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Friday, August 17, 2012

Is Your Child a Rebel Feng Shui Tips

If you have a rebellious child some simple feng shui tips can help to ease out the emotions and help your child to concentrate better improve his grades. Children very often reflect parents emotions and if your toddler is angry and throws tantrums often you sure need to check the feng shui of your home.Do consider a full health check up to rule out any health disease problems and deficiencies. If there is no specific reason found out for your child to act in rebellious manner consider feng shui as a guide. 
First of all do a quick round of your home and the area belonging to the children sector. The west and the south west check all area for clutter and negative poison shars that are hurting you child. These may be toys with sharp edges, violent paintings and poster in the child's room, sharp furniture edges, not allotting enough space for your toddler to play and freedom restricted, may all lead to rebellious child. Feng shui also places a lot of importance on the construction of your home. The size of the rooms and the palce for your child's bedroom is also important.
Windows that are most important to bring in positive chi are the main reason in feng shui has given for a back answering child and rebellious nature. When your child is always on the edge and does not listen to you as a result his studies and academic grades suffer. do consider looking at the windows. in feng shui your home is similar and compared to the body of a human being, just like our body parts the home is divided into parts. The main door is the mouth of the parent and as this allows beneficial chi to enter, the windows have been given the place of mouth of the child. If the widows of your home are too large as compared to the room size there are many chances that you have a rebellious child.  Feng shui is all about balance and harmony and any imbalance in size of rooms or space allocated will affect your family and career as well as relationships. The south west relationship corner needs attention and you can hang beautiful birds paintings here. Try to hang a wind chime in your child's room, there may be negative shars which are not visible to you.  Pillars, corners of study table or the dressing table mirror, or the angry bird toys all create negative energy.
See the child's bathroom , it must be away from his bed and even not connected to the head rest of his bed.
Feng shui simpel tips for rebellious child-
If the windows of your home are larger and you do not wish to break and reconstruction costs are heavy, plant thick tall plants near the window to reduce the size o0f the windows. You can also have heavy curtains to partially block the area of the windows. Consider the toys your child plays with and avoid angry pictures and wild animal toys and video games. Try to balance energy in the child's room with  elements theory of feng shui. You can find out your child's personal favorable colour and element and activate this element to bring about balance of energy in the room and home. Also do consider the view from outside the child's bedroom and his study room for any shars and block them with feng shui simple cures.
Customized furniture helps to keep the clutter at check and you can organize your chid's books and clothes and toys in a systematic manner.
Keep a rose quartz stone pyramid, statue or education tower, sphere or amethysts ball in the room for activating love and peace and self acceptance. 
Finally activate the west section with round shiny objects and artefacts. Round shape corresponds  the west sector of your home and the element here is metal. This is the sector for creativity and children and activating this section will bring about good concentration in studies , improved grades from your child and encourage creativity . Check out on the time spent on internet and online games. Add lots of activity books, hobby materials and intelligent toys for your child to be busy. which will make your child well balanced and with a healthy diet you may keep check with his tantrums.
All the Best!  
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