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Friday, October 28, 2011

First Floor House on Stilts and Inviting Heaven Luck using Feng Shui

First floor house on stilts , considered bad in feng shui, follow and use  simple feng shui cures for this.
Houses used to be on the ground and so much energy was seen moving to such houses. According to feng shui houses on the ground are best for the energy and health of inmates. Since these houses are built on the ground they are directly connected with earth and soil and hence such people are more grounded and have good earth energy in their lives. But nowadays due to space crunch and redevelopment there are many ground floor houses that are razed and new multi storied structures coming up everywhere. With these tall buildings we often feel low energy and feeling of aloofness and instability.
In feng shui houses need to be on the ground and best houses are on the ground floor. If you have choice then you can select a house more near the earth if you have weak mentality and emotional problems. In case you have already purchased a flat on stilt and parking space below then there are simple cures in feng shui. If you are facing problems like instability in your live and finances as well as relationships then you can use feng shui for your benefit and cure this problem.
The stilt and cars below are sending negative arrows towards your house if you stay on the first floor just above the stilt parking space. For keeping stability grow tall plants like bamboo in the best position of your living room to make stability. Why does a stilt parking space create problem? Very important point according to feng shui is the movement of energy. When you have fresh plants and lively fragrant flowers you get positive energy.
The same is with dead plants and dried flowers accumulating dust; this leads to negative energy built up. Now when you have a house on first floor there is constant movement of energy as cars are moving in and out at all times. There is no stability in energy and positive chi also will move away faster and not allow the space to get enough energy to make the environment healthy. Hence people staying on first floor flats will find such problems as instability in health, finances and relationships.
Try keeping heavy objects and things that will pull the energy downwards. Heavy cupboards, wardrobes that are heavy, book shelves, wall units with heavy compartments and stone antique objects are also beneficial. Very important point here is to find out the centre of your house and place a heavy object in this area to maintain balance and harmony.
You can place any object that is heavy but keep into consideration the element of that particular area for best results from feng shui. That is usually according to feng shui the centre of the house is ruled by earth element and hence plants are the best and cheapest cure for this problem. You can also hang a heavy object in the centre taking care to avoid high traffic areas that is it must not be where you walk constantly below it as there is risk of the object falling.  The simple principle in feng shui is to think about balance. When there is moving energy below in case of flats on first floor so you create another counter active energy force from above to pull down the energy and hence make grounding of positive energy. Having plants here will allow chi to remain for some time before moving away from your house.
Also have plants below your house on the ground. You can plant heavy pots with tall plants in corners of the garage to keep the earth energy from moving away fast from below your first floor flat.
Another important reason to have problems in your live may be linked to past karma and for this you have to face this instability and health problems. An easy and simple cure for this would be to use heaven luck. In feng shui earth luck is laid much importance but there is also another very important aspect for all your problems that is to enlighten the heaven luck. For improving your heaven luck feed birds. You can place some rice or biscuit crumbs for feeding the birds. This is a sure shot cure to welcome heaven luck to improve your life and solve many problems.
Please remember do not feed left over food always, the right and correct way to invite heaven luck would be to keep aside fresh food and make the intentions before feeding the birds to clear your past bad karma. Do this regularly if possibly every morning for at least three months to see a substantial difference and improvement in your luck.
Please do not go on purchasing very costly feng shui cures before correct guidance as there are many people who will dupe you and you may not see any results form their cures and finally lose faith in feng shui. I have seen people break walls and bathrooms and spend a fortune with no results by neglecting simple feng shui cures, had they used these feng shui cures appropriately they would have definitely benefited by feng shui.
So do not jump into conclusions and sell your flat above stilt as the house is not the problem it is the energy that is creating problems and for this there are simple feng shui cures.
All the Best!  

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