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Monday, February 28, 2011

Paintings and Catharsis

Catharsis is a ffeling of clearing or letting go, cleansing of all negative energies. we sometimes feel all pent up emotions and blocked mind. There is no focus and the individual feels confused. If this goes on for a long time then the positive energy is drained and the individual feels sick and less productive.
Paintings have been observed to have emotional effects on the individuals mind. Very often when we see a happy child smiling or a beautiful flower our mind relaxes and this positivity is transferred to us. Our hormones relax and this eases the mind of emotional stress. It will not laways be possible to find images around when you need it. Hence symbolic painintgs and happy paintings help in catharsis. The symbols have an positive effect ont he viewer and every glance helps to ease down stress.
Keeping some time for yourself helps to assess yourself and also makes you understand life better. How does this process of catharsis work? When you are emotionally upset the aura becomes weak and we tend to be irritable and have emotional outbursts of anger. This leads to catharsis and we feel relaxed. But today it is not practical to open up iun fornt of others as you may lose your family and friends and eve your boss may fire you. Hence as a precautionary measue a happy symbolic painting when viewd will emit positive energy that will help the individual to face the world positively. Each time it is viewed the same healing process will take place. A happy paintign some how transfers the viewer into a different domain and for the time being away from reality and they come back refrershed.

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