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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How Many Steps to your home or Office With Feng Shui Steps Symbolism in Feng Shui Right Number of Steps

The Majestic Taj Mahal Agra with many number of steps in marble
The number of steps leading to your home have immense  effect on your finances, health and prosperity. Steps, seen in houses, offices, tall towers and row houses, steps have an important significance in feng shui.
Today as we  see tall rises structures having drive ways leading to the buildings ground floor we also see steps made along to lead to the main entrance. 
Heritage monuments, old structures with many number of steps leading to the monument  symbolize the position, respect and higher status of the structures. First thing in common with royal palaces and monuments of religious significance all have one thing in common, they have many many steps which then lead to  the main door of the monument or palace.  A high command position given to the royals and kings, their palaces had many number of steps before any one could reach the entrance.
Steps going down the ground Feng Shui
Even sufi saints, markabs and dargahs all have many steps which then lead to the main  door. This has an symbolism in form of increasing the home or palace at a higher level than the ground.  With due respect the structures were constructed in such a way that the flowing energy does not come directly to the door of the royals, sufi saints dargah.
In other terms wind blowing with dirt, water flowing from rains or nallah all were at the ground level and these places were always constructed with a level higher than the road ground level. The positive energy thus circulated after being censored from the base, only  true pure energy would flow in these places.
Kings , royals and heritage structures as well as saint dargahs all have many number of steps to allow only the best of energy to enter the place.  It also symbolizes a form of respect and position to the person of position.
Steps  today we see in towers, corporate offices and royal bungalows and villas, all symbolize position, respect and upper position of the company.
Having odd number of steps or even number is decided with considering many other feng shui factors of the environment  as whole.  Usually three steps are considered very auspicious as three  is the number of creation, and according to numerology the most powerful number, an women gives birth to child, the number of creation and progress.
As for four steps it must  be avoided as the number four in Chinese pronounced is similar to death.
Steps going down must be avoided  as  we see shops and offices also below the road level and they have steps reaching down, not very good feng shui as the business may always suffer financial losses and downfall, or be under the maximum potential level.
Steps are a good way to attract more luck and finances towards your home. Many latest structures of many storeys have steps along with car drive ways. Now of course with lifts in every place we hardly get the opportunity to climb steps, even many are not even aware that this fast technology life with gadgets and tall rises has led to many hidden diseases like joint pains and hip joint problems. Hardly we climb steps in our daily life and once when we have to it becomes quite painful. Steps have a connection with body health and bone health and it is good to climb a few steps whenever we get opportunity.
Old structures and old heritage homes still have steps and though people with bone problems and knee joint pains,  arthritis,  have difficulty in climbing steps having at least one or more steps to a home is very good to improve chi and attract positivity, good health and wealth.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui.
All the Best!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Ideas for Human Resource Rooms Feng Shui Where to have Human Resource Management Room with feng Shui

Human resources room a very important place for any business corporate sector and all success  depends upon this area how the staff is treated, how the human resource officers cooperate and have great employer employee relationships. All success of any business depends upon the number of good qualified employees retained over the years and how their expertise is used to maximize company profit.  feng shui used to find the best location of the human resources room helps to attract more healthy relationships among staff and thus promotes more good business and company profits.
The human resources room is an important part of every company or institution. especially a financial loan lending company dealing in finances or businesses dealing with people and relationships it is very important that the right sector according to feng shui is selected, this promotes good energy and attracts more wealth and prosperity in harmony for the success of your company.
Feng Shui painting Fame by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Water Luck Feng Shui painting  symbolic abstract small
Chakra healing color therapy feng shui painting by Rizwana
While following the feng shui map of sections the Ba Gua map having  nine squares of each representing a life attribute like fame  wealth, health, self direction, career, children and creativity, travel and so on. Following feng shui principles of the element theory it is important to find the best place for human resource officers room for better success and good business. A good feng shui painting representing elements in feng shui will help to boost the positive energy in this room.
Since the duty of human resource managers is dealing with people and the staff of the company, they also help deal issues related to  salary, income rises, work issues, work place issues, relationship among colleagues issues, business client discussion issues, successfully  completion of business deals , all these activities are related to people.
More high feng shui energy is required as people come in and go out. have this room well ventilated and lighting should have natural as well as artificial well lit rooms to promote good energy here. A dull, dim room will only make the human resource office lose the deal without coming  to any successful outcome.
It is also important to remember that this human resource room must have the ambiance of comfort as well as professional energy. While clientele and new interviewees  come here this is also the Place that represents your company to the outside world. The best location for human resource officers according to f eng shui masters would be the feng shui family and health area that is North east and east section of your company area or building. Since considering all staff employees  as family it is better to have healthy work professional relationships among all working in your company.
Have the human resource managers desk facing at and angle the main door and not sitting  looking directly facing the door of the office as this will intimidate the people outside who are waiting to come in.
Another important place for this room would be the north west room, that attracts energy of mentor and helpful friends luck according to feng shui. In any case wherever the room is located it can always be activated with good feng shui energy by using simple feng shui cures, like a motivational painting or a feng shui painting of good luck and color therapy to attract more business and success for your company.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui.
All the Best!

