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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Feng Shui Carrying Family Pictures in Wallet or Purse

Carrying family photographs in wallet is not new and we see many people love to keep family personal photographs  in their money wallet. Let us see the feng shui take on carrying family pictures in wallet.
Feng shui for wealth an important tip is that money likes to be kept neat and clean and in its own specific place. Feng shui experts believe keeping personal or family photographs confuses chi and wealth , hence reduces the flow of wealth into your wallet.
Notes and coins must be kept in order and in separate sections in your wallet or purse for best feng shui. Remember  to keep your wallet in the same pocket every day and also when you come home keep it in the safe place in your wardrobe or locker.

Usually ladies purses have a lot of extra accessories along like cosmetics, credit cards, debit cards, bills etc, feng shui is pure simple energy and gets confused with all this clutter in your wallet. If there is need for you to carry many items in your wallet or purse it is better to buy a wallet or purse with different sections or compartments for every thing.
This is why many feng shui wealth cures have paper money, chinese lucky gold coins, gemstones , even artificial,  to attract more wealth and money.  People also favour storing lucky antique coins in their wallet as this has more value than the original price of the coin.
Bills paid, maintenance or other bills must not be carried for long in your wallet, remove them as soon as the needful is done , as in feng shui like energy attracts , bills attract more bills.
Photos of events and people confuse chi and money wealth from coming inside your wallet. Keep more empty space for new money wealth to come into your wallet.
Many people like to be remembered of their family when at work or facing some difficult situations this gives them energy to go on, hence here these photographs of loved ones help. As this gives them positive energy to move ahead and helps their personal energy this is good feng shui but never carry them in the same section as money or coins. You may have a seperate folder section for the personal loved photo in your wallet.
As for making more money and increasing wealth feng shui  has many simple cures but remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there  is feng shui.
Thank you, All the Best!


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