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Friday, April 12, 2013

Feng Shui Tips for Selecting Frames for Paintings Artists and Art Collectors

Frames in paintings play a very important role in uplifting the energy of any artwork, as all artists would agree. Feng shui energy with every frame adds up to the positive energy of the paintings we display in our homes and offices. While we pay so much attention to buying paintings rarely  does  anyone focus on the aspect that the painting is never complete without a frame, its like dressing up your painting and how well you dress up your painting the more attractive it will look.
Good quality frames not only bring out the best in your artworks but also improve the energy of the room the paintings are displayed in. Consider broken, chipped, dull frames and observe the feng shui energy emitted from them. However costly original the painting may be of a  famous artist but the frames will reduce the aesthetic appeal and thus reducing the feng shui energy along with it.
Old frames, broken rough edges may hurt anyone who passes by and also the painting with broken frames may fall off accidently, for which everyone is afraid to pass by near them, thus producing shar , negative poison arrow energy along with the painting. Glass covered paper  paintings , even though they may be of very bright colorful landscape scenery or vibrant feng shui paintings  will  not give you the desired results if the frames of your paintings  are not good quality and in good condition.
Good Quality Frames in Feng  Shui- Paintings by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Feng shui tips for selecting frames for your precious artworks-
Art collectors, art buyers and  Artists all need to pay attention while selecting frames. Buy good quality frames from good frames who can guide you and make best quality painting frames at reasonable rates.Good frames do not by any means mean costly ones, but simple ones that are made neatly and firmly. 
Keep the frames of your artworks clean and shiny  and repair any chipped portions.
Very important in feng shui is that frames of glass covering must be always in good condition,  never display broken or chipped glass frames anywhere , be it home or office or even store rooms.Having broken mirrors, glass artworks or any artefacts is not considered good in feng shui as viewing in broken glass is considered very bad and the individual loses focus , it is as if the person is broken into pieces.
Feng Shui Painting "Fame" by Mrs  Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Wooden frames need to be polished  and kept clean. Wood chips from surface of frames abrased or coming out from the frames or damaged frames must be immediately repaired or stored away from traffic areas till repairing is done.
Improving the feng shui energy of your home by selecting golden or metallic frames or golden colored, feng shui colors of prosperity,  would bring in the strength of metal, career luck and also add to the glamor quotient of your home.
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