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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where to Place Kitchen Cabinets and Importance of Kitchen Cabinets in Feng Shui

Where to place kitchen cabinets is an important thing we consider in our interior kitchen decor. Your kitchen is the heart of your home and according to feng shui principles the Chinese believed that all happiness, good health and prosperity is linked to your kitchen.
Any feng shui consultant when faced with a client problem first inspects the main door and then the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are very imporatnt in feng shui as they help to cut down on clutter and keep your kitchen organized.
Energy or chi is produced with happy emotions emitted from the cook. The home maker be it the lady of the house or the cook all need to be in a good frame of mind while cooking. The chi produced by this cooking is very important to nourish the body of all the family members Kitchen cabinets play a very important role in producing good chi in the kitchen and as a result which spreads in the whole house. It would be difficult for a cook to make good healthy food when they have to go searching everytime for a spoon or a knife while cooking.
Advantages of kitchen cabinets is that each thing has a place of its own. Since cabinets are made according to the requirements of the inmates and sections made of wood or metal int eh cabinets help to store things in order. This not only maintains cleanliness and order in all things, vessels, food products, vegetables and fruits, but also keeps a check on clutter.
Kitchen cabinets are available in many materials and the customer has a wide rage to choose from. Be it wooden cabinets or metal racks , be it shifting doors or sliding shelves, there is immense variety to choose from. one can also select the element or material one is lucky with or that which favors the family members. Like a person favoring wooden element can choose wooden shelves int eh kitchen cabinets, which are best according to feng shui but in the kitchen with all the grime and grease they need care. Preference is usually given to metal sliding cabinets as they are easy to handle and make movements easy for the cook to access all the materials and food containers.  You may also keep spoons, knives, all cutlery in one section which will remain safe from kids and pets in a kitchen cabinet drawer.
There is no information on where to have a kitchen cabinet. From my extensive reading and research on feng shui I would advise to have the kitchen cabinet on the south wall. I have reasoning here that most cutlery and utensils are metal and shiny, that which invite metal and prosperity luck in the south corner wall. Also when the display shelf in the kitchen cabinet has a glass door this again will be  a plus point for you to display colourful crockery and cutlery here to make your kitchen bright. This will become the centre of attention and as people see the kitchen they will definitely be attracted to the colourful display on the south wall which will activate your prosperity luck.
Do remember to take care if you also wish to have your fire element activated here with the cooking range or gas burners. As south area is commonly and universally accepted as the fire element many people prefer to have gas range or fire place here. In such cases electing a wooden kitchen cabinet may be risky so do consider all aspects before selecting a kitchen cabinet for cutting down on clutter and keeping the chi of your kitchen activated.You may also have the kitchen cabinet in any corner or wall of your kitchen according to your convenience but do remember to keep it clean and clutter free. Following simple feng shui principles will make this kitchen cabinet perform the role a  feng shui cure in your home.
By having kitchen cabinets we naturally keep all thing sin their respective place after each use. And also these are very helpful as feng shui cures when you have the tendency to hoard things or accumulate clutter in the kitchen. This can be naturally kept on a check when you will have limited space available for each object in the kitchen cabinet, crockery, cutlery or vessels and pans.
All the Best!  
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