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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ergonomics Furniture Design Benefits in Feng Shui

Ergonomics is a field of engineering science , a study of relation between the worker and his environment in which he works. Furniture arrangements to create perfect harmony in the work place and home ergonomics furniture are being selected after replacing the traditional furniture in every home and office. Feng shui is a science of placement of furniture according to the element theory and with guidance following the Ba Gua map feng shui helps to attract positive chi in any place and enlivens the environment.
Ergonomic chair, sofa set, lounge, bed all types of furniture needs are fulfilled by latest ergonomically designed furniture. Since these furniture designs are made keeping in mind the body support and comfort level at all levels these ergonomically designed furniture help to keep the posture of the user healthy and allows chi to travel in the whole body freely. Very often computer users complain of back aches, head aches and neck sprain. I personally have gone through all these with immense back aches, neck strain and eye strain. all this happens because our body is not in correct posture due to faulty design in chair. The computer monitor is not at our eye level so we stoop low or look higher than the eye level. And being like this for prolonged hours leads to blocked chi, which is stifled in some places and cannot move freely. Energy blockages lead to bad health  numbness, sprains and eye problems.
Ergonomics is considered a very good feng shui booster and these furniture are used as feng shui cures for many problems. Not only will an ergonomically balanced chair promote good health, but when your feel happy and healthy you can work for longer hours and thus increase more wealth and career business opportunities. Changing for the best and ergonomically balanced study table and chair helps children to focus and concentrate more on their study thus resulting in improved grades and good recognition. There are immense benefits of having ergonomically balanced furniture in you home and office and feng shui promotes this in all types of furniture,since the aim is to promote good health, good posture, and happiness.
The whole environment will be full of natural positive energy as furniture will be in balance with the individual, and as the living room lounge relaxer will be of ergonomically design , you will be more comfortable and relaxed in your home after a days work. Your guests will also feel more comfortable and as in office when your clients feel at ease in this environment this will surely shoot up your business and career prospects.
Improving relationships to increasing grades and wealth , from happiness to prosperity an ergonomically designed furniture will be of great benefit according to Feng Shui as it increases your personal out put energy or chi.
All the Best!  
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where to Place Kitchen Cabinets and Importance of Kitchen Cabinets in Feng Shui

Where to place kitchen cabinets is an important thing we consider in our interior kitchen decor. Your kitchen is the heart of your home and according to feng shui principles the Chinese believed that all happiness, good health and prosperity is linked to your kitchen.
Any feng shui consultant when faced with a client problem first inspects the main door and then the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are very imporatnt in feng shui as they help to cut down on clutter and keep your kitchen organized.
Energy or chi is produced with happy emotions emitted from the cook. The home maker be it the lady of the house or the cook all need to be in a good frame of mind while cooking. The chi produced by this cooking is very important to nourish the body of all the family members Kitchen cabinets play a very important role in producing good chi in the kitchen and as a result which spreads in the whole house. It would be difficult for a cook to make good healthy food when they have to go searching everytime for a spoon or a knife while cooking.
Advantages of kitchen cabinets is that each thing has a place of its own. Since cabinets are made according to the requirements of the inmates and sections made of wood or metal int eh cabinets help to store things in order. This not only maintains cleanliness and order in all things, vessels, food products, vegetables and fruits, but also keeps a check on clutter.
Kitchen cabinets are available in many materials and the customer has a wide rage to choose from. Be it wooden cabinets or metal racks , be it shifting doors or sliding shelves, there is immense variety to choose from. one can also select the element or material one is lucky with or that which favors the family members. Like a person favoring wooden element can choose wooden shelves int eh kitchen cabinets, which are best according to feng shui but in the kitchen with all the grime and grease they need care. Preference is usually given to metal sliding cabinets as they are easy to handle and make movements easy for the cook to access all the materials and food containers.  You may also keep spoons, knives, all cutlery in one section which will remain safe from kids and pets in a kitchen cabinet drawer.
There is no information on where to have a kitchen cabinet. From my extensive reading and research on feng shui I would advise to have the kitchen cabinet on the south wall. I have reasoning here that most cutlery and utensils are metal and shiny, that which invite metal and prosperity luck in the south corner wall. Also when the display shelf in the kitchen cabinet has a glass door this again will be  a plus point for you to display colourful crockery and cutlery here to make your kitchen bright. This will become the centre of attention and as people see the kitchen they will definitely be attracted to the colourful display on the south wall which will activate your prosperity luck.
Do remember to take care if you also wish to have your fire element activated here with the cooking range or gas burners. As south area is commonly and universally accepted as the fire element many people prefer to have gas range or fire place here. In such cases electing a wooden kitchen cabinet may be risky so do consider all aspects before selecting a kitchen cabinet for cutting down on clutter and keeping the chi of your kitchen activated.You may also have the kitchen cabinet in any corner or wall of your kitchen according to your convenience but do remember to keep it clean and clutter free. Following simple feng shui principles will make this kitchen cabinet perform the role a  feng shui cure in your home.
By having kitchen cabinets we naturally keep all thing sin their respective place after each use. And also these are very helpful as feng shui cures when you have the tendency to hoard things or accumulate clutter in the kitchen. This can be naturally kept on a check when you will have limited space available for each object in the kitchen cabinet, crockery, cutlery or vessels and pans.
All the Best!  
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Friday, August 17, 2012

