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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Working Ladies Where to put your purse on Work Table for Feng Shui Good Luck and Wealth

Working Ladies Where to put your purse on Work Table for Good Luck.
Your purse is a symbol of wealth and prosperity which you use and carry every day to work. It is a habit that we usually do not take the right care of our purse.and then question as to why wealth does not stay with us. Follow simple feng shui.
Give some respect to your purse with lots of love, Do not  carry torn , scratched, worn out purses for office. However your dress is your purse will show a lot about you. While in office usually women have the very bad habit of keeping the hand bags under the table or near the dust bin. Yes your table is for work but your purse is an important feng shui symbol of your wealth and the more respect you give to money the more it loves to come to you.
Have a special place in your work space for your purse. Women benefit from keeping their purse on the right side of the work table. Men may keep the bags on the left side of the work table. Always keep the dustbins away from your purse. It is better to have the throw away matter and bins on opposite side of the purse and not very near, that is for ladies on your left hand side of the work table. 
Show some respect and love for your purse and money, it will love you back, That is feng shui, Thank You!
Simple Elegant Womens Purse
All the Best!
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort , for everything else there is feng shui!
Thank You!
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Monday, April 21, 2014

Paintings for Gloomy Dark Corners of Your Home and Office Feng Shui tips to improve energy in dark corners

Dark corners , in feng shui play a major role in the total feng shui energy of your home and life. Usually when major aspects of directions are considered in using feng shui cures hardly people pay attention tot eh most dangerous spots in their homes, the ones that emit the most negative energy and produce shar energy or act as pointed shar arrows, the dark corners.
The corners of the living room, dining areas , childrens rooms or even the gardens and entrances all are usually a bit dull as sun light does not reach there and artificial lighting is only used during nights. Here I share a few simple feng shui cure tips to enliven and brighten up these dark corners and improve the chi here.
When furniture is placed at angles for better movement the backside usually is left in dark. Most of the times these corners accumulate dust and also cobwebs with dirt which may be your personal lucky area or a north of south sector representing a major area / aspect of your life. Passages also when used to move from one room to another are hardly given another thought of beautification or lighting. There are also certain homes which have entrances as a passage and then we enter to a large spacious hall and dining area. Usually footwear is kept here which is unknowingly inviting negative energy form the mouth of your house the entrance main door.
While the walls are beautified with good quality wall paints and high quality artifacts , designer  furniture and costly artworks the dark corners are left neglected and uncared for. Space , in every bit has its own energy and will reflect in your life energy.
Dark corners can be brightened up with use of artificial lighting that is available in so many fancy designs and patterns or direction focussed lighting. You can hang a beautiful colored vibrant artwork here to uplift the energy of the dark corners. When you hang a strong symbolic artwork or painting this will draw your attention as well as of others entering or visiting your home and which in turn will keep you motivated to keep the area clean and shiny.
Good Luck Wealth Feng Shui
Ends that are gloomy can have color ful paintings that correspond to the feng shui energy of the respective direction and element. Plants are usually kept here but in dark corners they usually do not grow healthy and dried plants are very bad for your home. You will not only purify the space but also add up to some beneficial feng shui energy for your home by hanging plant flower paintings.
For dark corners have special frames or shape of paintings that can give the corners a smooth curve instead of sharp shar energy emitted as in sharp end corners. Stuck up energy is bad and mostly negative energy gets accumulated in dark corners of your rooms. In offices the back sides of executive chairs and tables are often the most neglected areas which tend to accumulate negative energy. This can be maintained by hanging a vibrant colorful artwork behind the chair which will grab attention, require care and cleaning so the whole backside will be kept clean and with positive energy.
The bathroom doors are usually kept closed in in corners or end of rooms such spaces tend to be dark with less chi and this also can be uplifted by hanging an appropriate painting to keep the energy of the space good. Also while coming out of the washrooms and bathrooms displaying art here will give you a pleasant view as you come out and immediately uplift energy.
Under the stairs and store rooms which are usually neglected in dust, dark are also a part of your home and energy here will reflect to your life and family. Having some artworks in glass here can beautify the areas. Canvas paintings should not be hung in store rooms, areas where there is lot of dust or grime as they can be damaged or abraised.
Use of artificial lighting can create wonders to the energy of your home and make the dark corners of your home come to life!
Thank You!
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
Thank You!
For buying some great colorful art to enliven the dark corners of your home and office please visit my website. With symbolism, cubism, feng shui, healing to abstract you can view some of my art here.
Thank You!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Hotels Restaurants Assure Regular Customers with Feng Shui

