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Friday, March 31, 2017

The Best Laughing Buddha is Not working for you, Check this out!

The pleasant smile with his pot belly, he sure is a sure shot wealth luck cure and the best loved by all feng shui fans around the globe! Famous as a wealth and prosperity feng shui luck cure, the Laughing Buddha has many other blessings that he showers upon his followers. Laughing Buddha removes misfortune and adversity and attracts good luck.  Laughing Buddha keeps reminding you to be happy and contended. When placed in the Family sector, the Laughing Buddha helps heal relationships provided every member of the family sees it while sitting together for dining. Yet it may sometimes show no changes in your life, check this out and heal these , he will surely bless you! 

Sit near your laughing Buddha, move your hands over him, his bag, check his pot belly, it is always true and I always say, the more love you give to your feng shui cures the more manifolds they will give you back. Is it beautiful and smooth, or  broken chipped, then it is understood you have not paid much attention after placing him and no wonder he wants attention! Really very very important aspect which many hardly notice or give a second thought is poison arrows that come up to your placed feng shui cures.  Laughing Buddha that has been affected by poison arrows and accumulated shar energy is the most dangerous one to keep, incomplete energy and wrong image depiction, better replace this. It may be damaged by someones negative energy and that part will always keep spreading shar energy into your life. 
The Best Feng Shui wealth Cure
Where have you placed it? have placed it in a dark corner and are never given a second glance! just because it is your wealth corner! 
I always say never, never place him on the floor, ground level. The most dangerous place, you have placed it on the floor! Showing disrespect to the Monk does affect your wealth adversely.

A beautiful cure, The Buddha, He collects peoples troubles and sadness in his bag, and turns them to happiness and prosperity, some love from your sided works wonders! Do keep him clean and shining, dust accumulated on him may attract misfortune. A cracked bag will attract ill luck.
Wealth, prosperity, good Relations, Recognition , he attracts every energy but place him in a space that is visible to you.  Fun and love combined is the feng shui  ritual of tickling its belly, yes it sounds strange but it works! It seems Masters advise that the Monk loves attention! Tickling its belly before going out to work helps. So if you have placed him and forgotten about him thinking your laughing Buddha will work wonders,well no , he really loves attention, and show him that! 

Rizwana Mundewadi Wishing You All the Best!


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