Bedroom Wall with lot of Different Size Mirrors Feng Shui Simple Cures

Bedroom wall with a lot of mirrors hanging, different sized mirrors, feng shui cures for this case
I have a wall in m bedroom that has a lot of different size mirrors on it someone told me this is very bad especially in the bedroom can you tell me why??  oronakathy1965 Sent from my PANTECH Burst™ on AT&T
Yes mirrors are considered bad in feng shui, though many interior designers now promote mirrors to make the room appear larger and bright more spacious. Fancy mirrors and contemporary designs are available in mirrors.
 Does the mirror reflect your bed or seating area in bedroom?  then it is considered very bad in feng shui. Mirrors are one of the most powerful feng shui cures used in feng shui but at the same time they are the most powerful tools to harm also. The Ba Gua mirrors and convex and concave mirrors are examples of how mirrors can be used to deflect negative energy and shars towards you.
1- As the Chinese believed that when we wake up at night we get scared, shocked,  by the vision of ghosts, our reflection in the mirror in darkness. This creates bad negative chi in your bedroom which is not good.
2- There is also a belief that the soul comes out at night and leaves the body and gets scared when it sees its reflection in the mirror, this creates health problems with disturbed sleep and bad dreams.
3- The Reflection of the couple sleeping also is not good feng shui, the mirrors reflect the experiences and energy of the whole day and this energy is transferred to the sleeping couple. The purpose of the bedroom is for relaxation and re-energising or replenishing energy to the body,  which is not fulfilled here in this case, many couples heading for divorce with lots of arguments and bickering taking place when there are too many mirrors in the bedroom. With fancy mirrors or full length mirrors reflecting the bed there may also be many external interferences within the couple as their life become open to everyone  like a mirror.
4- If the mirrors are a collection of small pieces, like the fancy and contemporary mirrors available today,  and reflect different body parts in sections then again this may lead to health problems, as in case of half body reflections, eyes only or hands only reflections seen in the mirror, some also have many faces seeing in the reflective mirrors which creates a misleading image of the viewer. The viewer may also have a wrong concept and confused outlook in life , career and all areas of life , again leading to loss of relationships, career and wealth..
It is advisable to either cover the mirrors at night or move the position of the bed.Do share your experiences with mirrors.

All the Best from Rizwana! 
Ba Gua Luck, Acrylic on hand Made Paper, raz

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Is Your Child a Rebel Feng Shui Tips