Successful Managers Rooms Right Feng Shui Place for Board Meetings and Corporate Managers for Company Success

Successful managers rooms always reflect the aura and confidence of the managers. How the room is decorated and designed and the element of that sector , that is the feng shui location of the Top managers company headroom according to feng shui masters is all indicator of whether the business will rule or fail.
Feng Shui Wealth Original Photo by Rizwana
Top managers, owner of business,  head of department of any filed must always try to have their rooms in the best section of the total area, factory or building. As fame and recognition area falls in the south direction according to feng shui Ba Gua map, the best place if possible would be to have your office in the south. The next beautiful place attracting success is the south east , wealth sector. As of feng shui principles you may have any room located in the best place in the factory that receives sufficient amount of fresh air and light, to make good circulating chi.
South direction being the fame area it is very easy to place the head managers desk and plants here to attract more good business and wealth. South and south east sector can be activated with medals awards of success of previous orders completion and certificates of honor given to your company, this will attract more customers clientele and more business.
The Crystal Globe for Business Success Feng Shui Simple Cures
Symbolic Feng Shui  Painting for Fame by Rizwana

Metal Luck feng Shui Painting by Rizwana
Board meetings, discussions and client meetings for orders can be successfully completed with the grace of positive energy from the south  and south east section of the place. Since south element is represented by fire, it is also good to have a small pantry near the board room to supply tea snacks here thus incorporating the fire element as in gas, stove, oven. or fire place, though keeping in mind all safety measures.
If the location is north tap the potential of this powerful section for success whereas in case you have your office in the west you have another simple feng shui cures to follow to attract more energy and success in your business.
In case your company has many board managers of top level and they need to have regular brainstorming discussions and meetings it is better to have the right feng shui desk  shape for attracting success and creativity. Have the meetings  desk rectangular of wood for best energy and success.
Whatever the placement of your company sections and desks of employees   today,  in case you are not satisfied with the outcomes,   a little bit of rearranging will show excellent feng shui results in your business and wealth and also relationships among employees and employer head of company.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything elase there  is feng shui.
All the Best!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Why Fishes Die Feng Shui for Fish Tank Cures Fish Tank care in Feng Shui

Feng Shui Fish Tank Cure Fish Tank Care

 Why fishes in tank die, we hear this many times, and people who bring about big sized fish tanks and imagine, expect great feng shui miracles for career and finance are at a shock when one by one their fishes begin to die.
At first they replace the dead fishes with new ones but again this process continues and finally the huge fish tank lies with muddy dirty water, very bad feng shui! many of us have seen this, and then the people blame the place or people living there as bad feng shui or start getting worried about their life finances and start superstitious belief that something bad is going to happen.
Rest be assured the dead fishes will not bring you any bad luck. Feng shui masters believe that pets and fishes who die take away some of your bad luck, hence it is advisable to keep a fish tank in your home.
While we analyze  this scientifically every living creature has a life span. Big sized  fishes placed in small tanks may not get enough light, food and space to develop, grow so they may end. Another reason may be having too many number of fishes in small fish tank. Then there may also be that one of the fishes is diseased, sick , yes fishes too have diseases like skin rashes, skin peeling, eruptions on skin and bloated stomach.
While you observe a silent fish, the one that floats on the upper level in need  of more oxygen, the one that settles down with heavy stomach or liver problem, one may even be fluttering , rubbing skin against the tank glass surface, and when observed you see white scales on the skin, a rash itchy that disintegrates the skin and thus the fish die. Then there is also the one that keeps jumping in spurts , one with constipation!
Water Feature Feng Shui Cure
Water Fountain Indoor Water Fountains Feng Shui Simple Cures
Usually fish disease spreads like fire and when one fish is sick it affects the whole fish tank fishes as the water gets contaminated. Skin diseases also spread fast to all fishes and it is advisable to keep  the sick fish in separate tank with medicine water to help it heal.
Sometimes  the water you have is also highly chlorinated and fish tank sellers  advise to store water the previous night and then add  to the fish tank. It is also important that you take care of your fishes  during climatic changes from extreme hot to extreme cold.
While the fish tank cure is a simple feng shui cure to attract wealth and career opportunities also helpful mentor luck and friends in case you are not able to have this fish tank and maintain this for long please do not bring fishes and see them die, it is quite painful and always leaves you with sad negative energy.
Simple practical feng shui tips to take care of your fish tank-
1) Take the size  of fish tank which you can handle well  and keep it clean. The number of fishes you can care for well, and not the size of tank covering your wall of living room, your designer insists.
2) always bring all fishes in one lot, personal experience with fish tanks over the years, newly added fishes do not adapt well to old ones in the tank and all die.
3) Try to buy fishes of same size at one time, usually smaller fishes live longer.
4) In case you do not have much luck with fishes and do not have time to handle   and care for a tank go in for water features, they will give the same feng shui results.
5) Over feeding and not less  feeding is many times  the cause of death of fishes in tank. Over cleaning and not less cleaning is most of times  cause of death of fishes. Clean fish tank when the water looks muddy and not as ritual in few days.
In case your fishes keep dying you can hang a great fishes feng shui painting to attract wealth and prosperity luck. 
All the Best!

