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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Feng Shui for your Hair and Hair Fall Cures tips - Your Hair and Feng Shui Hair Styles and Tips

Feng shui for your hair, we all  know how everyone loves their hair, women and even men love their tresses. For healthy hair consider viewing some simple feng shui tips styles and cures for healthy looking hair. Hair fall a major problem faced by many  nowadays with this hectic lifestyle and unhealthy diet and excessive contact with gadgets and away from nature has lead to problems which were unheard of in ancient times.Hair fall, premature greying if hair, patches in hair loss, skin rashes etc.
Original Pen Sketch on Paper  Year 2001 by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Leaving aside medical health problems, hereditary hormonal problems of hair and chronic illnesses hair fall consider simple feng shui to brighten up and give life to your dull hair.
Feng shui of your hair focuses on the hair itself and then the individual. Consider the harsh chemicals you may be using for dyeing your hair, the colorants, the shampoos, the treatments done are a real torture to your precious tresses. Hair , their nature is  made of a material to bear the climatic winds , sunlight, water rains, snow etc and we expose them to man made environments like colorants, straightening, perming, curling, trimming them off at unexpected times!
They will get back, all this comes back in form of premature greying, hair loss, dull hair, frizzy hair and many other things changes which sometimes are irreplaceable. Advertisements  of hair products lure many to try out new products which most of us indulge in sometime or other trying our various hair products and treatments.
1- Give a breather to your hair. Whatever your profession, your lifestyle do give a much needed break from all artificial treatment sot your hair. they will love it and get back in shape.
2- Change, yes your hair also needs change. However good your hair products sometimes  change  your shampoo, conditioner and try out a new herbal product. Later you may get back to yoru original loved product.
3- The feng shui Clutter, yes hair build up, overtime   using colors, and various treatment hair sometimes becomes brittle, harsh and frizzy. Clutter here is in form of build up. Try massaging warm oil regularly and thoroughly clean your hair of all the build up, this will take a few months for your hair to get back to glossy shiny original.
4- Pamper your hair- a simple feng shui cure for healthy hair, regime of oiling , massaging,  cleaning, you love your hair they love you back. As of any area of your home, career or life your hair too needs the required time and care.
5- As for some hormonal and health problems look towards a healthy diet and sometimes even the right medical care helps to have healthy hair.
6- Applications like hair sprays, hair perfumes, hair make up gels highlighters, glitter and hair fragrances add up as build up on your hair.
Feng Shui Hair Styles-
Ever though of your hair style from feng shui point of view. Yes hair styles that make your look and feel great and bring out the best in you are great feng shui cures for improving your personality and personal chi.
Your hair style affects your overall personality and the way people view you. Consider going for a top position interview with frizzy open hair, will not be liked by many, and will in fact give an impression of carelessness and irresponsible type to your employers and boss.
The old maid style  of plaits and tied buns wold not go well with a collegiate who must enjoy various hair styles  and be of free spirit and full of energy.
Feng shui hair style works on simple principles- 
The hair style that makes you look good and feel good.
The hair style that goes according to your work, professional commitments and of course sometimes age, not always.  Your hair style will affect the feng shui of your life in general.
The hair style that does not affect adversely your health. Too tight or too loose hair tied affects blood circulation in your brain and head part which may sometimes lead to headaches.
Elaborate hair styles with lots of add ons, accessories may weigh too much on your hair affecting the health of your hair. Artificial clips, floral patterns, pins add up to hair breakages. Though your hair dresser will think otherwise it is upto you to decide upon the use of how many hair accessories.
Feng shui style your hair must look healthy and tied in a  style that sends out positive vibes to others and of course you are most comfortable with. Be it traditional plaits, two ponies, french plaits, buns,  side partings, curled, permed or hair left loose.
Colorful Stone Hair Accessories
Adding natural flowers and flower decorations also makes your hair attractive and decorative, go in for natural flowers as much as possible to improve the energy of
Beautiful Rose Flowers as Hair Decorations
 and around your hair
Get the complete look,  your hairstyle will give you that, if you follow  simple feng shui for your hair from time to time.
Take care of your precious tresses and enjoy healthy hair.
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  All the Best!
Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art

Monday, June 24, 2013

Feeling Stuck up with Life and Finances Get Your House Renovated for Attracting Feng Shui Wealth and Prosperity

How to increase wealth by feng shui symbolism  and renovating your home and office and attract good health, good luck , happy relationships and great life. Many people after buying a new home get it done  by famous interior decorators designers with modern furniture and latest gadgets,. After a  few years pass by , what is most neglected in the energy upliftment over the years of your house and this affects your life, financial and personal.