If you have a rebellious child some simple feng shui tips can help to ease out the emotions and help your child to concentrate better improve his grades. Children very often reflect parents emotions and if your toddler is angry and throws tantrums often you sure need to check the feng shui of your home.Do consider a full health check up to rule out any health disease problems and deficiencies. If there is no specific reason found out for your child to act in rebellious manner consider feng shui as a guide. 
First of all do a quick round of your home and the area belonging to the children sector. The west and the south west check all area for clutter and negative poison shars that are hurting you child. These may be toys with sharp edges, violent paintings and poster in the child's room, sharp furniture edges, not allotting enough space for your toddler to play and freedom restricted, may all lead to rebellious child. Feng shui also places a lot of importance on the construction of your home. The size of the rooms and the palce for your child's bedroom is also important.
Windows that are most important to bring in positive chi are the main reason in feng shui has given for a back answering child and rebellious nature. When your child is always on the edge and does not listen to you as a result his studies and academic grades suffer. do consider looking at the windows. in feng shui your home is similar and compared to the body of a human being, just like our body parts the home is divided into parts. The main door is the mouth of the parent and as this allows beneficial chi to enter, the windows have been given the place of mouth of the child. If the widows of your home are too large as compared to the room size there are many chances that you have a rebellious child.  Feng shui is all about balance and harmony and any imbalance in size of rooms or space allocated will affect your family and career as well as relationships. The south west relationship corner needs attention and you can hang beautiful birds paintings here. Try to hang a wind chime in your child's room, there may be negative shars which are not visible to you.  Pillars, corners of study table or the dressing table mirror, or the angry bird toys all create negative energy.
See the child's bathroom , it must be away from his bed and even not connected to the head rest of his bed.
Feng shui simpel tips for rebellious child-
If the windows of your home are larger and you do not wish to break and reconstruction costs are heavy, plant thick tall plants near the window to reduce the size o0f the windows. You can also have heavy curtains to partially block the area of the windows. Consider the toys your child plays with and avoid angry pictures and wild animal toys and video games. Try to balance energy in the child's room with  elements theory of feng shui. You can find out your child's personal favorable colour and element and activate this element to bring about balance of energy in the room and home. Also do consider the view from outside the child's bedroom and his study room for any shars and block them with feng shui simple cures.
Customized furniture helps to keep the clutter at check and you can organize your chid's books and clothes and toys in a systematic manner.
Keep a rose quartz stone pyramid, statue or education tower, sphere or amethysts ball in the room for activating love and peace and self acceptance. 
Finally activate the west section with round shiny objects and artefacts. Round shape corresponds  the west sector of your home and the element here is metal. This is the sector for creativity and children and activating this section will bring about good concentration in studies , improved grades from your child and encourage creativity . Check out on the time spent on internet and online games. Add lots of activity books, hobby materials and intelligent toys for your child to be busy. which will make your child well balanced and with a healthy diet you may keep check with his tantrums.
All the Best!  
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Difference Between Healing Art and Colour Art Therapy - by Reiki Master Rizwana Mundewadi

  Healing with colours, using symbols for healing along with colours , as I am a trained Reiki Helaer and spiritual person I tap the energy from the universe and channel it to the receiver.I am just an observer and a pure channel. Just a simple soul on my spiritual journey...
Art therapy has been in news since many years where therapists ask patients to paint with any colours and any shapes they like. the art therapist then observes the colours selected by the client, the abstract paintings are then analyzed by finding hidden meanings in the art. An art therapist understand the emotions of the patient and tries to suggest treatment and counseling according to the analysis. Some people use black paint while some paint the whole paper red! there is just a blob or there is a picture maybe of some animal, bird, tree or just anything has been bothering the mind of the patient. The clients are also given picture cards to give their opinions on this. I think this somewhat explains in simple what art therapy constitutes of, according to me, I am not trained in this so a therapist may be a better person to explain this. .
Healing art also uses colour as a therapy constituent but colour is only a small part of this therapy. I use symbols , maybe calligraphic symbols used in any religion or my Reiki symbols which have been proven to give excellent results, especially in curing mental blocks and karmic imbalances or past karmic influences.Here the artist becomes a medium to spread the message of love and healing and the symbols amplify the power of the positive intentions. As an healing artist my first aim was to help heal the earth. Being close to nature .. . doing my little bit, maybe a speck in front of this whole world, but no matter even a dot it fits in the plan of the universe. Each one of us can sit in quiet and help heal the earth , by sending positive thoughts and pink love white golden energy to the mother earth.
Passing the reiki energy through the chakra system and healing by the chakra colours I am my self on the spiritual journey and the best part is as I heal others I myself get healed. I have been Buddhism is a very pure religion where Gautam Buddha has preached  principles to follow, one being humble, simple and without any attachments, it is attachments that create problems and most karmic problems, health problems, money problems and relationship problems have been linked to this .

