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Monday, March 21, 2011

Feng Shui for Artists- Steps To Becoming A Better Artist

Following feng shui will help you to get better job prospects and offers from unexpected measures. Financial gains will be observed and gradually the individual will see an upward curve regarding finances. Very often we see artists and painters who are very good at their work and have attractive paintings but suffering financially. They may be struggling in their career and just managing to survive financially if they work somewhere!
Let us see how feng shui can help artists to become successful in their careers. First and foremost clear the clutter. Keep all your brushes, papers, paints and other art materials clean and dispose off what is outdated. Remove paintings which are not up to the mark and store them away form the view of the public as anytime a buyer may come unexpectedly and will not like the incomplete work, and there will go away your prospective sale!   This does not mean to keep the area spick and span as artist require inspiration to paint better so it would be advisable to have a display board, a sketch book to record ideas and colorful pictures for reference for getting ideas for new paintings. See whether you have kept any painting incomplete. This will affect your career negatively and you will feel stuck up in your future prospects. One can also display paintings around their home and on every wall. This will give the mind positive signal and will also be an announcement to the public of the profession of the artist. And you never know when an opportunity will come and by what means.
Visibility is very important and placing cream colored flowers in a yellow vase in the North West area will help an artist get better prospects and helpful friends in the profession. For getting opportunities one can also have a fish tank in the north, but care has to be taken to keep the tank clean and replace dead fish immediately, as they take away some of your bad luck. Keep your work area clean and be disciplined in your work. Having positive affirmations will attract career luck. Keep contacting other artists and art galleries as they will guide you in practical steps for progressing in your career. Keep your environment full with creative energy to get good ideas for painting. Avoid negative artists and those who have lost hope as they will demoralize you. One can also display a painting that is in red colour ont he south wall. Display your attractive and successful works on the south wall. This area corresponds to life energy and fame and recognition.
And lastly have a positive attitude. Remember how you eat, sleep and go to office, so also regard this profession seriously if you wish to succeed. Keep working hard and continue painting as a daily ritual. Luck only favours those who work hard and strive to achieve. All the Best to all artists! 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Feng Shui for Better Job Prospects Attract Better Jobs with Simple Feng shui

Careers like rockets do not take off easily! how can feng shui help in matters of career?
Many cases of stuck up careers and lost opportunities are seen nowadays and people blame their luck. First of all I would advise never to balme luck. grace of God is with every one of us. We may be stuck up in some karmic hassles and this leads to probems in our finances.
Not getting the right job, not being paid appropraitely, no interest in studies, poor concentraton in academics, not getting support of helpful friends on job are some of the problems faced by many of us. Feng shui can help here and by simple arrangements and cures you can improve your incoming finances. Remember that feng shui not only helps in increasing money but also cures all the areas of life where you lack growth. Eample in relationships it will help you to get true love and support from your family and on job you will get a supportive boss and colleagues. You will aslo be offered increments and new job offers will come on the front.
Let us first see the situation in which many of us live. I am not discussing financial position. You may be earning well and everything seems fine on the front. See yourself as a whole person, respect yourself and love yourself. take care of your body by good exercise and healthy food. A healthy individual will see everything positive.
Mentor Career luck Feng shui paintings Rizwana Mundewadi
The career area falls in the north direction of your house. You may also consider each room for feng shui if the problems are more. If there is a  toilet in this area balance the negative energy by keeping a tall plant. This will create a force opposite to the drain and stop the extra costs and expenditures incurred. Paintings or sculptures of metal help to balance energy of this area. The north west is the area that is considered auspicious for helpful friends. One can hang a five rod metal wind chime here to increase the energy here. Some of the feng shui books also suggest that one can place happy pictures,( smiling or of any felicitation functions)  of your boss and colleagues here to promote good relations with them. Viewing happy pictures will get the image of all these people smiling toward you and the same will happen in real life.(please be aware of your surroundings  as people may feel you are mad, because I have seen people smiling and talking to pictures, okay you are feng shuing, but your servant and the neighbor may not know this and doubt about your sanity!)
One cure that has worked for many is to place yellow colored flowers in a cream ceramic vase. this is not too difficult to get and also does not prominently indicate anything outside. Yellow or cream colour  is a cheery colour. Any colour that balances the energy here can be used. But remember water element is dominant here and  this area is ruled by metal.
 Another thing you can do is place a small jar of money, Chinese coins or real coins of metal covered and hidden in this corner. Try it it works! Scientifically I have the reasoning for this. Placing such a jar gives the message of prosperity to our minds. This attracts good fortune and luck.You may also try placing a lucky bamboo plant, as they grow you get positive vibes and so are your relationships healed.
Keeping an metal anchor as a show piece also promotes job stability and gives great anchorage to a person who is known to hop jobs frequently. Keeping an aquarium in the career area also energizes this area and the movement of gold fish is also soothing to the eye. Keep 8 gold fish and 1 black gold fish for best results. Do not worry if the fish die, as they take away some of your bad luck with them. Just replace them with new ones. And please do not over do anything as some people start placing these cures in every nook and corner of the house!the appropriate place is found by calculating from the map of elements or bagua and one thing I always advice is not to bring too much attention to these cures. they must blend well with your interiors. Here a good feng shui consultant helps who has knowledge of interior decoration as well as feng shui.
Feng shui is a science and it will promote good luck but always remember it will facilitate your luck but not replace it. So there is no, I repeat no replacement to hard work. You have to try to work hard, search for the right job,  take extra responsibilities on your job place to come in the limelight, and also be confident. Try to keep your mind occupied with positive thoughts and be among winners and successful people, some of their luck may shower on you!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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