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Monday, March 24, 2014

Feng Shui for Your Pen Attract Good Luck Prosperity with Feng Shui Designer Pen

Designer pens and pencils have been a style of many but we hardly notice that a good writing pen can send a big shot of positive energy to your work. In academics a great writing pen , smooth with dark bright ink can help to attract great grades and success.
Haven’t we seen a bold bright red maroon gold pen improve our mood and also our style. The designer pens have royal colors and metallic finishes to look attractive and speak volumes of our status and position.
A feng shui  pen, will have some simple qualities making it a tool for attracting good luck and prosperity.
1) The design and color of your pen can be used for the benefit of attracting energy. Designer printed pens are now great looking and also a piece of art with symbols and fluorescent colors . They do attract higher grades, as your children would love to write and study with these colorful pens thus developing interest  in studies and paying more attention to writing and studying.
2) A  feng shui pen is any pen of a comfortable size and gives a comfortable grip while writing thus improving your hand writing, another important tool for success in any field. This depends upon your personal preferences and choice as a child may love fluorescent color cartoon character pen while an adult would go in for more meaningful symbols on their designer pen.
3) Colors can be effectively used in pens to attract wealth and good luck. Greens, reds, gold and purple blue etc are all colors symbolizing wealth which when near you help to attract feng shui energy for good luck and wealth.
4) Symbols like flowers, figures, energy symbols on your pens can help to attract a lot of positive energy with every use. There are people who love their lucky pens and use them every time to sign important   documents or files.  These pens have great feng shui energy and are just right for the energy of the user.
5) Easy flowing ink is a must as pens are for writing and not just for show, they must be able to fulfill this need in a great manner. Scribbling to write with the pen while signing, and blockages in ink flow are all symbols for attracting negative energy into your work, business and life. A good pen will be easy flowing and produce sharp letters, thus indicating to the universe clear cut message for success.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort , for everything else there is feng shui!
All the Best!

If you are a company which design pens or a  designer and wish to buy any great feng shui designs (for success, wealth, luck, fame, or any positive energy,) out of my healing paintings or get a customized symbol energy patterns , please visit my website   contact email
Thank You!

How to Dissolve Negativity and Welcome Prosperity and Happiness in Your Home Simple Tips

Dissolve Negativity is very important for peace of mind. Your home, your haven, a place where the whole family unwinds from the day needs to be peaceful and pure from any negative energies. The most important problem with energy is that negative enters very fast and the whole environment is affected by this thus spreading towards the whole family draining all the positivity out.
Negative energy enters from any place in the house, the main door,the window or even the back door. Maybe from a person, a thing or object, clothes, gifts, plants, furniture, artefacts and even a phone call can trigger off negative ions in the environment.This harmful energy can enter very easily from any place even a small crook or crevice.
It is essential that the home be protected form negative energies to maintain the peace and fulfill its main function, to re energize the family of positive chi.
Home environment can be protected from attracting negative energy by following simple feng shui tips and cures.
1) Always keep the home free from clutter. By clutter we mean in feng shui the things or objects that we have not used for more than four to five years. But obvious we are not going to use them later on. Such things may be of emotional importance but will drain the energy of your family thus taking up space and stopping new energy from entering your house. You can cover these things and store them in a store room or loft but remove these objects from the space of your floor.This will also help clear space in your mind.
2) Purification symbols are very important to keep your home energy protected. According to your personal preference people have God idols, religious symbols and objects for protection. You can also hang a healing painting that will help to dissolve negative energy, the paintings have strong reiki symbol for purification and protection.
3) Incense burning, burning of dhoop is a very good means to purify your home space. You must open and clean all things and spaces and then follow this ritual of cleansing. Keep the main door open and windows open with the intention of purification from negative energy.
4) Fresh flowers are a simple yet effective way to purify your environment. How often when we are tired and we enter our home , the fragrance of fresh flowers will instantly gives a shot of positive energy. Air purifiers and air freshners also work wonders to the energy of your home.Salt another very good feng shui tool to purify negative energy.
5) Mirrors and water are two powerful important feng shui cures which when not used properly can create negative energy into your life.  The right use will effectively help maintain strong positive energy and keep purifying the home.
Thank You!
All the Best!
Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art

Friday, March 7, 2014

Glass Windows Feng Shui and Window Dressing in Feng Shui Curtains Designs and Patterns as Feng Shui Cures