Healing art helps one to connect to the true self. These are artworks that may have a particular symbol or combination of symbols that will influence the psyche and the mind of the viewer with a proper channeling of the energy put up by the healing artist. The intentions are important for the healee to get healed.
All my healing paintings have been painted with the intentions according to  the symbols  used and explanations given by me.The symbols are very simple but powerful and only a qualified Reiki Master can use them , otherwise they are just lines! and the healing paintings are colourful expressions of my therapy. Viewing the healing art people often connect to the symbols for which their lives need energy and the healing goes in that direction.
There is no overdose here as positive energy will only help the best part of Reiki energy is it applies universally, means you will not only heal of your problem but the positivity will be visible also in other aspects of your life.
It feels nice to see what some one observes in my art the other may have a totally different vision of the same healing painting. Portfolio
While on this spiritual journey as I continue to make healing art...
I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.
All the Best!  
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Feng Shui Tips for Doctors, Paediatricians and Consultants to Purchase Shop premises

Doctors and physicians are most important in our lives and we all need to have a clinic and hospital near our home. It makes us feel safe and as we see many clinics flooded with patients and their numbers and tokens given and people queue up for hours there are some doctors who just do not have any patients in their clinics. Why does this happen when both are qualified and where does this luck affect their career. Let us evaluate according to feng shui principles and here I suggest important tips and feng shui easy cures for doctors and paediatricians and physicians to purchase shops and premises for clinics.
1- Clinics need to be in important places, by this I do not mean posh areas but consider the roads and area before selecting the place or shop for clinics. The energy coming from many directions is a must for any doctor’s clinic to run. Consider many roads meeting towards your clinic or shop and many lanes coming towards your clinic, by this you attract energy from many directions, that is people from many directions can see your clinic and have access to your services.  
2- See the most important direction if you have the choice. Door to your clinic is very important and must be clutter free and open for public to enter. Nobody likes to enter dark small subways for any service. South east and south areas of any road are very good. Try to avoid having shop for clinic near public toilet, drainages, building basements as here the energy is stagnant and dull, and you as a doctor want to promote good health and people do not like to enter a clinic which is surrounded by bad smell and drainage water.
If you have a shop on main road all the good but if you have to purchase an inside lane shop consider the area and surroundings. Easy access is very important as sick people will not be able to make many twists and turns of road to reach you, unless of course you are the only specialist available in  the town! But do consider quiet and some peace as clinics and pediatrician clinics as well as physicians cater to the sick and too much noisy environment is also not good. The patients will feel restless and not come to your clinic in a very crowded environment.
3- Your board and sign, name plate must be visible from far away also. You have to cater to services for many people and so your name and service must be visible form far with bright lighted name board. Clear name along with your qualifications must be displayed above the shop and at the entrance of your clinic.
4- Directions must be clear as people must be able to reach easily to your place for services required. Select a place which has easy access to public and private transport and has a good road where vehicles can be parked. If the way is too long and narrow energy is restricted and by the way it reaches your shop from the road it diminishes to a small amount and your area will always be dull and gloomy.
5- Inside of your clinic must be appealing and soothing, a patient must feel relaxed when they enter the place. Entrance can have plants for good energy and healing paintings or colourful flower paintings can be displayed in the lobby and seating area. All rooms must be clutter free and organised along with efficient staff to handle patients and files easily and happily. While selecting shop consider the space available for all these areas and entrance of your clinic must have some place for welcome mat door amt, very important and when put with positive intentions your door mat will work magic in attracting people to your clinic. For a paediatrician handling children it would be advisable to have attendants and colourful toys with colourful paintings displayed on walls around to make the patients at ease and it has been proved that children love to enter paediatrician clinics where they feel at home and happy.
6- Avoid tall trees , electric poles, tall buildings, tall structures in front of your main door. Your clinic must be visible from out and far. Such thing create shars, in feng shui terms , negative energy. Though these can be remedied with simple feng shui cures but it is best not to select such a place. 
All the Best!  
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Healing Artist Raz: Feng Shui Paintings

