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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Did You Know the Size of your Main Door is directly Linked to Wealth and Prosperity Feng Shui

 Did You Know Your Wealth and Prosperity is directly Linked to the  Size of your Main Door  Feng Shui! 
How does the size of the main door influence your personal, social and professional life according to feng shui?
Ascend with Elan
In feng shui the house is very very important. It is just like our body. Resemble your house in terms of your body. The main door is the mouth, the living room you head and the center your stomach, each room and area corresponds to a part of your body and keeping clean this area and activating this area will help heal all problems in your body and life in general.
Imagine now having a big mouth or a very small mouth, in both cases the body will suffer. So also the energy of your house depends upon the size of your main door. In feng shui it is also advisable to have a main front door and a small back door. The Chinese believe that energy entering from the main door dissolves and purifies and energizes the home and leaves from the back door taking away all the negative energies.The main door has to be proportionate to the living room and your house. A big door is dangerous and allows too much chi to enter and disperse quickly to the outside without entering and refreshing your home. The interiors of such homes lack energy and vitality. Having a small main door is the opposite and chi has to struggle to enter your home, which again leads to chi malnourished families and the family members are always sick or suffer from chronic health problems. As we say that chi and positivity enters from the main door so also a small door or big door will affect our finances. Small main door there are chances that people will struggle in financial losses and find difficulty in earning more or keeping the present jobs, whereas a big door inmates may suffer from financial losses and lost business deals.
Feng shui cures for big or small main doors of house or offices- The main door must be proportionate to the size of your house. If this is not the case,  an easy cure for this is to use mirrors or wall hangings. Feng shui cure paintings are also an easy way to balance energies of your main door to harmonize with the size of your house. You can add plants for increasing height of your door or tall statues or paintings to increase the height and balance the size of your main door. Too small door need to add some more of wood or metal on the side of your main door to balance the energy. Here you can add artifacts, mirrors or feng shui paintings and make the complete rectangle shape of your main door. A rectangle shape is much better for the main door than a square , avoid having circle shaped main doors as this resembles photo frames in which Chinese people hang pictures of their dead. 
Nowadays we also see a lot of creative patterned doors. Choose comfortable designs and not very minute patterns that will accumulated dust and grime. See the the doors open in right directions to welcome goodluck. Very important tip! Avoid hanging any thing just above your head while yous enter the house, it produces shar energy and affects your mind, depletes energy, even if it is a God idol or photo!
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