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Monday, February 28, 2011

Feng shui and the garden

Very few are blessed with a garden in front or back of the house. But little do people realise that this affects the whole house and inmates in the manner in which it is kept. One wonders how a garden can affect propsperity and health?
A fresh view with bright green foliage plants and flowers make the environment lively and gives a happy feeling. Whereas a garden with clutter, overgrown trees and plants and dried foliage leaves one feeling dull and sad. According to feng shui the front garden is most impotant and this affects the prosperity and good chi while entering the house. It must have flowering plants and low beds of attractive flowers at the entry way. It can also have a water feature to encourge positive energy from birds who come to drink water. It must be well lit.
The back garden has to be covered with fence and guarded for privacy. The front garden represents the job and financial prosperity whereas the back garden represents our personal life. Both have to be maintained and taken care of. Yin energy has to be seen in the backyard and yang energy is represented in the front yard. The front garden must have more energy and attractive plants whereas the back garden can have soothign and relaxing plants and even a rock garden in the north west to promote self realisation. If there are tall and strong plants in the backyard they will create restless feelings among inmates and they will not feel relaxed in the graden. The back garden has to be soothing relaxing with light coloured plants. White,pink and yellow flowers are best for back garden and also fresh and citrus smelling flowers and fruit trees.
The front garden can have reds and oranges and in fact any colour flowers. but remember that the plant sixe matters and they must not block the entrance view from the outside. The main door has to be kept clutter free and aviod large plants near the entry way.
Try to balance the plants you have accordingly. One can also consider the side which the garden faces that is east,west,north or south. It is best to have a garden in east and south as this will boost the fire energy in that area and inamtes will have good health and happy relationships among family members.

Paintings and Catharsis

Catharsis is a ffeling of clearing or letting go, cleansing of all negative energies. we sometimes feel all pent up emotions and blocked mind. There is no focus and the individual feels confused. If this goes on for a long time then the positive energy is drained and the individual feels sick and less productive.
Paintings have been observed to have emotional effects on the individuals mind. Very often when we see a happy child smiling or a beautiful flower our mind relaxes and this positivity is transferred to us. Our hormones relax and this eases the mind of emotional stress. It will not laways be possible to find images around when you need it. Hence symbolic painintgs and happy paintings help in catharsis. The symbols have an positive effect ont he viewer and every glance helps to ease down stress.
Keeping some time for yourself helps to assess yourself and also makes you understand life better. How does this process of catharsis work? When you are emotionally upset the aura becomes weak and we tend to be irritable and have emotional outbursts of anger. This leads to catharsis and we feel relaxed. But today it is not practical to open up iun fornt of others as you may lose your family and friends and eve your boss may fire you. Hence as a precautionary measue a happy symbolic painting when viewd will emit positive energy that will help the individual to face the world positively. Each time it is viewed the same healing process will take place. A happy paintign some how transfers the viewer into a different domain and for the time being away from reality and they come back refrershed.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feng Shui and Electronic Gadgets

Every home now has a TV , computer and other electronic gadgets. We are not aware that even these things have a presence of their own and emit energy. The radiations from them are harmful and one feels drained of energy from constant use and exposure to these.
The best cure in feng shui for minimising negative energy from these is to keep them covered when not in use. All reflective surfaces must be covered with a cover or cloth during nights so that they do not reflect back.Even electronic equipment like computer and music system must be kept covered when not in use. Nowadays it is in fashion to display big screen TV and people are not aware that at night this acts like a mirror and reflects all the energy back. Hence it is adviable to keep all reflective surfaces covered when not in use.
Also it would be best that all these equipments are placed in the they are mostly made of metal and support the element of metal in the area of the house. It is also advisable to avoid having them in the bedroom as they may interfere with the sleep patterns of the inmates. They are best placed in the living room and in the west section. It would also be preferable to have them covered in a wall unit that has doors to avoid dust gathering in them. Feng shui promotes positive energy and does not advise having open door cabinets.
Latest interior decoraters and furniture shops have many wall units and  contemporary furnitures that are customised for requirements and also fit in the decor of the house. All the gadgets and music systems can be accomodated in the specialised wall units or cupboards that have special made to order compartments.
Though technology is advanced and we all long for more electronic equipmets in the home it must be remembered that humans by nature  love to be near earth and so this metal component of these equipments must be balanced so that they do not over power our earth element.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feng Shui For Stability in Home

