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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Feng Shui Tips for Improving Energy in Dark Corners of your home

The dark corners  of our home and office are the energy blocks in  feng shui that not only stop positive energy from flowing in our home but also affect adversely our finances, health and career.
It is very important to locate these dark corners and use simple feng shui cures to uplift and improve positive energy here.
Abundance Acrylic  painting Rizwana Mundewadi

Our house is our haven where we unwind, relax and get refreshed. If we are not at peace then our lives are disturbed, we do not sleep well and in the end this all results in material as well as financial lossess. According to feng shui the most important part of our living room is the left side.
When this corner is left uncleaned or has clutter and is dark then this will directly affect the bread owner of the house. This corner has to be kept clean and beautified using a green fresh plant or decorative artwork. If real plants are not possible it is advisable to use silk or other flowers to keep the area highlighted. Even lights can brighten up this area. Keeping a chair for the owner of the house gives him a commanding position and the house works in harmony with the family.
Stability in income and finances can also be seen progressing gradually over the time if this corner is given utmost importance. It is advisable to avoid clutter in any part of the house. Let go of goods that have not been used for many years. If you have sentimental value attached to it then please preserve it packed inside somewhere on the loft or in the store room.
Improve energy in the dark corners by having plants, lights and artefacts or feng shui paintings used as cures to atttract prosperity and good luck.
Always remember that there is no replacement to hard work and feng shui can promote well being and harmony only if the effort part is done by the individual .
All the Best from Rizwana!
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