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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Did You Know the Size of your Main Door is directly Linked to Wealth and Prosperity Feng Shui

 Did You Know Your Wealth and Prosperity is directly Linked to the  Size of your Main Door  Feng Shui! 
How does the size of the main door influence your personal, social and professional life according to feng shui?
Ascend with Elan
In feng shui the house is very very important. It is just like our body. Resemble your house in terms of your body. The main door is the mouth, the living room you head and the center your stomach, each room and area corresponds to a part of your body and keeping clean this area and activating this area will help heal all problems in your body and life in general.
Imagine now having a big mouth or a very small mouth, in both cases the body will suffer. So also the energy of your house depends upon the size of your main door. In feng shui it is also advisable to have a main front door and a small back door. The Chinese believe that energy entering from the main door dissolves and purifies and energizes the home and leaves from the back door taking away all the negative energies.The main door has to be proportionate to the living room and your house. A big door is dangerous and allows too much chi to enter and disperse quickly to the outside without entering and refreshing your home. The interiors of such homes lack energy and vitality. Having a small main door is the opposite and chi has to struggle to enter your home, which again leads to chi malnourished families and the family members are always sick or suffer from chronic health problems. As we say that chi and positivity enters from the main door so also a small door or big door will affect our finances. Small main door there are chances that people will struggle in financial losses and find difficulty in earning more or keeping the present jobs, whereas a big door inmates may suffer from financial losses and lost business deals.
Feng shui cures for big or small main doors of house or offices- The main door must be proportionate to the size of your house. If this is not the case,  an easy cure for this is to use mirrors or wall hangings. Feng shui cure paintings are also an easy way to balance energies of your main door to harmonize with the size of your house. You can add plants for increasing height of your door or tall statues or paintings to increase the height and balance the size of your main door. Too small door need to add some more of wood or metal on the side of your main door to balance the energy. Here you can add artifacts, mirrors or feng shui paintings and make the complete rectangle shape of your main door. A rectangle shape is much better for the main door than a square , avoid having circle shaped main doors as this resembles photo frames in which Chinese people hang pictures of their dead. 
Nowadays we also see a lot of creative patterned doors. Choose comfortable designs and not very minute patterns that will accumulated dust and grime. See the the doors open in right directions to welcome goodluck. Very important tip! Avoid hanging any thing just above your head while yous enter the house, it produces shar energy and affects your mind, depletes energy, even if it is a God idol or photo!
Thank you for coming by feng shui Simple Cures, like,share, comment for the love of Feng Shui!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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Friday, April 28, 2017

Never Gift a Single Rose Painting to a Newly Wedded Couple Buying Coloured Rose paintings 8 Important Feng shui Tips

