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Friday, October 28, 2011

First Floor House on Stilts and Inviting Heaven Luck using Feng Shui

First floor house on stilts , considered bad in feng shui, follow and use  simple feng shui cures for this.
Houses used to be on the ground and so much energy was seen moving to such houses. According to feng shui houses on the ground are best for the energy and health of inmates. Since these houses are built on the ground they are directly connected with earth and soil and hence such people are more grounded and have good earth energy in their lives. But nowadays due to space crunch and redevelopment there are many ground floor houses that are razed and new multi storied structures coming up everywhere. With these tall buildings we often feel low energy and feeling of aloofness and instability.
In feng shui houses need to be on the ground and best houses are on the ground floor. If you have choice then you can select a house more near the earth if you have weak mentality and emotional problems. In case you have already purchased a flat on stilt and parking space below then there are simple cures in feng shui. If you are facing problems like instability in your live and finances as well as relationships then you can use feng shui for your benefit and cure this problem.
The stilt and cars below are sending negative arrows towards your house if you stay on the first floor just above the stilt parking space. For keeping stability grow tall plants like bamboo in the best position of your living room to make stability. Why does a stilt parking space create problem? Very important point according to feng shui is the movement of energy. When you have fresh plants and lively fragrant flowers you get positive energy.
The same is with dead plants and dried flowers accumulating dust; this leads to negative energy built up. Now when you have a house on first floor there is constant movement of energy as cars are moving in and out at all times. There is no stability in energy and positive chi also will move away faster and not allow the space to get enough energy to make the environment healthy. Hence people staying on first floor flats will find such problems as instability in health, finances and relationships.
Try keeping heavy objects and things that will pull the energy downwards. Heavy cupboards, wardrobes that are heavy, book shelves, wall units with heavy compartments and stone antique objects are also beneficial. Very important point here is to find out the centre of your house and place a heavy object in this area to maintain balance and harmony.
You can place any object that is heavy but keep into consideration the element of that particular area for best results from feng shui. That is usually according to feng shui the centre of the house is ruled by earth element and hence plants are the best and cheapest cure for this problem. You can also hang a heavy object in the centre taking care to avoid high traffic areas that is it must not be where you walk constantly below it as there is risk of the object falling.  The simple principle in feng shui is to think about balance. When there is moving energy below in case of flats on first floor so you create another counter active energy force from above to pull down the energy and hence make grounding of positive energy. Having plants here will allow chi to remain for some time before moving away from your house.
Also have plants below your house on the ground. You can plant heavy pots with tall plants in corners of the garage to keep the earth energy from moving away fast from below your first floor flat.
Another important reason to have problems in your live may be linked to past karma and for this you have to face this instability and health problems. An easy and simple cure for this would be to use heaven luck. In feng shui earth luck is laid much importance but there is also another very important aspect for all your problems that is to enlighten the heaven luck. For improving your heaven luck feed birds. You can place some rice or biscuit crumbs for feeding the birds. This is a sure shot cure to welcome heaven luck to improve your life and solve many problems.
Please remember do not feed left over food always, the right and correct way to invite heaven luck would be to keep aside fresh food and make the intentions before feeding the birds to clear your past bad karma. Do this regularly if possibly every morning for at least three months to see a substantial difference and improvement in your luck.
Please do not go on purchasing very costly feng shui cures before correct guidance as there are many people who will dupe you and you may not see any results form their cures and finally lose faith in feng shui. I have seen people break walls and bathrooms and spend a fortune with no results by neglecting simple feng shui cures, had they used these feng shui cures appropriately they would have definitely benefited by feng shui.
So do not jump into conclusions and sell your flat above stilt as the house is not the problem it is the energy that is creating problems and for this there are simple feng shui cures.
All the Best!  

