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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The negative view outside your home

When we purchase our dream home we select it with utmost care. What happens when suddenly you find a tall tower bang near your window after a few months of possession of your flat. This presents an unpleasant view and sometimes may emit negative energy towards your home. As many houses and tall buildings are coming up every where the point of privacy erupts in the mind of many and there is no solution to this as the builders are making maximum use of the available land. One has to correct this situation other wise it may lead to undue stress and effect negatively the peace of mind of the inmates.
Evil eye cure art



Feng shui has very simple and effective cures for this situation which is faced by many nowadays. One can utilize plants very effectively here and they act as a barrier. Select tall foliage plants and grow them in containers. You will get the benefit of fresh air and healthy environment and also the view will be partially blocked from your window. Climbers and creepers can also be guided on your window grill for privacy from neighbours.

Hang beautiful coloured curtains which have a thick cloth to keep it in place. However please keep in mind that if the room is small it is best to avoid thick curtains as they may make the room appear more smaller and also block the sunlight. One of the best cures in feng shui is the use of mirrors. They reflect the bad and only allow positivity to enter the house. The bad image is reflected back and this is one of the most effective cures in feng shui. Crystals also can be hung near the window to reflect positive energy into the house.
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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