Healing Artist Raz: Feng Shui Paintings: Feng Shui painting for Good Luck and Karmic Healing by Rizwana Feng Shui Cure Painting for Career Luck by Mrs. Rizwana A.Mundewadi ...
All the Best!  
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Struggling Rock Music Bands Success Tips with Feng Shui

Music is the food for soul and as we see new rock bands coming up and new music albums being released with the latest topping the charts with fresh music ,if you are a struggling music band group you wonder about their luck and hard work and contacts in music filed. Yes work is required but there is also a luck aspects for success in music rock bands. Few simple feng shui tips for music bands who have been struggling, practicing and making good music,  and not seen the lime light after hard work.
Your music room or creativity section is most important. The area cannot be dull and gloomy with spider webs around . You need to light up the area and make it colourful and attractive for bringing in new energy to your work of making music. Most often we see that the musical instruments have not been tuned and cleaned well. So maintain all you music instruments in tip and top order is essential, in case any opportunity rocks on. Activate your personal corner by finding out your lucky number in feng shui and all the lucky numbers of all the band members. This number of people in your band will already attract good luck towards you. Display good colourful instruments poster or feng shui paintings in your home and music practice room. People also display sculpture of musicians or you can display posters of successful rock bands in your room.
You may activate the fame area by having red coloured candles, lamps or colourful wall with paintings of musicians and musical instruments. Have bird paintings, bird sculptures or bird artefacts a must for the north and north west  section for inviting helpful friends in your life and career. Keep music albums and music that you have recorded in this area in a closed wall unit, display shelf,  or shelf having glass doors so that you and others all see them and it does not accumulate dust.  The north east section for education luck can be activated by having a pyramid or education tower of a precious or semi precious stone, preferable the Onyx stone, which will help the band members to focus more and have single aim in life.
Remember to have paintings , sculptures or musical instruments artefacts in groups as you wish to activate the rock band group luck and work together , displaying single instruments or only works of single band members will not encourage all members to perform their best. Finally keep practicing and distributing your music Cds to new music companies and top famous musicians for appraisal. One very important feng shui tip here would be whenever you make and record a new music album display this poster or cover of this album along with the name of all the rock band members in the north west section of your living room, music practice room or music hall. 
All the Best!  
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Feng Shui Tips for Developing Music Hobby Guitar Playing in Career as Rock Bands

Children and adults all have hobbies and as some use this music for passing time and hobby some people lead this activity as a career and full time work to earn money and living. Rock bands are many and people making music are in great numbers. Every few months we see new rock bands coming up and albums of music released from many music companies. Is it only talent that these people succeed in coming forwards or is there a factor of feng shui luck which we can tap to activate fame and recognition luck. Let us see here in this article I will suggest few simple f eng shui cures , tried and tested which will help you to achieve your dream of becoming successful rock band or musician or music band.
Creativity and fame , two areas which will need critical evaluation first. The north of your career luck, the south for fame luck and very important the north west for helpful friends and travel luck, Remember no work can be done when this area is stagnating with low or negative energy. The north east section, the most important section will help to attract good helpful friends in your life who will not only guide you about opportunities, but also teach you to play good music guitar or any instrument. Good teachers and guides will come your way and friends will share activities and openings for your musical albums and thus you will also be learning new skills in playing guitar.

1) The south section of your living room, personal room or music practice room must be kept clean and always lighted. 
2) Do have red colour here to activate this area and bring fame luck into your life. 
3) A red feng shui painting would be great 
4)  red and orange guitars displayed here, or an painting of red guitars , colourful guitars and musical instruments would be great to activate feng shui fame luck for you and your rock music band.
5) You are a new rock band in need of opening you may take a coloured photograph of all the members of your band and display it in the north west section of your band practice music room. 
6) Keep all your guitars and music instruments clean 
and of course keep making good music. 
Practice, practice, practice...and connect with people, connect and invite people , offer to play at social occasions in family and friends circle.  
7) West , creativity sector, activate with your instruments and awards  or recognition symbols. Photos of successful shows.
8) Your music albums, records, in north for attracting more opportunities to perform and earn wealth from this hobby /career. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Get Awards, Medals, Certificates with Feng Shui

