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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Buying a resale house Feng shuii tips

Sometimes the entry to a new home , resale flat, is not so successful as the purchase makes us feel. The inmates may feel insecure, sick, argumentative and even face financial losses.One of the reasons may be the past history of the seller of the flat. Feng shui comes for guidance to balance this imbalance and transmit positive feelings.

On purchase of a new home or an resale flat one has to undergo certain procedures for purification of that area. As in many religions people feed the poor and perform religious puja and reciting of prayers it is advisable to purify the area of the past energy. Especially if it is a resale house then the energy of the past inmates still lingers there. Try to find out the history of the previous owner before purchasing a resale flat. If the owners had financial problems,were mostly sick or bed ridden, had constant fights or even maybe depresed and quiet with no social life.
This all affects the present owner and their family. It is very much advisable to perform religious rites for purification of the house. Symbols can be hung for protection on every door especially the main door. Incense has to be burned daily for many months till the whole area is rid of negative energy. This is called as space clearing. Give away furniture and other possessions of the previous owner if they have had a negative history of death or sickness.
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Colouring your resale flat before hand is also a very good cure to clear negative energy as the painters will scrub and brush all the walls and smoothen out all the walls. Cures can also be used in the career and fame area for protecting against the bad luck of the previous owners.

And of course it is much more important to be positive, healthy and have a nutritious diet. Keep away negative thoughts and please..please work hard to improve your financial status as Feng Shui is the energy that will only support your efforts and this is not 'the effort' to improve your financial status.
God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana!
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