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Friday, September 13, 2013

Successful Managers Rooms Right Feng Shui Place for Board Meetings and Corporate Managers for Company Success

Successful managers rooms always reflect the aura and confidence of the managers. How the room is decorated and designed and the element of that sector , that is the feng shui location of the Top managers company headroom according to feng shui masters is all indicator of whether the business will rule or fail.
Feng Shui Wealth Original Photo by Rizwana
Top managers, owner of business,  head of department of any filed must always try to have their rooms in the best section of the total area, factory or building. As fame and recognition area falls in the south direction according to feng shui Ba Gua map, the best place if possible would be to have your office in the south. The next beautiful place attracting success is the south east , wealth sector. As of feng shui principles you may have any room located in the best place in the factory that receives sufficient amount of fresh air and light, to make good circulating chi.
South direction being the fame area it is very easy to place the head managers desk and plants here to attract more good business and wealth. South and south east sector can be activated with medals awards of success of previous orders completion and certificates of honor given to your company, this will attract more customers clientele and more business.
The Crystal Globe for Business Success Feng Shui Simple Cures
Symbolic Feng Shui  Painting for Fame by Rizwana

Metal Luck feng Shui Painting by Rizwana
Board meetings, discussions and client meetings for orders can be successfully completed with the grace of positive energy from the south  and south east section of the place. Since south element is represented by fire, it is also good to have a small pantry near the board room to supply tea snacks here thus incorporating the fire element as in gas, stove, oven. or fire place, though keeping in mind all safety measures.
If the location is north tap the potential of this powerful section for success whereas in case you have your office in the west you have another simple feng shui cures to follow to attract more energy and success in your business.
In case your company has many board managers of top level and they need to have regular brainstorming discussions and meetings it is better to have the right feng shui desk  shape for attracting success and creativity. Have the meetings  desk rectangular of wood for best energy and success.
Whatever the placement of your company sections and desks of employees   today,  in case you are not satisfied with the outcomes,   a little bit of rearranging will show excellent feng shui results in your business and wealth and also relationships among employees and employer head of company.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything elase there  is feng shui.
All the Best!

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