Rose flowers ,King of flowers! uniqueness, beauty and grace , symbols of love. Roses are the best way to say "I Love You" propose,  to renew your love for your partner and to say "Sorry"
Roses in different colors symbolize differently. Number of roses also have different symbolism. It is called Floriography and helps in understanding and choosing roses as gifts. 
Pink Roses Rizwana Mundewadi
Rose paintings symbolize love and happiness and are best displayed in feng shui relationship sectors as well as bedrooms. A pair of pink roses always attracts true pure love in your life and are great as gifts.
Feng shui tips while choosing rose paintings buying and gifting Rose paintings- 
1) Single rose especially white and peach colored symbolize completion and perfection. Purity, worthiness, innocence. A bunch of white roses are chosen in marriages to symbolize purity and sanctity. Never gift a single rose painting for a newly wedded couple.
2) White roses paintings must be chosen as a group or bunch of roses and they are to be hung in the living room or dining room. Again try to avoid gifting white roses to married couples. Any other colour brings out more emotions. Red roses, passion, love, true love. Red and pink,  rose depicts pure love presented to the special one. Respect, courage, passion and love. 
3) In a painting red roses gifted for true love must always be in pairs and never single or three, it brings the energy of loneliness. and extra incoming of some one else in life Red roses paintings best hung in bedrooms and relationship sectors of your home.
Pink roses, the color of love,  happiness, admiration, romance. Also used in marriages and special occassions. 
4) Paintings again must be in pairs for gifting and in bedrooms you can choose bunch or pair of pink roses. A great idea would be to gift two paintings of similar type roses, two brings the feng shui energy of pairs.  
5) Yellow, cheerfulness, happiness, joy, gratitude. Choose these paintings with yellow roses only if you know the receiver and their tastes. many people do not connect with the colour yellow. If you are gifting yellow roses paintings choose a bunch of yellows and they are best in dining rooms and kitchens.
6) Peach and light colored roses symbolize respect and used to congratulate. This is a great option for gifting senior colleagues and mature couples. Again keep the mantra in mind, for couples and married people always gift roses in art in pairs. Peach colored and light colored rose paintings are best hung in living rooms and study areas.
7) Lavender, Lilac and Blue roses symbolize curiosity, luck. Mystical, magical and interesting. Lavender and lilac or blue rose paintings must be of bunch or single roses and can be hung in private spaces like meditation areas or study. Avoid gifting these coloured rose paintings for newly wedded couples.
8) Black roses , really dark maroon colored roses, dark colored roses magical mystical and yet symbolizes death of a relation  ship. Some also term it as rebirth or making way to erase the end of the past and welcome the future.  Choose such paintings with very dark / black roses only if they interest you and do not hang them in bedrooms if you are not single and do not want to be single!
Thank you for coming by feng shui Simple Cures, like,share, comment for the love of Feng Shui!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

How to use Womans Purse as Important Feng Shui Wealth Cure 9 Practical Tips

womens purse, having a whole world within,  very important feng shui representing wealth, sharing here how you can with some simple steps use this magical feng shui wealth cure to attract wealth into your life.
Zodiac Luck Tote bag
Mystical Horses Weekender bag

Heaven Increases Success Modern Arty Tote
Red Dragon Luck Tote

Tibetan mantra 
Reiki Rainbow rays
1) Never ever put your purse on the ground. Floor level placing of purse and hand bags brings wealth to a lower level showing disrespect to money. 
2) Put it organised so your bank accounts also will be. Try this, organize the purse with everything in its place and each section with appropriate things.  
3) Never accumulate used chocolate wrappers used tissues etc in your purse. Clutter is not good in any form and unknowingly all these left used papers, bills, or tickets are actually clutter! 
4)  Another precious tip you never thought off! Never put coins directly in the bag, or purse.  Put it in compartment, or a smaller purse.  Respect money  
5) Wealth is not only in form of money. For your purse to be activated to attract wealth add things that can help someone in emergency. Always carry safety pins for refuge and help others. Maybe a tissue box, a menthol or some sweets. 
6) Important tip! Always put two 100 dollar bills , whatever currency you use, a pair of high end value notes, but never use it keep for emergencies only. This always keeps wealth with you.
7) Choose red purses. You can have red decorative hangers and knick knacks to your purse, it is good feng shui . beautiful objects and attractive things. 
8) Buy utility based purse that will hold all your items in specific compartments , keep your purse organised. 
9) Most important, if your keys are in place and found easily your life flows well! key hanger very important find keys easily so you can find your way financially also. 
Basically avoid clutter in any form. Some great feng shui colours for purses are red blue green metallic black white.  Yes, don't forget to love whatever purse, hand bag you carry, and keep the love,  it will give back love many folds!
Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
Thank you for coming by Feng Shui Simple Cures, All the Best from Rizwana!
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Friday, April 7, 2017

The Mystery of the Feng Shui evil eye Cure and How it works Effects of Feng Shui Evil Eye Cure

The Evil Eye Cure, what an Awesumly Blue eye, that has not only taken space in every home but also seen as an important part of modern decor today! One of the most effective and simple feng shui cures and a very attractive one is the evil eye protection cure available in all feng shui stores, and of course many online shopping sites. The colourful show piece available for hanging at the entrance , the living room or in fact any place in your home , office or garden is very effective in protecting the place and individuals from catching negative energy. People very often mention 'buri nazar' or evil eye cast by the viewer which makes the person affected sick, weak, and also leads to loss in business or wealth. I have also mentioned other feng shui cures like plants, feng shui cure paintings and symbolic objects  for protection from evil eye in other posts.

