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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

How to use Womans Purse as Important Feng Shui Wealth Cure 9 Practical Tips

womens purse, having a whole world within,  very important feng shui representing wealth, sharing here how you can with some simple steps use this magical feng shui wealth cure to attract wealth into your life.
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1) Never ever put your purse on the ground. Floor level placing of purse and hand bags brings wealth to a lower level showing disrespect to money. 
2) Put it organised so your bank accounts also will be. Try this, organize the purse with everything in its place and each section with appropriate things.  
3) Never accumulate used chocolate wrappers used tissues etc in your purse. Clutter is not good in any form and unknowingly all these left used papers, bills, or tickets are actually clutter! 
4)  Another precious tip you never thought off! Never put coins directly in the bag, or purse.  Put it in compartment, or a smaller purse.  Respect money  
5) Wealth is not only in form of money. For your purse to be activated to attract wealth add things that can help someone in emergency. Always carry safety pins for refuge and help others. Maybe a tissue box, a menthol or some sweets. 
6) Important tip! Always put two 100 dollar bills , whatever currency you use, a pair of high end value notes, but never use it keep for emergencies only. This always keeps wealth with you.
7) Choose red purses. You can have red decorative hangers and knick knacks to your purse, it is good feng shui . beautiful objects and attractive things. 
8) Buy utility based purse that will hold all your items in specific compartments , keep your purse organised. 
9) Most important, if your keys are in place and found easily your life flows well! key hanger very important find keys easily so you can find your way financially also. 
Basically avoid clutter in any form. Some great feng shui colours for purses are red blue green metallic black white.  Yes, don't forget to love whatever purse, hand bag you carry, and keep the love,  it will give back love many folds!
Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
Thank you for coming by Feng Shui Simple Cures, All the Best from Rizwana!
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