Hotels and restaurants need regular customers and we love to see people flock at and on waiting for dining, every owner of restaurant and hotels loves to see many customers. Why is it that one restaurant has many customer always and the other even though maybe well furnished with a costly decor does not have many people and customers?
Here are some practical feng shui guidelines for improving food business and making the bee of lines towards your restaurant.
Invite Prosperity Food Industry Feng Shui
1) The entrance and surroundings are very important. Is the restaurant visible form many roads so that many people see the name. If not place hoardings of directions and inviting name boards with proper strong lightning. Sorroundigns must be clean and fresh smelling,w e are heer talkign of enjoying food, so peopel need to be in fresh smelling area surrounded by beautiful objects of art. Some welcome colorful art is a great energy booster for business.
2) Is the reception area inviting, here most often people never pay attention.  When we welcome prosperity is there a great place to sit, have a good reception area furniture so that customers can wait till they get their turn, have some great music playing in the background , as it is most often seen that people come and when they have no waiting space leave to another place for eating. So this space is also very important for chi to enter and be comfortable before giving you wealth and prosperity. Having a fish tank is also a great energy booster for business luck.
3) Furniture must be comfortable and well spaced. Crammed tables and chairs makes customer uncomfortable. We do not like to eat with our back faced with waiters moving about with hot dishes !
So also when  we sit the chairs must be spaced well to give a relaxed sitting posture for clients and not so close spaced that they hit the back of another customer sitting on the next table. Doors must open smoothly without effort and also with clear directions of main door opening inside. Creaking furniture is again not good as also wobbly chairs. Install a good air purifier and exhaust facility along with a good air conditioner, atmosphere must be pleasant as smoke and fumes from the cooking area repel people from enjoying their meals.
4) Color can be used effectively as feng shui cure to invite prosperity , especially in food business. Bright colors, like red, orange and yellow, promote good appetite. People do come to eat but only good food is not enough to bring in business. The space can be uplifted using feng shui colors and elements theory to bring in harmony and happy energy. Many Chinese restaurants display red and white as favorite colors for food industry. and also symbols for protection and good luck. Gold is another powerful color that brings tons of good energy to the food business, which can be incorporated in cutlery and serving dishes. Even a single line of golden color can enhance the beauty of plain white eating plates.
5) Food, the most important aspect for your business must be tasty and well decorated. As in all industries the food industry to has gone immense make overs. The food dishes today are staged well, with colorful and attractive food presentations and display. Catering food of different styles and health food on the menu attracts all types of customers and assures great business. Quality of food also comes as important but the appearance comes before that. We have today qualified food decorators and chefs who bring out beautiful healthy cuisines, which attracts more customers.
Hanging art is another way to enhance your food industry business by displaying art in the entrance and reception area people get something to view and immediately attracts attention of the viewer,  when they enter the restaurants. Many times when people view great colorful art their appetite is increased and they relax and end up enjoying the meals better. And this also gives them the ambiance and hospitality of the space as soothing and enjoyment, and thus welcomes them for the next time.
Use some simple feng shui and attract prosperity and good luck for the food industyr.
All the Best!
Abstract Colorful Painting
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Feng Shui Symbolism of Fruit Paintings Selection Tips for buying fruit paintings

Fruits have always been an inspiration to artists and when the most famous were the apples and pears today we see  a lot of colorful fruit paintings. Feng shui symbolism for fruit paintings is great and full of positive energy.
Hanging colorful juicy fruit paintings in the dining area attracts good health and wealth,as In Chinese feng shui fruits, food, symbolizes wealth in the house and a home with fruits displayed on the dining table  were found to be more prosperous, healthy and happy. 
My latest works are revolving round this positive health energy and fruits, vibrant colorful juicy fruits, this painting is a small wonder and vibrant colorful,
Each fruit symbolizes differently in feng shui as oranges symbolize wealth, red the energy source and the grapes with violet spiritual energy. Citrus juicy fruits bring about a sense of happiness as they bring back feelings of tangy juices drinks.
Hanging fruit paintings in the south and  is a great way to welcome grace, fame and wealth With this welcoming energy the health aspect is also touched upon by displayed this colorful fruit painting in the health section.
Some Simple Tips for selecting fruit paintings-
1) Never buy dark , dull , unrealistic or abnormal fruit paintings, this confuses the chi and may bring unexpected results of energy. Like spoiled fruits painting, fruits that are shriveled or dried , dark colored fruit paintings.
2) hang the fruit painting in the dining area or kitchen as when displaying in other areas the family may keep thinking of food more often and be unable to focus on other things.
3) Never buy fruit paintings that have birds eating this as this again symbolizes wealth going away.
4) In case you buy a fruit painting with the  basket that falls over, hang this in a way that the direction of fallen fruits comes towards the kitchen and not away.
5) For restaurant and hotels hanging fruits paintings is very important and they can display fruit paintings near the  dining areas near the tables where visitors sit and also near the entrance guest seating areas. This view promotes the feeling of hunger, inviting energy,  and great to improve appetite of your visitors.
6) In case the fruit paintings have become old, torn or broken frames please clean them or get them repainted for freshness as the dull energy or coated with grime artwork give out shar energy rather than a positive one.
7) Eagles and vultures or wild animals in fruit paintings are very bad feng shui energy and must never be purchased for hanging anywhere.
Fruits symbolize wealth and great health energy and hanging  fruit paintings is a sure way to attract more wealth and  prosperity into your lives.
As I always say, Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
My latest fruit paintings posted on my website is a small painting done on oil sketch paper, size 6.5x9.5 in oil paints. For buying this artwork please visit my website or click here.
Fruits of Grace
Thank You!