Look around your home and office, a simple glance will enlighten you on to why you may feel stuck up in life, why does your bank balance not increase according to the efforts you are putting and of course why do relationships not work for you. Over the years have you progressed in all aspects of your life proportionately.

An empty house, a strong symbol of yin, negative dark energy, is your house looking empty without appropriate furnishings , furniture decor, all this is essential for the energy of your home and office. This does not mean going over board and having costly renovation, add a few touches, color paint, furniture, artefacts, paintings,  to improve the energy of your home and see your personal and financial life rise.
Broken  paintings and artefacts like broken sculptures, creaking furniture, torn furnishings all lead to energy drain and takes away financial energy from your home.Add pictures of happy family, success medals or awards, motivational paintings, eagle, elephant horses sculptures and paintings for recognition and wealth.

 painting by Mrs. Rizwana A. Mundewadi
Office also needs renovation and feng shui energy boost after every few years. The energy however good it is needs upliftment and change. You may not break all walls and structures but can make subtle changes according to your budget by changing furniture, furnishings, paintings, artefacts, plants that surround you.

Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Remember any energy left over time stagnates and needs a recharge. In case of coloring walls a fresh coat is always good after a few years. Moving furniture judiciously can also help move the energy and improve chi around.  Healing paintings  symbolism is a great way to welcome good health, wealth and prosperity into your life.
Lucky Antique Pot a symbol of Wealth and prosperity, Feng  Shui Painting by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi.
You home office as well needs upliftment and improvement. If you do not wish to spend much on furniture and furnishings add a few new touches here and there by form of artefacts like pen holders, mobile covers, laptop stands,  printer covers, ergonomic  chair, etc   to improve energy here.
Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui.
All the Best!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Work from Home Office Feng Shui Tips Handle stress at work from home feng shui way

Handle stress work from home the feng shui way with applying simple feng shui cures to your home office and earn more money as well as  enjoy peace of mind. Many international comanies hire professionals onliena nd there are many couples who work from home to make a living without leaving the comforts of their home.
Many people are now working from home and earning quite a lot in $ and Rupees. So far as the family is happy with the high income, everything seems fine at the front but problems begin to show when there is too much stress of work at home as well as house  responsibilities. Like in office you leave the office and go home, not the same for home offices, here you have to live with your work! Bickering   and argumenst due to over loading of energy drain with the couple by working at home office seems to tatke its toll on health and peace as well as harmony of the family.
Feng shui for home office  is very important and following simple feng shui rules will help you to get your peace of mind and happiness  back within your family.
1- Your home office must be in a separate room if possible if not try to have a partition, either of  wood or cloth or convertible collapsible one also will do the purpose. The feng shui reason here is to divide the energy of your work from the family energy, otherwise all the work stress gets transferred to your home relationships. You may also have some green plants  lucky bamboo , snake plant, jade plant or peace lily plant to act as air purifiers and energy boosters in your home office.
2- Keep your home office organized with cabinets and drawers that accommodate all your work materials. Do not carry, spread ,  your files, papers, documents all over the home place. Stationary and all required resources must be available in your home office and you need not go searching for a  pin or stapler in your home drawers.
3- When both or more home family members are working together see that each member has a place to sit, this will minimize power struggles in your home.  If the home office is small try to divide timings for every member to work comfortably in the home office at different timings.
4- Take timely breaks when working from home. This has been found the most important reason why there is lot of stress in many couples who are working from home. Office breaks give compulsory timely rest but at home there are no rules and people often end up working for long hours without breaks, which results in energy drain and tiredness leading to small irritable clashes which may end up with bigger fights.

