, bright green and gold are spiritual colors and symbolize wealth and high status.
Floral patterns and birds painted on original ceramic ming  vases also attract helpful friends and mentor feng shui luck into your lives. It is advisable to have a pair of vases instead of single one as in feng shui the Chinese avoid any thing one,  single, as it  reflects loneliness in life.
Select size of vases according to the place available as too   large vases would not serve the purpose, being conspicuous ,  and too small sized  vases would disappear to a corner in a large room. Also look at the painted surface and choose ming vases with pictures you love, floral and birds patterns almost have universal appeal.  Chinese vases also have Wise Old men painted on them to attract healthy longevity and wealth luck. There are also idols of these wise old men as  symbols of good luck and prosperity. The Three Gods Fuk Luk Sau ,  three Gods of success and wealth, Fuk blessing of good luck, Luk-financial security and authority, Sau-good health and longevity.
Placing symbols of abundance itself gives the brain messages  to prove the position, and as it is said like attracts like, wealth symbols attract more wealth into your home. Golden colored objects , fancy artificial jewellery in antique jewellery box, shiny sparkling pieces of artefacts all add up to  the wealth feng shui energy quotient of your home.
Bring in feng shui energy of stability, fame  and financial abundance with original antique ceramic ming vases.
In case you do not have any antique vases you can hang a painting of one, do visit my website for good luck prosperity pots and vases paintings.
Have a Great Day!
Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art