This evil eye protection feng shui cure can be displayed in any place in your home. Especially at the entrance it will protect from negative energy from outside winds and neighbors and convert it into positive energy while entering your home. It can also be hung in your bedroom to neutralize the energy here or the children's bedroom to create a harmonious environment. People also hang this cure in the garden or car for protection. 
The fascination with the feng shui eye continues and is seen in bracelets, necklaces, finger rings and head bands. There are also some who wear it as neck piece or necklace every time for protection. This feng shui cure is also available in form of show pieces, bracelets, ear rings, finger rings or other jewellery forms.  These cures are seen in every home and also with the eight auspicious symbols for protection, wealth, health and prosperity along with good luck. As wall hangings they are displayed in every home following the principles of feng shui five elements and Buddhism.
Beautiful protection

Ba Gua Protection

Two Eyes

Reiki Healing Art 
Feng shui Evil Eye Cure

How does this evil eye cure work? 
The colours in this feng shui cure are french ultramarine blue, cobalt or cerulean blue, white and it has a black dot at the center.
The symbolic representation of the eye this feng shui cure attracts the viewers attention immediately upon entering the premises and neutralizes any negative energy they may have come with. this feng shui evil eye protection cure soothes the nerves and balances the emotions of the viewer and creates harmony and peace. Thus neutralizing any negative energy and converting it into positive chi which uplifts the environment and energy of your home.
These symbols of Tibetan origin are seen displayed in many homes all over the world and have universal appeal due to its attractive appearance. The colour of the Third Eye or Anjana Chakra is adapted to be used as protection from evil forces. 

This energy that is smoothed out, soothing is transformed from strong negative to positive energy. People coming with strong negative emotional baggage look upto the evil eye cure at first glance and relax and get mesmerized by the images, the same happens with feng shui evil eye cure paintings. 
Hang these beautiful feng shui evil eye cures in any room, garden, and study rooms. For offices, paintings and evil eye cure feng shui paintings work best as they can be hung on walls and as modern art help to beautify your space as well as do their task of spreading healing energies.
Thank you for coming by Feng Shui Simple Cures!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tower and Buildings Top Lights in Feng shui - Is there a Red light above your Tower? Practical Feng Shui

Lights symbolically bring light to your life. In Feng shui we place loads of importance on lighting and clear bright lighting in any space.  and as we know any coloured light will activate the top area of your tower or building and increase its positive energy there are a few simple rules to follow when using and selecting lights for your buildings, gardens and homes.
In feng shui buildings  having lights on top is considered auspicious. The open common terrace not only is made bright during nights it is also an important safety measure for protection against theft and any mishaps. People often read a few feng shui books and select colored lights to activate top portions of  their home or office buildings,  which is not the same for every case. Red colored lights may be good for the entryway or above your house number to attract positive chi into your home and your life but the same red lights above your buildings and towers is very dangerous and harmful. In fact I prefer to avoid using any red lights in home or doorway or even the south!
In feng shui principles Chinese people offer red lights, burn incense and candles,  to the dead and it gives an appearance as if there are candles lit for the dead. Not only does red light indicate stop in our traffic signal, it is also a symbol for danger on any hazardous material or object. The buildings having red lights on their towers and terraces will always be under pressure and fear. The inmates of such societies will not only suffer in relationships but also feel undue pressures in finances as the burden of red above their heads will, be a constant reminder of danger lurking above. Gardens having red lights will always indicate danger and will not fulfill the purpose of relaxation and enjoyment  for the people staying there.

Definitely also avoid fancy lights and blinking lights on towers and top of buildings. You may activate the top of your buildings with bright lights as the intention is to improve the chi here, and prefer golden or white light will do the purpose.
Immediately  replace lights on top of your buildings in case they are faulty, blinking or not working as this low energy will spread over all inmates of the buildings and affect their lives adversely bringing darkness in all aspects.
Thank you for coming by Feng Shui Simple Cures!
I Love colored lights!