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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cure to Avoid for Overhead Beam in Childrens Room

Over head beams are a common feature in many new houses built according to the latest trends. We have pipes and other water and electric channels concealed and thus are the over head beams that have the habit of coming up in any place within the house. In feng shui it is advisable to avoid purchasing such houses that have over head exposed beams. But if you already have purchased  a house and there are over head beams exposed maybe in dining room, bedroom or the children's bedroom then you will understand their negative effects after staying for some months.
Usually the couple will always be at the edge and irritable in the bedroom which may affect their relationship. The dining room with over head beam will create pressure on the family and no one will understand why the health of the family is deteriorating. This may be due to all members spending less time in the dining room as they may feel unknown pressure when they sit to dine, which will make them avoid spending more time in the dining area of the home. And of course if the final block comes when there are beams in the children’s bedroom and children are not comfortable in their room and home even when you have spent a fortune to make their bedroom unique and posh.
You do not understand why your children are uncomfortable in their room and have erratic behaviour and look stressed. In many cases the children want to stay away from home as long as possible. A good interior designer had been hired and you have spent fortune to make your home attractive with latest décor. But remember spending money does not guarantee happiness and feng shui is all about making peace with your environment. With over head beam in your children’s bedroom what do you do, well you read a few articles on feng shui and yes you get a good loud sounding wind chime, it should match your décor,  and hang it. Will this cure be enough or is the wind chime cure effective here?
No. Never hang a wind chime in your children’s bedroom. As the children’s room is one single room for them it may be that they have to study as well as sleep in the room. There may also be a play section and entertainment section in the same room. Hanging a wind chime will make your children more irritable and the sound will not give them rest even during night. Unknowingly if the wind chime is big they may also get hurt while playing or moving in the room. The sound of wind chime may give them disturbed sleep and they may also not be able to concentrate on studies which will affect their performance academically.
If it is possible make a false ceiling to cover up the beam and hide it with fancy plaster of paris decoration moldings. There are many attractive moldings available in the market thought his will give you an expensive cure. A simple cure for over head beams for children’s bedroom is to hang paper lanterns or torans of fancy threads and small beads. These are available in colorful varieties in the market and some are also made of small coloured stones which will help to reflect light in the room making the room charged with positive energy. Go in for lighter materials and smaller decoration as cures in feng shui to avoid accidents in your children’s bedroom with over head beams. As the lighter materials will move along with breeze and clear the pressure created by over head beams, the energy stagnant under the beams will keep moving and thus make a welcoming chi environment in your children’s room.
All the Best!  

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