Glass Windows Feng Shui and Window Dressing in Feng Shui has been used only in form of decorative aspect. Windows play a major role in allowing fresh energy, chi, into your homes and as they are considered the eyes oft he home windows do play a major part in the health,wealth and prosperity of your family and home. Today we see a wide variety in curtains and upholstery material, latest trends and latest designer curtains.
Feng Shui Tips for Curtain Designs
As we have so many times discussed colors and textures to attract feng shui energy and choosing the correct color representing the elements in your home the glass windows which form a major part of your home also need enough consideration in using feng shui tips.
French windows have become a fashion and we see today most homes having full length windows covered with glass, this creates a beautiful ambiance to your home , not only glass reflects more light, but this also creates vast openness,  bright light and a feeling of increased space. Interior decorators are using glass in many furniture as well as artifact and the largest part where glass is used are the windows.
Advantages in feng shui using large glass windows, makes the home appear open and large, improves natural sunlight entering your home and also gives a feeling of general openness thus reflecting to the nature of the inmates. As this sunlight will kill darkness and many disease spreading germs too much of anything is harmful.
For pleasant happy chi flowing you will need to have thick curtains which can be drawn while resting or sleeping to make the environment peaceful. Now there is also a possibility that the home looks more transparent with large french windows which will make the inmates constantly under pressure of prying eyes from outside, especially the neighbours. So you will need to use curtains judiciously as very thick material curtains will make your rooms dark bringing about need to use artificial lighting even during day time. And thin flowy material curtains will not give you the amount of privacy required.
Here you can select two layered pattern in curtains. The front layer can have thin silky material and the next  have another layer, of thicker stronger material. Here you will have the choice to use curtains according to your requirements, as thicker double layers ones during nights when lighting inside is strong and silky ones during days to give you privacy.
Curtains a very important part of feng shui can be used as powerful feng shui cures. The most important windows can have layered curtains thus solving most problems of health and restlessness  faced by the family. That uneasy restless energy feeling usually comes form large glass windows that are not dressed up properly and you can solve this by selecting  the right design and pattern for your window curtains with feng shui.
Energy leaks, energy drain and energy blocks can be connected to your large french glass windows and curtains. Another aspect would also be that having large windows , the size of the main door, and in line with the main door is harmful as the chi that enters the main door will leave quickly from the open large glass windows thus moving fast without energizing your home and family, which affects the health and peace of your family. And also the finances and wealth level of your family.
It is advisable to conserve this energy by either placing some green plants or feng shui based artifacts in the way to slow down this positive chi from the main door from leaking fast out.
You can also place furniture in an arrangement where the person coming in will have a seat first near the main door and not move fast towards the end of the room, thus helping chi to linger more slowly into your home. 
Curtains can be used effectively to improve health,wealth and good luck into your homes by following simple feng shui principles. Incorporate designs that represent elements, like south triangle shape, east rectangle shape, north wavy or circles etc. And use color effectively like red and purple for south, green for east, blue and black for north, west white and silver metallic colors. Then go in for a pattern judiciously according to the individual room uses and your family needs by getting them stitched in layered patterns, thus helping to slow down the chi a bit which is coming from the main door , and moving away at fast rate from the large glass open french windows.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
All the Best!
For feng shui cure paintings and symbolic spiritual healing paintings or simply geometric cubism paintings,  visit my website,
Thank You!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Feng Shui Painting for Wealth and Money How to Use Feng Shui Paintings Effectively to Attract Money luck

Feng Shui Paintings can be used effectively to attract Money Luck.  Feng shui paintings have become an easy way to cure any mistakes in our structure and designing of our house . Not only can we uplift the energy of any area of your home or office but we can also attract money luck and all other lucks into our life. Paintings can be easily hung on your walls and as they will be as a decorative piece in your interior design they will also act as a feng shui cure for your problems.
How can we use a feng shui painting for best results? go according to the same principles that we follow in feng shui. firstly divide your home or office according to the directions of east, west, north and south. The sub sections also are very important that is south east, north east, south west, north west etc. Then consider the elements in your interior. Do go through the positive cycle of the elements for better results from feng shui cures. The east is wood, the south is fire, the north is water and the west is metal. Here we go , now if this lesson is well understood you will be able to balance any area anywhere according to the principles of feng shui.
Remember to hang your feng shui paintings by keeping in mind the feng shui rules of elements. Now if there is harmony and peace and all is going well you w ill not need any special advice but if there are serious karmic defects and you are not progressing even after taking lots of efforts in your wealth and relationships and everything is going hay wire then you will need special guidance of a feng shui master and healing artist to make special feng shui cure paintings to help you out of your mess.
Feng Shui Rizwana

Feng shui paintings can be used effectively by right guidance for proper placement of these paintings to act as cures. The question does arise in many minds as to how a painting can be used as a cure? As there are many objects and colours that we use in feng shui to correct the defects in our element design of our home and office or restaurant the symbols used by an feng shui artist in their paintings will do the same. It is advisable to purchase genuine feng shui paintings from a reputed feng shui and healing artist as the intentions here are very important. You will feel the poster of any cure or just another art print will also do, but if you feel and would like to see the change in your present scenario then it is advisable to buy a genuine healing painting from an healing artist. Not only are these feng shui cure paintings charged with positive intentions and energy they are specifically made according to your life problems and designed to act as cures.
All the Best from Rizwana!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Broken Toys and feng Shui Energy How to Take Care of Childrens Room Feng Shui

Broken Toys and feng Shui Energy is a simple yet important aspect of children's bedroom feng shui. When in this world of technology and advanced ranges of electronic toys we see parents shower their children with lots of fancy equipments and toys. The electronic media has led into innovations and fancy technology in children's toys. Children love these toys and even small children as young as aged three are comfortable with their palm tops and playing off digital games.
Broken toys emit a strong negative energy which we hardly notice. Electronic equipment and gadgets however advanced they do emit fumes and energy that is harmful for your child. When these equipment over power the space in your child's bedroom they disturb precious chi of your children, their rest and sleep energy is affected by the energy emitted from these equipments.
Another aspect most of the times parents and relatives gift new toys and games and hardly follow up when theses toys are broken or not working. Storing such broken toys is harmful and also electronic equipment when left unused for long time and in damp conditions is also harmful for the safety of your child. Cells and chargers that are not working need to be immediately replaced or repaired.
Broken equipments and toys in children's bedroom must be either repaired or removed as they are a risk to your child's health and safety.
Feng shui places a lot of importance on children's bedrooms as this is the space where the personal chi is re-energized and when there is an abundance of electronic waves here it will disturb the health of your child.
Broken toys are extremely dangerous as small children may get hurt or even accidentally swallow some small pieces.
Bring in positive feng shui energy into your child's room by adding colorful eco friendly toys and and if you must add gadgets keep a check on the number of electronic toys you have in their room and also keep checking about the broken or not working ones that will accumulate dust and add up as feng shui clutter into your child's life hindering their progress and education.
Geometric Painting by Rizwana
Add a dash of color to your children's bedroom by hanging this beautiful colorful artwork on the wall to enhance creativity and fame. Thank you!