Which Horse Paintings are Very Bad for your Home and Office Feng Shui Horse Paintings Right Place to Hang horse paintings

Which horse paintings are bad for your home and office, people hardly think about the negative aspects of hanging horse paintings which I will share here. With the year 2014 the Chinese year of the horse,  paintings of horses are seen in every home and people love to attract feng shui wealth and fame energy by hanging horse paintings.

A wonderful energy boosters the paintings bring in loads of energy into your home and office. Very good for wealth, business, career and fame luck feng shui cures.
Choosing Horse image paintings for display in home and office benefits-
1) great energy boosters
2) total feng shui cures, color, energy and strength feng shui cures.
3) Proved business, career, wealth and opportunties luck feng shui cures
4) Horse paintings are Great to improve relationships and mentor luck .
5) When selected in the right personality feng shui number can work miracles on your destiny.
Which horse paintings are bad for home and office-
1) the lonely horse, yes it looks very cute, very bad as it may make people aloof and single , family may also end up separated. 
2) single horse in office again will not get support from team or colleagues, again here the head or business owner needs a strong team to succeed and the lone horse can hardly achieve much single handedly.
3) Horse in groups going hay wire, bad energy, as they are moving fast against each other in any direction.
4) Abnormal shapes and colors horses very bad.  A broken limb, a scratched skin paint or even colors that horses are never seen in are not good feng shui energizers as they confuse chi and the universe as to which type of energy is required and how this will proceed.
5) War horse paintings are bad feng shui energy. As they reflect the emotions of fight and raging wars, blood shed, very bad for your home and office.
Never Hang Horse Paintings in home and office in these areas-
1) At the main door facing outside
2) Near the entrance facing to the road
3) In the main living room lobby going under the stairway.
4) In the office reception area facing the store room
5) In any area facing the  washroom or toilet.
6) Near/facing the kitchen of home or office pantry
7) In the home or office facing out towards the windows.
Horse energy though a powerful one and can bring out immense benefits must be used with proper guidance and care.  If not thought about carefully this may lead to loss in businesses, wealth, health and also separation of couples.
 Thank you!
All the Best!
For buying healing feng shui wealth cure paintings please visit my website
Thank you!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Under the Stairs Stairway Home Office Feng shui 7 Tips Artist studio under the stairs feng shui guidelines

Guaranteed wealth feng shui cure

Under the stairway home office/artist studio
Under the stairs or stairways is a space which usually goes unused and is many times selected as an area for the home office, work from home and also many artists select this space for their artist studio. As the space goes underutilized in daily activities this is a great place for privacy and working from home within the home.
Feng shui energy under the stairway is, first the place is not used frequently, and is quite gloomy. The feng shui energy here is stagnant and often people never visit this place in their home or office. Next the stairway has continuous energy of moving above, by people walking so this may create a disturbing energy for people working under the stairs. Also the stairway often leads to dead ends or sloping ends, which is not a good sign for business and work, leading to frustrations and very less or no results seen even after putting in a lot of effort.
In case this is the best you can have for an home office by applying a few simple Feng Shui cures you can invite positive chi into your home office or artists studio and welcome prosperity and grace. 
1) Since the stairway is under the stairs the area is dull and gloomy, installing proper bright lights will bring in loads of positive energy that helps to enliven the environment of your home office,/ artists studio.
2) Plants are a very good feng shui cure, and also an effective one, have small containers of air purifying plants that will freshen up the environment and clear the energy of the office/studio space. Even the look of a green growing plant is very soothing and energy booster for your under stairway office/studio.
Mirror globe feng shui cure
3) Avoid clutter and space out things well. Organize your stuff with care as to maximize the use of space effectively in your home office/artists studio.
4) Have a great feng shui painting to invite positive energy , colors, photographs and symbols of success can bring in lots of positive feng shui energy . You can also hang powerful protection symbols like this symbolic healing artwork of Aum.
5) For the most difficult problem faced by many who have under the stairway office /artists studio is the energy moving up and down above them creating a  restless feeling and distraction from work. This can be healed by hanging a small wind chime of metal that creates a soft delicate sound, not too loud to help move the energy and remove stagnant energy for under the stairs.
Metal wind chime for prosperity
In case the area is too small and there are chances you always bump into the wind chime while entering your home office/ artists studio you can hang soft colorful paper liners that move with wind which also helps to displace negative energy.
6) Space clearing often will help to keep the energy fresh. Light a fragrant incense before beginning work to displace the stuck up energy.
7) If you have a small office use a crystal is also very useful to uplift the energy or you may hang a gemstones painting for attracting wealth and good luck.
crystal for business luck

Hope this helps. All the Best!
Take Care and God Bless!
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