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Friday, October 21, 2011

The Feng Shui Lucky Ship Cure for Wealth and Tips for Purchasing the Lucky Ship

Lucky Ship With Bag of Gold Coins

 The lucky ship cure is one of the simplest and easiest cures for increasing wealth and welcoming good luck and prosperity into your home. The feng shui shops have many types of ships and they are in all sizes and of different materials. A metal ship is best as this has to enhance your money luck and coins are metal. You can purchase a feng shui lucky ship that has a bag of gold coins or treasure on its deck. This treasure is symbolic and does not need to be real money. You can place few coins real or Chinese coins tied in red bag or place artificial gold jewellery on the ship. This indicates that the ship is full of wealth and treasures.
Lucky Ship cure for Wealth
Placement of the lucky ship in feng shui- You can put a lucky ship near the entrance to welcome good luck and wealth into your house. But remember to place the ship in such a manner that it is facing inwards that is the wealth is flowing inside and not going outside. Placing in improper manner may lead to financial and material losses as this will indicate wealth going outside the house which is harmful for your finances.
Placement of lucky ship according to feng shui must be in the north or north west corner of your room. Since north is the section of career and money and it is activated by water and metal having a ship would be a very good symbol to enhance your wealth luck. You can also tie some money coins and keep it hidden in the north west section for improving money luck.
An important tip for purchasing the lucky ship as wealth cure in feng shui is to avoid buying a lucky ship in plastic or wood. Yes I have seen beautiful ships made with lovely carvings in wood, but according to feng shui you cannot place wood in the metal element section as this is harmful and metal cuts wood. Another aspect that needs an important mention here is to avoid buying a sinking ship or say 'Titanic ship' written on it. As well all know the Titanic sunk so it is a negative image and it would be best to avoid such objects as cures in your homes. Even if you have such cures please remove them immediately as these send out negative arrows and subconsciously you start feeling depressed and your financial curve begins to go downwards!
For best placement place of the lucky ship you can clear a place in your living room just near the door and place the wealth ship facing inwards. Since it is a common cure and many homes have these ships there is no problem in placing it as it is a universally accepted cure for improving wealth luck.
All the Best!  

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Laughing Buddha Guaranteed Cure for Wealth

Laughing Buddha on Money
People are always trying for means of making money and feng shui has a basic and very simple cure for all your financial problems. Statues of the Laughing Buddha are available at any store but a genuine laughing Buddha is important for the cure to be effective. Of course the intentions and affirmations of the person using this cure are very important and if you already have a losing attitude and do not work towards achieving wealth then I am afraid no cure will cure your financial problem.
The Laughing Buddha cure has been used since many ages and actually the Chinese believe that this laughing Buddha will bring good luck and prosperity. This Buddha is not a God and is not worshipped; it is just a happy cure for all your problems. The symbolic importance of the laughing Buddha has been since many years and you can find these happy Buddha statues in almost every home. Pink, brown, Jade green, sandal wood, silver, golden and so many colours are there in the feng shui shops and also the Laughing Buddha are available in many poses and actions.
How does this cure help in creating and increasing your luck and wealth? The Buddha given in the picture here is the best as this one carries a big bag of gold or treasures on his back. The Buddha that is of golden colour is the best among all the other colours. The Laughing Buddha also has a pot of gold with him in his hand and his pot belly indicates that he is satisfied and has abundance of wealth and happiness, though it does make you laugh with every glimpse, try it when your mood is down, just look at the Laughing Buddha and feel all your troubles move away and you feel relaxed!
Where to place the Laughing Buddha? the best place to put the Laughing Buddha is in your living room. Place it such that it will welcome all your guests and prosperity coming form your main door. You can also put in in your wealth corner to increase chi of this area.
Now comes the best part of the cure, placing your Buddha in a place and all is not done. Do try to keep your Laughing Buddha clean and shiny. Do not let any dust accumulate on it. When you are going out trickle on the belly of the Laughing Buddha and give out positive intentions. You sure will succeed.
There is also Laughing Buddha available with a toad that has wealth bag on its back. Some also have a big laughing Buddha with many accessories attached with the statue. All these are effective and one can select the right laughing Buddha you desire.
How to place Laughing Buddha cure? Before placing any cure do try to cleanse the area with salt water. Keep your Laughing Buddha statue in open sunlight during early morning and let it soak the early sun rays. Now make positive intentions and ask of any wish that you have to cure. After this process light some incense and then place the Laughing Buddha in its place. You can also place it in your locker or wealth drawer where you keep all your money with the intentions if it is not possible for you to place in it in your living room. The laughing Buddha is a simple and effective cure for wealth in feng shui but remember there is no replacement to hard work.
Use the cure and try your best and see how feng shui will make way for prosperity and wealth in your life.
All the Best!  