We hardly know anyone who would not like recognition and awards in life. As we dream of success in education and business everyone in the heart wishes to get good recognition awards. For children in school and colleges parents wish they get good grades and rewards in form of awards, medals and certificates of honour. Let us see how feng shui principles can help us to achieve good education luck and also where to display such awards, medals and certificates of honour.
Small children when participating in sports get certificates, medals and as they grow they also participate in inter school competitions and inter college fests. If your child is not able to participate in any social activities you can try simple feng shui cures to activate education and fame luck. Clean the north east section and make a library and study desk here. It would be advisable to have a light , beautiful lamp that focuses on the study area of your child. By lighting the lamp daily before sunset keep the energy of this area high to activate education luck. You must a so have systematic customized shelves to keep all your child's books and activity folders in proper order. Clutter in any form creates negative energy and customized solutions in furniture help to keep the clutter at bay. By lighting this area you give a signal to the universe that education is very important in your life and also in your child's life. Thus making them alert and active in studying and reading habits.
When your child gets awards, certificates or medals of honour give respect to these achievements. Even if they are simple certificates of paper, do appreciate them and display them in your child's room or study room. All sorts of encouragement will make them happy and encourage them to work hard and achieve more good grades. The child's bedroom furniture must be according to their age and all things can be sorted and arranged well according to their age requirements and personal hobbies. Let the creativity flow with activating the feng shui creativity section of your child's room. The west area corresponds to children and the ruling element here is metal.
Simple feng shui cures for education and achievement luck can be done in your home. Have awards and medals displayed in glass door shelves so that they can be visible daily to everyone as this is a form of pride for your child and you and also encouragement for future awards. Have a picture boards or display board for pinning up his small achievements like essays and drawings.Follow these simple easy feng shui cures for inviting good recognition luck. Also do remember that activating a single area will not give you the same intensity result as when you apply total feng shui  cures for your whole home and office for best results. Invite chi into your child's life and make way for awards, medals and certificates of honour and recognition.
You may also activate the creativity section of your living room so that all people in the home benefit from this luck. Take care to keep this area clean and dust free so it is advisable to have closed door shelves with glass interiors and doors which are good for visibility and also prevent dust accumulation. Display all awards, medals and certificates of all members in this section for best chi into this area. They can be educational qualifications, sports certificates, competition certificates, activity grade certificates and just any objects of recognition.

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Remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for all the rest there is feng shui.
All the Best!  
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How to choose an Amethyst Stone Selection Tips

The amethysts stone as a symbol of purity and spirituality used mostly by healers and for healing sessions is a purple coloured stone has universal appeal. The amethysts available in raw form also looks very beautiful and especially in the crystalline form it is a piece of conversation if placed in your home. The purified stone set in different shapes or balls, cylinders, cubes, pyramids and towers also are very common and used for healing purposes. There are many jewellery forms also available studded with the amethyst stone. Being the birth stone for Aquarius sign it is most beneficial for the February born, but none the less used by all for its beautiful colour and immense attributes of healing.
When you go to purchase amethyst stone jewellery or artefacts or just stone it is advisable to buy this from a certified gems tone dealer or jewellers. Since these people give you genuine quartz stones with a certificate you are assured that you get correct and genuine amethysts stone, than be fooled by a cheaper version of purple coloured glass. Usually glass I have seen looks more attractive, shiny and sparkling than the original amethysts stone. This glass after few days and  sometime of wearing turns into transparent glass and faded colour. And the answer the dealer will give is that the stone has picked up negative energies and become transparent or lost its colour and lead you into another purchase of costlier amethysts stone jewellery.
Amethysts Stone Crystal
Select the stone that attracts you, Never just look at the price tag but go with your gut feelings while purchasing an amethysts stone. The amethysts stone crystal, raw or ball sphere or pyramid will connect with you. Never purchase any amethysts stone on just the saying or conversation of the gem store dealer or jeweller. Your heart will connect to the right stone be it a finger ring, a pendant, or a bracelet, on wearing it you will feel an immense surge of energy and happiness, some people also feel alert, while some experience a moment of stillness and stability on wearing this stone. Reactions are different for different wearers for the first time. On placing an amethysts artefact on your hand or touching a statue of amethysts stone you will feel different emotions, remember to select the piece that connects to your the most, feelings of happiness, peace, and comfort. Especially for the finger rings, it would feel that he piece has been made especially for you, as the ring will fit snugly and comfortably onto your finger.
Try to look carefully at the jewellery or stone for any traces of impurities or cracks. Hold the stone, feel the surface and feel its presence and then go in for the final purchase of the amethyst stone. 
All the Best!  
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Care of your Amethysts Stone or Artefact

