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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Feng Shui for People saying bad words while entering home How to neutralize poison arrows from neighbors foul language shar energy

It really upsets people when they enter their homes after a long tiring day at work and they hear bad words from outside. Also the same energy drain occurs when you hear not so good words and language from neighboring walls and floors below. 
Bands of Healing 8x10 inches
This is one of the major causes of ill health, mental tensions and stress. These negative energies may come from within the home or from outside people but affects your body and your mental health.
Clarity Throat Chakra Healing art, 5x5 inches

Ba Gua Luck, 8x11 inches

Red dot of healing 6.5x9.5 inches

True Blue, pair 9.5 x13.5 inches

Bands of Healing 8x10 inches

Eyes of Healing 6.5x9.5 inches

Contemporary Chakra mantras 12x12 inches

Divine Balance 5x5 inches

Healing and Reiki indicate a unbalanced throat chakra. People who often fight, quarrel, use bad words have a disturbed throat chakra and this can be effectively healed with simple symbols and meditative practices.
The confusions and anger become so much some times, with regular exposure,  that it reflects back to others and spreads like viral to the neighborhood houses. People are  always on the verge of fighting , quarreling and under high stress, which unknowingly may be the effect  of exposure to  hearing sounds, bad words, and not so good sounds from neighbouring walls and floors below.

 Feng Shui energy, the chi in your space can be easily activated with some simple feng shui cures to attract good luck and prosperity. You can get peace of mind and learn to block these sounds from your life and heal relationships and protect from negative energies coming from neighboring walls and floors below.
1) If possible try to explain to your neighbors in a straight forward soft tone, that this is affecting your mental peace. This is quite , quite difficult, yet may work out for a temporary relief.
2) Try to sound proof your home. Today we have cheap ways like rubber packing’s to doors and windows for sound proofing.
3) Hang protection cures over main doors "outside". It works, really works. My personal experience. In extreme cases go for a Ba Gua mirror, it works wonders, deflecting the coming negtaive energy.
4) Try green plants, this is a beautiful cure that neutralizes negative energy before entering your home. Choose Chinese Bamboo that are tough and need less care.

5) In extreme negativity, You can also choose cactus plants, these are beautiful to protect from negative energies from outside environment. Sharp spiky plants, like mother in laws tongue are also great protectors; Just see that there are no small children or pets in neighborhood as this is risky for them. So in this case hang the pots on walls out of your main door. This again works wonders deflecting back the shar arrows. 
6) Try sound healing. yes recite mantras, put on some chants or instrumental music while you reach home so that even if you cannot stop the noise pollution from outside , at least in side your house the sounds counter the negativity and neutralize it. 
Golden circle 22x30 inches
7) use colours, you can help heal your neighborhood by using colors like white and blue on the outside walls. These not only heal the viewers throat chakras but also are good for attracting wealth. 
This is an important energy healing  issue and do not get involved too much as negative energies are waiting to find a host, and it is transferred easily to the weakest aura people.
My Cho Ku Rei 11x13 inches
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!
Rays of Cho Ku Rei, sold, 4.5x7 inches
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  1. people with bad words are also not treated well in general.Feng Shui master tips will help you to get rid of these types of people.

  2. Yes, that is so true, and simply correcting the feng shui can in a way help out to attract more positive chi. 168 Prosperity gallery,All the Best from Rizwana!


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