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

How to reKindle the Fire of Passion in your Marriage with Feng Shui

How to rekindle the fire and passion in your marriage using simple feng shui cures. 
Romance and love are at their peak during dating and early marriage but as years pass and the couple are involved with their daily family life romance and passion just disappears. Life become monotonous and boring and some times this may even lead to break ups or another person entering in between the couple. Wake up early and learn to recognize the first symptoms of your relationship falling apart before it is too late. Use feng shui for creating romance and passion in your relationship. Here are some Feng shui cures for the married couple to rebuild passion in their relationships.
All that Remains is Love

Pair of paintings

Innocent Happiness 

Bedroom Art Rizwana Mundewadi

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Some aspects are better not talked much but here action is required. Think according to your and your spouse’s nature, the things you like and do not like. Before jumping to any cure for your bedroom think according to your personal tastes and preferences as when you over do it some times it may back fire. First think of the colour of the walls in your bedroom, if there are leakages immediately get them repaired or hang a beautiful painting over it, by this I mean conceal the dirty wall by any attractive decorative painting or wall hanging if it is not possible for you to spend large amounts on repairing the leakages immediately.
Select soothing colours for the walls like peach, pink, and any pastel shades you prefer. it would be advisable to see the best colour for that particular area according to feng shui directions for best results. Think peace and relaxing before selecting any colour and also Select a  pastel shade, you can use red colour as an accent or for single wall on the south or south east area. Put red flowers in a cream or pastel coloured vase near your bed on the side table. Remember to have similar things and furniture in pairs in your bedroom. two wardrobes, two mirrors, two side table, two lamps, two paintings, two vase all in pairs as this wills end a message to your brain that you are a couple and a happy one!
Place the bed in the best position in the room according to feng shui and also consider your best position. Finally make your bedroom attractive by lighting a pair of fragrant candles during evenings and also light some good fragrance incense to clear the negative energy there. Paintings of loving couples dancing and enjoying or your personal happy moments clicked can also be hung for positivity. You may also have artificial silk flowers or paintings of flowers in your bedroom. But remember any cure of paintings you use must have bright fresh colours and not be muddy. And also all objects painted must be in pairs. Place some fragrant flowers in a bouquet like roses or rajni gandha, my favourites, in a vase for a heavenly fragrant bedroom or chameli, mogra flower garlands available in the market can be used as hair decorations.
Paintings of two birds or a pair of ducks is a very effective cure in feng shui for creating passion and love in your relationship. You can hang a pink crystal or chandelier in the south west area to repair relationships gone sour and improve your love life. While selecting a cure think about the likes of your partner as they may repel if they do not like a certain thing or colour. It would be advisable to shop for a feng shui cure together so that both are involved in repairing the relationship. All the Best!
All the Best from Rizwana!
Bedroom Feng Shui Important Points 