Amethysts stone is a purple coloured stone but after few years people have mentioned that the stone may turn white or pale. Now belief is that the stone has absorbed the negative energies form the wearer and the environment. Sometimes even the stone may crack under extreme negative energies. Now I do not know about this but during a healing session my healing stone necklace did break unknowingly scattering all my gems, this was a shocking experience and though I had maintained calm, I did understand the high frequency of negative energies around the person who looked cheerful and happy from outside. Do not wear cracked stones as the stone loses its healing powers after cracking.
How to take care of your precious amethyst stone jewellery or artefact is very important as faded and cracked pieces of purple amethysts do not look good and also have reduced healing properties. Though cracked amethyst has not proved to develop any harmful energies, in feng shui we believe to avoid any things cracked as there is leakage or energy drain of positive energy. It is better to change the stone if it has cracked, be it your finger ring, your bracelet or your necklace and avoid wearing the cracked stone.
Purple Amethyst
Try to avoid using amethyst stone in extreme climatic conditions. That is too cold or too hot avoid direct exposure of sunlight as according to gem stone experts chances are that the stone may fade. Sometimes the amethysts stone is dark purple on purchase and then turns lighter after few washes and bathing. Here the stone may not be an original gem stone or may be just glass. It is better to buy amethysts from authentic gem stone suppliers and gem stone jewellers.
The amethysts stone is best fitted in hard metal and people prefer to set it in silver or platinum metal. As with gold usually people avoid this stone with the healing properties and golden colour of soft metal gold not matching with this stone. White metal or white gold also may be used but preferred metal is platinum because of its strength and stability.
While cleaning your amethysts pyramids or crystal balls or towers do try to clean them with soft muslin cloth as rough surfaced material may bring about scratches on the soft stone surface. The stone artefact must also be placed away from direct sunlight and blast of air from the window. Place your amethysts statue or artefact it in a cool and dry place protected from direct sunrays, wind and also air conditioner vents.
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Feng Shui and Use of Healing Amethysts Stone

Amethyst being a most powerful colourful stone used since ages by spiritual healers in healing sessions and as self healing has become a most sought after stone now. Purple or lilac coloured crystal stone is available in raw or crystal form. In early days rich people and royal kings used to wear these colourful stones which indicated royalty, upper position and class. The most sought after stone and most attractive purple stone Amethyst is said to have protecting properties and protects the wearer from evil eye and negative forces.
The literal meaning of Amethyst in Greek is ‘undrunken’ that is the person wearing this stone becomes alert and intuitive. The mind opens doors of creativity and understanding and this amethyst stone has properties which help the wearer to become alert and consciousness  and memory improvement. The symbol of power it is the most beautiful and favourite only second after rose quartz stone.
The characteristics of the Amethysts stones are independent, creative, stimulating, progressive and growth.  With many attributes given to this prestigious stone the most common beliefs are that it offers protection to the wearer from evil spirits. The amethysts stone also helps clears skin blemishes and lightens scars and makes the skin soft and glowing. The wearer feels the stone affects in good health and good heart. Healers use this to offer strength of soul to the healee. Depression and other related mental problems when noticed can be reduced by using this amethysts stone near the body or in the room of the individual who requires healing. Healers also swear by the healing properties of amethyst stone for reducing headaches and insomnia. Feelings of anxiety, low self esteem, fears that are irrational, obsessions of all kinds, and bad dreams all can be healed by using amethyst stone near your bed or placing the amethyst under your pillow.