Stability in home isa n very important aspect for the ehalthy and happy living of the family. Our home represents our identity and if the inmates are happy and well rested it is reflected in their auras as positive energy. Whereas if there is insecurity and restlessness then this also is seen as negative energy and can be felt as unease on enetering the home. It is also observed that total expenses also of such homes are unmanageable and they are always in debt.
Feng Shui is a science and I always mention that there are no miracles. The most effective cure for this is to bring stability in the house and the bread owner. How can this be done? let us analyse the situations taht result in instability.
The bread owner is not well rested and does not feel comfortable in the house. Make the bedroom relaxing with using soothing paints on the walls. Blue and pinks are preferred though this depends on individual preferences for colours. Make the bed comfortable and position it in the best direction of the person. Take care to keep the left side of the room clean and decorated.
Now the most important cure which I have personally tried on clients is to place some thing heavy in the corner or center of the house. Now this can be calculated or else approximate area can be selected. Please be careful not to place in any career or fame area as this will block the energy required by this places. Any furniture or big potted plant will do to keep stability in the home.
Always remember that each cure is just a basic guideline and is very effective if  used with the right intention.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Feng Shui Tips for Improving Energy in Dark Corners of your home

The dark corners  of our home and office are the energy blocks in  feng shui that not only stop positive energy from flowing in our home but also affect adversely our finances, health and career.
It is very important to locate these dark corners and use simple feng shui cures to uplift and improve positive energy here.
Abundance Acrylic  painting Rizwana Mundewadi

Our house is our haven where we unwind, relax and get refreshed. If we are not at peace then our lives are disturbed, we do not sleep well and in the end this all results in material as well as financial lossess. According to feng shui the most important part of our living room is the left side.
When this corner is left uncleaned or has clutter and is dark then this will directly affect the bread owner of the house. This corner has to be kept clean and beautified using a green fresh plant or decorative artwork. If real plants are not possible it is advisable to use silk or other flowers to keep the area highlighted. Even lights can brighten up this area. Keeping a chair for the owner of the house gives him a commanding position and the house works in harmony with the family.
Stability in income and finances can also be seen progressing gradually over the time if this corner is given utmost importance. It is advisable to avoid clutter in any part of the house. Let go of goods that have not been used for many years. If you have sentimental value attached to it then please preserve it packed inside somewhere on the loft or in the store room.
Improve energy in the dark corners by having plants, lights and artefacts or feng shui paintings used as cures to atttract prosperity and good luck.
Always remember that there is no replacement to hard work and feng shui can promote well being and harmony only if the effort part is done by the individual .
All the Best from Rizwana!
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How to eliminate negative thoughts using Feng Shui

Negativity is existing everywhere as is positivity. One must learn to control negative energies and promote positivity for the well being and peace of mind. Many times we feel lost, tired and some negative thoughts keep on lingering for a long time. Maybe a visit to some negative person or some energies which have come along when you visited a place.
How to control and come out of this situation. Firstly always protect yourself by using any religious symbols or meditation techniques of relaxation. Exercise is nmost important to keep yourself grounded with earth energy. Feng shui can help any person with the help of feng shui paintings and proper placement of furniture. Inviting fresh air and bright sunlight every day will help to ward off negative energies. Also regularly continue space clearing as I have mentioned on this site in one of the earlier posts.
Take bath with hot water which has added salt to it. Rock salt or crystal salt is preferred as compared to powdered salt.
Keep your mind engaged in any physical activity that you enjoy so that the burnign of calories will help to clear the mind. Hanging positive paintings and symbolic paintings will help you to get colour therapy and seeing such artworks in the mornign helps to keep the mind positive. It is also advisable to wear crystal stone Rose Quartz near the heart to help ward off negativity and be at peace.