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Saturday, February 5, 2011

How to eliminate negative thoughts using Feng Shui

Negativity is existing everywhere as is positivity. One must learn to control negative energies and promote positivity for the well being and peace of mind. Many times we feel lost, tired and some negative thoughts keep on lingering for a long time. Maybe a visit to some negative person or some energies which have come along when you visited a place.
How to control and come out of this situation. Firstly always protect yourself by using any religious symbols or meditation techniques of relaxation. Exercise is nmost important to keep yourself grounded with earth energy. Feng shui can help any person with the help of feng shui paintings and proper placement of furniture. Inviting fresh air and bright sunlight every day will help to ward off negative energies. Also regularly continue space clearing as I have mentioned on this site in one of the earlier posts.
Take bath with hot water which has added salt to it. Rock salt or crystal salt is preferred as compared to powdered salt.
Keep your mind engaged in any physical activity that you enjoy so that the burnign of calories will help to clear the mind. Hanging positive paintings and symbolic paintings will help you to get colour therapy and seeing such artworks in the mornign helps to keep the mind positive. It is also advisable to wear crystal stone Rose Quartz near the heart to help ward off negativity and be at peace.

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