You can use this amethysts stone in raw rock form or wear any piece of jewellery and keep it near your body. People also prefer to buy amethysts towers, amethysts balls, amethysts pyramids and place them on study table, office table or near the bed for healing and purifying the whole area. This stone will protect the environment form accumulating negative energies and also from evils spirits. The amethysts stone heals past fears and obsessive thoughts and makes the wearer at peace with self. Confidence, protection and clarity of thoughts are the most important attributes given to this healing stone.
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Amethysts Stone Heart Shaped Pendant for Neck Piece

The amethysts stone when kept under the pillow while sleeping wards away undue fears and negative thoughts . Also protects against nightmares and bad dreams. For education luck people put a amethysts pyramid tower on the study table , left side of your study table for best healing results. Improved grades and better assessment marks as also increased confidence and attracting good friends are all attributed to the stone. For good business and new contracts as well as job promotions place an amethysts stone artefact, amethysts ball or sphere or an amethysts pyramid tower in the north or north west section of your office, living room or bedroom.
For feng shui marriage luck or love cure people prefer to place a amethyst heart shaped stone in the bedroom to invite marriage and love luck. Women also wear heart shaped pendants near their neck or ear rings or finger rings with this stone in heart shape to attract marriage and love luck. Keeping an amethyst stone artefacts or statue of two birds or couple near your bed is good feng shui for your bedroom.
With many healing properties attributed to the amethysts stone it is also a symbol of power and strength. Feelings of inadequacy, low confidence and instability in health and career, all can be healed by using this amethyst stone near you. Men can wear finger rings studded in silver, but most men prefer to have pyramids or towers in their wallet or purse. Some people also put on display amethysts stone artefacts which distributes the healing energies in the whole environment.
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Saturday, August 4, 2012

How Important is it to Meet an Artist in Person - by Rizwana Mundewadi

How important is it for an artist to meet other artists in person.

In the year 2000 when I had first displayed my works in group shows had I met few artists in person, though as I was amateur with my art I did not even talk much, than the usual talk!
After a decade visiting the hill station Manali Himanchal Pradesh Roerich  Art Gallery it was another new experince in my life, meeting a spiritual artist who was doing symbolic artowrks, "Dhwani, or spiritual sound" was his theme, he had done huge artowrks and it was a treat to my eyes and my soul, though I still do not connect personally to anyone, why i do not know.?why do I become just another viewer and though I like the art but when I move ahead I just forget about it. It is a different genre, different from my journey, different from my thought processes...why do I lead a simple life, think in simple terms, and enjoy in the little things ...
Why do people always visit galleries. When I began I was advised to visit galleries, meet artists, learn about public response, see what is in demand...but over a decade I have been painting in a corner , secluded without much social contact, with my daily spiritual routine, reiki, music therapy, prayers,studying colours, textures, smell of paint, experimenting my personal journey continuing without much ho ha, and of course painting just what I like. On paper, on canvas as my budget permits and even on small bits and pieces! selling was never on my mind and still not when I paint as I paint for myself and diplay the artwork everytime I make a new one and enjoy how it looks, how it feels and how it communicates with me. I enjoy the healing process with always feelings of happiness and satisfaction, and wait when my babies will get a new home where they will spread their message of healing... spreading the message is important.
now I do sometimes see other people's art online when they invite or post on face book but that is that and even if I like it it never comes up when I paint.I am influenced by colours and as people fall in love I fall for attractive colours! good bright, fresh, pure colours, Somehow I feel each artist is different and even though many have painted on enlightenment we see each artwork totally different, there are rose paintings but totally different and there are Buddha paintings but totally different. there are landscapes, there are still life's ...that's the beauty of art!
I totally agree that we have to keep upgrading , learning, emerging, evolving and other wise we will become boring and stagnant as a person and as an aritist. Talking about art is also necessary as we become more confident about our art and as we open for communication we invite and link to more buyers which in the end matters for every artist.Writing has become another passion after painting and my life is much to paint much to little time...
continuing the journey and continuing to paint healing art...

I aim to make simple, colourful, and understandable art. Art that heals; Symbols that work.

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