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Friday, September 13, 2013

Ideas for Human Resource Rooms Feng Shui Where to have Human Resource Management Room with feng Shui

Human resources room a very important place for any business corporate sector and all success  depends upon this area how the staff is treated, how the human resource officers cooperate and have great employer employee relationships. All success of any business depends upon the number of good qualified employees retained over the years and how their expertise is used to maximize company profit.  feng shui used to find the best location of the human resources room helps to attract more healthy relationships among staff and thus promotes more good business and company profits.
The human resources room is an important part of every company or institution. especially a financial loan lending company dealing in finances or businesses dealing with people and relationships it is very important that the right sector according to feng shui is selected, this promotes good energy and attracts more wealth and prosperity in harmony for the success of your company.
Feng Shui painting Fame by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Water Luck Feng Shui painting  symbolic abstract small
Chakra healing color therapy feng shui painting by Rizwana
While following the feng shui map of sections the Ba Gua map having  nine squares of each representing a life attribute like fame  wealth, health, self direction, career, children and creativity, travel and so on. Following feng shui principles of the element theory it is important to find the best place for human resource officers room for better success and good business. A good feng shui painting representing elements in feng shui will help to boost the positive energy in this room.
Since the duty of human resource managers is dealing with people and the staff of the company, they also help deal issues related to  salary, income rises, work issues, work place issues, relationship among colleagues issues, business client discussion issues, successfully  completion of business deals , all these activities are related to people.
More high feng shui energy is required as people come in and go out. have this room well ventilated and lighting should have natural as well as artificial well lit rooms to promote good energy here. A dull, dim room will only make the human resource office lose the deal without coming  to any successful outcome.
It is also important to remember that this human resource room must have the ambiance of comfort as well as professional energy. While clientele and new interviewees  come here this is also the Place that represents your company to the outside world. The best location for human resource officers according to f eng shui masters would be the feng shui family and health area that is North east and east section of your company area or building. Since considering all staff employees  as family it is better to have healthy work professional relationships among all working in your company.
Have the human resource managers desk facing at and angle the main door and not sitting  looking directly facing the door of the office as this will intimidate the people outside who are waiting to come in.
Another important place for this room would be the north west room, that attracts energy of mentor and helpful friends luck according to feng shui. In any case wherever the room is located it can always be activated with good feng shui energy by using simple feng shui cures, like a motivational painting or a feng shui painting of good luck and color therapy to attract more business and success for your company.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui.
All the Best!

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