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Monday, April 4, 2011

Important Fish Tank Feng Shui Cure for Wealth

An excellent cure for career and wealth in Feng Shui is by placing a fish tank.
 Nowadays many colourful fishes are available in the market and also fancy water tanks for the display of the same. With attractive water elements placed inside, one can bring a glimpse of under water feeling in the home.
The right place for placement of tank would be north as this balances the water elment. Any position where the individual wishes to increase energy will do but try to keep the tank clean if placed in south for fame and recognition. If the water is muddy this will affect the name of the owner of the house. The movement of fishes is soothing to the eyes and relaxing to the mind.
The funky Dragon

Two Gold fishes

The Leader fish 
Placing a fish tank in career area promotes good luck and the individual starts getting good opportunities in his career. The existing career is also promoted by progress and new opportunities and increments.
Never place a fish tank near the entrance and on the right side of this door. It will make the owner of the house to become a wanderer. The inmates will be constantly out and this will affect the stability of the family and may even end up in divorce of the couple. Also avoid keeping two water elements on opposite walls example a water fountain and a fish tank on the oppoosite of each other. This may lead to material and personal losses  and bad luck as they symbolize like tears in both eyes. Whenever the fish die do not feel worried as they take away some of your bad luck. But remember to replace them with new ones and always keep the tank clean.
With this cure one can experiment a whole lot with colours and textures. Stones inside can be colourful and encourage the element of that particular area. Stones kept in the north east help for self cultivation and self realisation.Gold fish are very good and require little care as maintenance. Place 9 gold fishes as lucky number nine promotes good luck. One can have 8 gold  fish of orange colour and one black one for best results.
All the Best from Rizwana!
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What to Place Where? Feng Shui Answer for Placements of All Things in Home

What to place where using feng shui? the right answer to place all things and furniture in your home using simple feng shui.
One of the example I wish to quote is of an individual who on reading about Feng Shui placed the bed facing the door of the bedroom to get the right best position and went ahead with placing a big wardrobe in the bang centre of the room! for stability according to Feng Shui!
Let us discuss the implementations of Feng Shui in real life situations and how it works. First of all please consider practical implications of your changes. What is not comfortable with you and your family will not work for you. In fact you will end up confused and tired of the round about trips in your own house.
Try to get advice and consultation of a good feng shui practioner. One who does not consdier your personal opinions and life style will not work for you however much famous the consultant maybe and however higher fees you have paid. Before going about reshuffling your whole house it would be best to work simple and make small changes according to feng sui.
Always remember if the person is in need of money luck and good job he cannot afford expensive cures and even if he does he will end up in debt! we do not want this as we guide a client for better consideration on practical purposes and this  is very important. Just because a red is good for south does not mean the client has to put up with plants in a room that does not get sunlight! the plants will die and so will the clients will to try ! putting a red painting will do the same and also not be much prominant or out of place with the decor.
So my advice for readers and feng shui followers would be to share your problems and a good consultant will suggest cures according to your lifestyle and budget. Feng shui is positivity and not something to obstruct. Remember always go with the flow and never against it. You will know if it is right!