Feng Shui Places to visit Travel and Tourism Feng Shui Places

Beautiful Sky Fresh feng Shui Energy Place
Feng shui places to travel. Travel and tourism places that reflect positive energy and you come back refreshed from your vacation. feng shui destinations to be considered must all have one focus, that is, travel destinations,  they reflect all  the five elements at one place.
Fruit Trees and Forest feng Shui places
 An harmonious mixture of mountains, water, wind, sunlight, metal and fire. Most travel agents are open to individual requests for destinations and you can customize your vacation trips with packages of places on your list. While this comes out to be cheaper with air fares combined and at concessional rates  you can enjoy beautiful feng shui places and come back after a holiday refreshed with new surge of positive energy.
Happy Wind Positive Chi ffng Shui
Select places which will give you an experience with all elements like mountainous regions and hilly areas which boast of natural waterfalls and great forestation.  Enjoy the cool fresh breeze from your hotel  apartments, relax, go hiking,  and improve your personal chi.
Natural Water Sources feng Shui Travel Places
 While not all family members  may be able  to enjoy all the elements energy personally,  selection places which have the feng shui aura of all these elements also suffices  and every member of the family will benefit by this.
Mountains Hills Feng Shui Destinations Travel and Tourism
Many corporates and also companies are signing up for tourism travel destination  packages to keep their employees fit and healthy and thus be more productive at work.
All the Best from Rizwana!
How to achieve your dreams Foreign Travel luck feng shu
Simple  Feng Shui travel Luck Cure article
Travel Wealth Luck Painting

Monday, September 2, 2013

Infographics and feng Shui Understanding Simple Feng Shui Cures Using Infographics

Infographics a very easy simple way to understand feng shui. Many times we  read about feng shui but it seems impossible to understand what to do and which way to follow  feng shui. here infographics comes to rescue as it is a very simple easy way using pictures, illustrations and photographs about feng shui to help you to understand how and which way to use feng shui in your daily lives.
While books on feng shui always have some illustrations to explain what is good feng shui and what is harmful, we can see here in simple pictures and understand feng shui.
Loved this. While I keep on stressing the importance of feng shui into our lives another aspect I do stress upon is feng shui is simple , easy and can be inculcated into our lives as second skin.Do not try to follow  practitioners who lead you to major expenses and do not count upon your opinion and view points. Good feng shui follows only when the client and the Feng Shui Master can come to terms with a universal understanding of using simple feng shui cures into your home and office, without disrupting or creating negative energy experiences.
Red Bag Feng Shui Good Luck Prosperity

Square Gemstone Ring for Earth Energy Feng Shui Stability

Male Alexandrine Parakeet
Here with simple infographics there is no chance of any mistakes, you can  just understand how and where to use feng shui.

an simple informative site displaying good infographics to understand feng shui.So bring feng shui into your lives, simple easy, and enjoy hundred  percent of your life! All the Best!
Alexandrine Parakeet Mitthu Bird from paradise
While mitthin , female alexandrine parakeet, still missing, eight months gone, the guest bird from paradise stayed with us for nearly a month , have taken care and he looked confident to fly, allowed him to fly once near by buildings and he flew great, was busy like hell with him  and the budgies, and the small commissioned paintings order of  paintings, his calls...parakeets are great companions, he loved to be near me and allowed me to stroke his head, but God has made birds to fly in the sky, don't  know whether to follow the heart or the mind...left him free last week, there is still  a pang of hope , he comes back, ...God's Wish, Life is Magical!
Always remember there is no alternative to hard sincere effort, for everything else  there is feng shui.