Bedroom Office Stairway office

Cure to Avoid for Overhead Beam in Childrens Room

Over head beams are a common feature in many new houses built according to the latest trends. We have pipes and other water and electric channels concealed and thus are the over head beams that have the habit of coming up in any place within the house. In feng shui it is advisable to avoid purchasing such houses that have over head exposed beams. But if you already have purchased  a house and there are over head beams exposed maybe in dining room, bedroom or the children's bedroom then you will understand their negative effects after staying for some months.
Usually the couple will always be at the edge and irritable in the bedroom which may affect their relationship. The dining room with over head beam will create pressure on the family and no one will understand why the health of the family is deteriorating. This may be due to all members spending less time in the dining room as they may feel unknown pressure when they sit to dine, which will make them avoid spending more time in the dining area of the home. And of course if the final block comes when there are beams in the children’s bedroom and children are not comfortable in their room and home even when you have spent a fortune to make their bedroom unique and posh.
You do not understand why your children are uncomfortable in their room and have erratic behaviour and look stressed. In many cases the children want to stay away from home as long as possible. A good interior designer had been hired and you have spent fortune to make your home attractive with latest décor. But remember spending money does not guarantee happiness and feng shui is all about making peace with your environment. With over head beam in your children’s bedroom what do you do, well you read a few articles on feng shui and yes you get a good loud sounding wind chime, it should match your décor,  and hang it. Will this cure be enough or is the wind chime cure effective here?
No. Never hang a wind chime in your children’s bedroom. As the children’s room is one single room for them it may be that they have to study as well as sleep in the room. There may also be a play section and entertainment section in the same room. Hanging a wind chime will make your children more irritable and the sound will not give them rest even during night. Unknowingly if the wind chime is big they may also get hurt while playing or moving in the room. The sound of wind chime may give them disturbed sleep and they may also not be able to concentrate on studies which will affect their performance academically.
If it is possible make a false ceiling to cover up the beam and hide it with fancy plaster of paris decoration moldings. There are many attractive moldings available in the market thought his will give you an expensive cure. A simple cure for over head beams for children’s bedroom is to hang paper lanterns or torans of fancy threads and small beads. These are available in colorful varieties in the market and some are also made of small coloured stones which will help to reflect light in the room making the room charged with positive energy. Go in for lighter materials and smaller decoration as cures in feng shui to avoid accidents in your children’s bedroom with over head beams. As the lighter materials will move along with breeze and clear the pressure created by over head beams, the energy stagnant under the beams will keep moving and thus make a welcoming chi environment in your children’s room.
All the Best!  

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Important Tips in Feng Shui for Mischievous Children

Mischievous children are often a term and does not represent your child. Whenever you enter a children's room you will get to see a children's bed single or bunk bed if there are more children. Then you see the study table along with the wardrobe. There may also be a play area if the room has space for it.
When thinking of feng shuing your child's room the first thing you must focus upon is not your likes or the latest designs but what your child may need and enjoy. Think sideways and offbeat as children are attracted to new things and the old style of table, bed and wardrobe maybe boring thus making your child prone to mischief. You can arrange the furniture taking care of more traffic areas and thus making it comfortable for your child. By more traffic areas I mean the places where the child needs to move about frequently as example you must not place the table with sharp corners near the door as the child may get hurt frequently at times of entering or leaving the room. Keep all the toys and objects of play in a place and also make your child learn to keep these in their respective places after play. This will avoid undue clutter and also risk of accidents due to falling or getting hurt.
Place a small plant in their room and encourage them to take care of this as this will make them feel responsible. This will help them to utilize their bundle of energy positively. Try to understand why your child is mischievous. Their needs may not be met, be it physical, emotional, psychological or your child may just crave for attention from you if you are a busy working mom!
Before going in for professional help, which has now become the style for today’s parents, you can think and spend some time with your kid daily. They are presenting themselves as attention seeking individuals and by doing mischief they are getting your attention which may be through negative means. Many times children do not complete home work and also pay less attention in school. This again is leading us to bad feng shui in the house and children’s room. Your child’s energy levels are not balanced according to the environment and hence they are rebelling. Each child is different and remember to cater to them differently. Your son may be mild but the daughter may be energetic and vice versa.
First talk it over in a strong but confident tone, remember your child will reflect your energy so try not to get irritable and angry. Keep things of interest in your child’s room so that they feel comfortable and get a feeling of belonging. Invite their friends and allow them treats if they behave good. Many times they just want attention so make them understand your working life style and believe me children look small but they do understand if you explain and converse to them and even feel important part of the family. Give them a feeling of importance and then see how they are happy to take responsibility.
Try to rule out any health problems by going to a good child specialist and make sure they are not suffering form any deficiency or attention deficit disorder or hyper activity disorder. Also heck out if they lack any nutrients and give them additional tonic and vitamins for balancing their energy. Worms are another reason for children becoming irritable.
For balancing the energy of your mischievous child’s room keep many toys and activity games to keep them occupied, remember it is the free time and excess energy that is leading them to do mischief. Important feng shui rule is place a cactus plant out of the window of your mischievous child’s bedroom to ward off the negative energy. Do not use stickers of animals or the most commonly used stars in their room as this will lead them to feel disoriented. Hang beautiful paintings of happy pets playing, colourful flower paintings and beautiful landscape paintings showing sunrise. Avoid dark colours in your mischievous child’s bed room as this will make them more irritable. Select lighter and pastel shades for their walls and you can highlight with few bright colours to give some energy to the room.
All the Best!  

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