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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tower and Buildings Top Lights in Feng shui - Is there a Red light above your Tower? Practical Feng Shui

Lights symbolically bring light to your life. In Feng shui we place loads of importance on lighting and clear bright lighting in any space.  and as we know any coloured light will activate the top area of your tower or building and increase its positive energy there are a few simple rules to follow when using and selecting lights for your buildings, gardens and homes.
In feng shui buildings  having lights on top is considered auspicious. The open common terrace not only is made bright during nights it is also an important safety measure for protection against theft and any mishaps. People often read a few feng shui books and select colored lights to activate top portions of  their home or office buildings,  which is not the same for every case. Red colored lights may be good for the entryway or above your house number to attract positive chi into your home and your life but the same red lights above your buildings and towers is very dangerous and harmful. In fact I prefer to avoid using any red lights in home or doorway or even the south!
In feng shui principles Chinese people offer red lights, burn incense and candles,  to the dead and it gives an appearance as if there are candles lit for the dead. Not only does red light indicate stop in our traffic signal, it is also a symbol for danger on any hazardous material or object. The buildings having red lights on their towers and terraces will always be under pressure and fear. The inmates of such societies will not only suffer in relationships but also feel undue pressures in finances as the burden of red above their heads will, be a constant reminder of danger lurking above. Gardens having red lights will always indicate danger and will not fulfill the purpose of relaxation and enjoyment  for the people staying there.

Definitely also avoid fancy lights and blinking lights on towers and top of buildings. You may activate the top of your buildings with bright lights as the intention is to improve the chi here, and prefer golden or white light will do the purpose.
Immediately  replace lights on top of your buildings in case they are faulty, blinking or not working as this low energy will spread over all inmates of the buildings and affect their lives adversely bringing darkness in all aspects.
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I Love colored lights!

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