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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Why is Your Laughing Buddha Cure Not Working For Wealth Very Important Points in using Laughing Buddha Cure

Laughing Buddha one of the most powerful wealth attractor, Feng shui cure, is seen in so many beautiful poses and forms. The sculpture of laughing Buddha, Hotei, is found in so many different sizes and pose and colours, be it from metal to wood to ceramic ones. They are usually Golden in colour, but we also see Green jade, Pink Rose Quartz Buddha’s and Red Laughing Buddha’s.  People do buy these cures with so much hope but after using for a few days, maybe months there seems to be no change in their luck and start wondering about the authenticity of these cures and Feng shui in general.
Why does the Laughing Buddha Wealth cure not work or show results?
 Wealth Cure  Feng Shui Wealth
1) You have a broken chipped Laughing Buddha that has been affected by poison arrows and accumulated shar energy. Most dangerous one to keep, incomplete energy and wrong image depiction, better replace this.
2) You have placed it in a dark corner and are never giving it a second glance!
3) The most dangerous place, you have placed it on the floor! Showing disrespect to the Monk does affect your wealth adversely.
4) The ritual of tickling its belly, yes it sounds strange but it works! It seems Masters advise that the Monk loves attention! Tickling its belly before going out to work helps.
5) He collects peoples troubles and sadness in his bag, and turns them to happiness and prosperity, some love from your sided works wonders! Do keep him clean and shining, dust accumulated on him may attract misfortune. A cracked bag will attract ill luck.
6) Joy, Kindness, Wealth, prosperity, good Relations, Recognition , he attracts every energy but place him in a space that is visible to you. Wealth sector and prosperity sector are best and see that he faces your main door when you enter. He greets the energy coming in.
7) Fan of happiness is another good one. Laughing Buddha with fan removes misfortune and adversity and attracts good luck.  Laughing Buddha keeps reminding you to be happy and contended. Family sector helps heal relationships provided every member of the family sees it while sitting together for dining.
8) Avoid TV, and placing him on Ovens or any electronic gadgets. In fact  avoid placing him in kitchen. The energy radiation is too strong and will disturb the peaceful meditative Buddha state energy.
A beautiful feng shui wealth cure The Laughing Buddha spreads smiles and happiness every where he goes, but people do not give back the love to him, guess somewhere we forget what goes out comes back to you!

Rizwana Mundewadi Wishing You All the Best!
Flying Feral of Prosperity Black Horse

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Scholastic Success Confidence Motivation to Study Education Luck Feng shui Tips

Confidence , Angel Wings
In Feng Shui, the Chinese Tradition, education is placed utmost importance. By getting good educational qualifications one rises to fame and recognition and achieves great success and wealth and also takes good care of family. For the child to get recognition, praise from teachers and good academic grades it is good to activate the Feng shui education luck corner. The Feng Shui Masters believed that achieving success in education, scholastic way is the best way to improve their position and status.  Let your child shine in exam and in class work and achieve great heights and respect from teachers.
Some Important workable tips for educational Success- 
1) Clutter clearing in any form. Old books, study material, table, chair, wall art, all must be in proper place and organized according to the  comfort level of your child. People keep old books, and study material that it will help later, but the child hardly refers to this, we have Google now! Be selective in what material you keep in your child's study table shelves.Avoid sharp corners and sharp furniture.
2) Above the bed shelves and study material, yes many study rooms have shelves and wall mounting units arranged just above the child's study table or bed. Both cases it brings undue pressure on your child, they are always feeling the burden and are stressed.
Also avoid child sitting with open shelves behind their study chair, it puts pressure and acts like poison arrows.
3) Crystal luck! holding crystal in left hand while studying and place on study table is very helpful for confidence and concentration. A personal crystal helps a lot. Energize the white crystal by cleaning with rock salt and pure sunlight. Put your intent. let your child choose the pure crystal that they love and are comfortable with. Some children also feel good when they carry their crystals in school bag while going to school.
4) Educational crystal globe , a great feng shui cure to attract opportunities, good grades and admissions in good educational institutions. Time tested cure, never lets you down. It is advisable to spin the globe to activate it regularly.
5) Display motivational pictures of heroes that they admire and connect with who are successful in their fields. This has been since ages when children put up posters of their heroes like superman and batman and want to be brave and honest! Well now let them learn to admire successful real heroes ,people in this world and avoid fantasy characters. Motivational Gurus, Scientists and Successful businessperson who are in lime lite, that children connect with.
6) Color in study room- The morale of your child can be uplifting or dull by their study room colors. For a dull boring room, no wonder your child runs away from studies! avoid dull colors and use cheerful uplifting energy colors, orange, yellow and reds. In many cases the wall colors affect the study motivation and most often low energy levels come down to study room decor and wall colors. Whatever color the walls add up knick knacks in oranges , yellows,and reds! The study table must be a good shade of brown.
7) Symbols of Educational Success- the famous institution you want your child to get admission in, the wisdom symbols like conch, skill symbol like chess board, educational luck symbol of pen/brush, and books, sculptures of these can also be placed in educational sector.
8) The Educational Luck Tower. Placed in north east or kept on study table brings immense luck. The tiers of Tower can be selected in odds and material preferred is Jade stone, though these towers are also available in crystals amethyst, rose quartz and many semi precious stones. Go ahead with what your child is comfortable with.
Symbols and Feng Shui cures help communicate your wish to the universe for scholastic success, be sure to keep your intent clear!
Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is Feng Shui!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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