5- Feng shui theory based on the five elements and the progressive circle of elements guides to set up your home office in the best position of your home. South east being the area of wealth and prosperity is the best for your office table but all other areas are also good if you can add up with feng shui elements according to the energy of that section. For  e.g north section benefits with metal and water, now if possible have a  small fish tank with gold fishes, hang a beautiful painting of fishes or water  fall, or have golden coins or metal artefact to uplift the energy of your home office and bring in more wealth. Likewise if the area of your home office is in east have a wooden table and a green plant to bring in wealth and success energy to your home office. Feng shui paintings and healing paintings help to attract positive energy to your life for prosperity and harmony.
Work Table Space activated with art

Healing art for work space table
6- Get ergonomically balanced furniture for your home office. strain on your back and other body parts while working leads to stress while working and this transfers to your family life. Ergonomics chairs , furniture drawers and shelves are all made according to the comfort level and posture of your body and this improves your work efficiency.
7- Remove all symbols of work from your home spaces, especially bedroom where you unwind after the day for rest and sleep. This leads to stress at work and you are bound to think of work all the time even when resting as  the symbols of work, your laptop ,PC computer and papers or files are kept in front of you always. Learn to pack up each day after work is finished even though you are not reporting to anyone. Cover your electronic gadgets and home office materials with any cloth if you cannot clear off everything at all times.
8- Keep your work space clutter free. Clutter in any form is very bad in feng shui. It blocks your finances and progress. Invisible clutter has been found to be the main cause of many losses in work form home businesses. Remove  all old failed business work symbols from your present home office. people often try to keep all stored failed business papers, files of rejected jobs portfolios and refusal letters of jobs. If you need these for referral keep them stored  in files away from  your sight as these make you remember of rejections and thus you feel demotivated to work.

Feng shui your work place and earn more by working from  home. Add a  wind chime  in your north east to get more work offers, and a crystal  in the north west for helpful friends and mentor luck.A simple tip for increasing more wealth from work from home office, stick a few lucky Chinese   gold coins to your laptop or PC in red  ribbon, hidden from outside view. You may also stick coins to your printer if this is your business as work from home.
Follow simple feng shui rules and have peace of mind while earning more and working from your home office.
Thank You!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Feng Shui Carrying Family Pictures in Wallet or Purse

Carrying family photographs in wallet is not new and we see many people love to keep family personal photographs  in their money wallet. Let us see the feng shui take on carrying family pictures in wallet.
Feng shui for wealth an important tip is that money likes to be kept neat and clean and in its own specific place. Feng shui experts believe keeping personal or family photographs confuses chi and wealth , hence reduces the flow of wealth into your wallet.
Notes and coins must be kept in order and in separate sections in your wallet or purse for best feng shui. Remember  to keep your wallet in the same pocket every day and also when you come home keep it in the safe place in your wardrobe or locker.

Usually ladies purses have a lot of extra accessories along like cosmetics, credit cards, debit cards, bills etc, feng shui is pure simple energy and gets confused with all this clutter in your wallet. If there is need for you to carry many items in your wallet or purse it is better to buy a wallet or purse with different sections or compartments for every thing.
This is why many feng shui wealth cures have paper money, chinese lucky gold coins, gemstones , even artificial,  to attract more wealth and money.  People also favour storing lucky antique coins in their wallet as this has more value than the original price of the coin.
Bills paid, maintenance or other bills must not be carried for long in your wallet, remove them as soon as the needful is done , as in feng shui like energy attracts , bills attract more bills.
Photos of events and people confuse chi and money wealth from coming inside your wallet. Keep more empty space for new money wealth to come into your wallet.
Many people like to be remembered of their family when at work or facing some difficult situations this gives them energy to go on, hence here these photographs of loved ones help. As this gives them positive energy to move ahead and helps their personal energy this is good feng shui but never carry them in the same section as money or coins. You may have a seperate folder section for the personal loved photo in your wallet.
As for making more money and increasing wealth feng shui  has many simple cures but remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there  is feng shui.
Thank you, All the Best!