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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ergonomics Furniture Design Benefits in Feng Shui

Ergonomics is a field of engineering science , a study of relation between the worker and his environment in which he works. Furniture arrangements to create perfect harmony in the work place and home ergonomics furniture are being selected after replacing the traditional furniture in every home and office. Feng shui is a science of placement of furniture according to the element theory and with guidance following the Ba Gua map feng shui helps to attract positive chi in any place and enlivens the environment.
Ergonomic chair, sofa set, lounge, bed all types of furniture needs are fulfilled by latest ergonomically designed furniture. Since these furniture designs are made keeping in mind the body support and comfort level at all levels these ergonomically designed furniture help to keep the posture of the user healthy and allows chi to travel in the whole body freely. Very often computer users complain of back aches, head aches and neck sprain. I personally have gone through all these with immense back aches, neck strain and eye strain. all this happens because our body is not in correct posture due to faulty design in chair. The computer monitor is not at our eye level so we stoop low or look higher than the eye level. And being like this for prolonged hours leads to blocked chi, which is stifled in some places and cannot move freely. Energy blockages lead to bad health  numbness, sprains and eye problems.
Ergonomics is considered a very good feng shui booster and these furniture are used as feng shui cures for many problems. Not only will an ergonomically balanced chair promote good health, but when your feel happy and healthy you can work for longer hours and thus increase more wealth and career business opportunities. Changing for the best and ergonomically balanced study table and chair helps children to focus and concentrate more on their study thus resulting in improved grades and good recognition. There are immense benefits of having ergonomically balanced furniture in you home and office and feng shui promotes this in all types of furniture,since the aim is to promote good health, good posture, and happiness.
The whole environment will be full of natural positive energy as furniture will be in balance with the individual, and as the living room lounge relaxer will be of ergonomically design , you will be more comfortable and relaxed in your home after a days work. Your guests will also feel more comfortable and as in office when your clients feel at ease in this environment this will surely shoot up your business and career prospects.
Improving relationships to increasing grades and wealth , from happiness to prosperity an ergonomically designed furniture will be of great benefit according to Feng Shui as it increases your personal out put energy or chi.
All the Best!  
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