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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Worst Feng Shuii Nightmare After Renovation! Careful while moving objects!

The Wealth Luck Tower Feng Shuii Art by Razarts
Worst Nightmare After Renovation! Careful while moving objects!There is so much happiness when you are about to refresh, replenish and renovate your home! The time when maybe all walls are shelled out and a smooth layer applied to bring beauty and strength to your walls. This is very important in Feng Shuii, that you keep renovating and refurbishing your space as Feng Shuii masters believed that whatever type of energy,  it stagnates after some years and needs to be activated again.
Spiritual Glamour A Collection Of Modern healing Abstracts Razarts
Now the nightmare comes when you remove precious objects, wall art and special antiques. Be really careful with these, as I have seen many cases of people having nightmares, sleepless nights, restlessness and even complete loss of wealth and closures of businesses after the costly renovations!
Why does this happen? It is a simple principle in Feng Shuii that every object and thing has its own energy. It may look lifeless to you but your furniture has also formed a relationship with you, your wall art of so many years has brought you immense happiness and luck and unknowingly your wooden door with the horse shoe has protected you from ill energy and negative evil eyes.
Does this mean you don't change your decor? of course not! There are objects that are broken, doors that may have developed cracks and walls that may be leaking and will definitely need repairs, and  if your feng shuii wind chime has a few broken rods it needs to be replaced!
There is a procedure that you can follow and this will prevent the Feng Shuii energy from draining away from your house after renovation. Be still and accept the things with all love, express gratitude for the walls, the furniture and your feng shuii cures that have been all along with you for so many years and have brought you good luck. Thanksgiving changes the energy of destruction to constructive one.
Taking permission to break walls is a ritual that most don't follow but in ancient times people used to do this and there was continued prosperity. The walls that protected your family, your home, are now leaking , so put the intention of gratitude for the blessings over the years and then begin the ritual of breaking them. The old furniture though now worn out has given you immense happiness for past years and now that you are about to change it, do remember to thank it and then remove it. if you are giving it to some one do put intention that it spreads happiness in whatever space it goes and to whoever person it may be with.
If you have plants, and at times you cannot keep all of them and need fresh ones,  and there are empty plant containers, again give thanks to these and then replace them.
You will see that the energy in your renovated home is fresh and of happiness.
What happen when you do not give thanks? Have you experienced feelings of emptiness in a newly refurbished home? feelings of discomfort? feelings of getting lost? and in serious mis match of feng shuii elements total wealth losses and relationship failures come about.
1) The things will give out deep sorrow that may get embedded in your space even after breakage of the walls.
2) Old objects may have been in harmony with your body energy and new ones may give you discomfort and uneasy feelings.
3) Relationships may be affected as spaces increase between the family members. The home decor may be new but the family seems to be aloof.
4) There is shift in relaxation energy and you may have to search for places to find comfort. This usually happens when bedroom decor is changed and bed position changed.
5) Quarrels and irritability among members , happens mostly due to south feng shuii affected.
What you can do! Simply go with the flow and whenever renovating, refurbishing your home do remember to give thanks to your belongings before letting them go. Purify the space and new furniture, even if it is new it has the energy of where it was made and stored. welcome the new objects and furniture to your home with intentions to bring you good luck and prosperity.
In Feng Shuii , intentions are very important as also the feng shuii energy and the element theory. Do consider the elements of the objects placed and then buy similar energy furniture or harmonize the energy with fresh feng shuii cures that balance the energy.
And of course, yes, there are precious artworks and antiques that have been handed over or bought by you and have brought you luck, try to blend them in your modern decor. And if you need to remove them ,store them with due respect. There are many cases of people affected by removing lucky wall art, and bringing in costliest artworks but the energy lacks! and they share the losses and chaos in their life and it all comes down to after they renovated their space! Go with your gut instincts in renovation of your home, if it feels right it is, and if it feels wrong , it definitely is not for you!
Thank you for coming by Feng Shui-Simple Cures!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Monday, July 17, 2017

The Feng Shuii Tower of Goodluck Explaining Here True Meaning and Symbolism

Tower of Goodluck
Fascinated and inspired by the Tibetan culture, Buddhism symbols and stones! Rocks are of great importance to the people of Tibet. Not only are rocks of symbolic value and colour but they also have specific healing energies and of course my rock collection is so healing,collected from a point at base of Himalayas. then I also have rocks from the strong river flowing by , rocks and stones that are continuously in the flowing water are so charged with beautiful healing  energy.
Gemstones and rocks from such high ranges and mountain areas have great energy. I love gemstones, the haven of gemstones and rocks is Kullu Manali, Himachal Pradesh where we had visited and I was mesmerized by the play of Universe as I was unaware of the Buddhist culture and was truly awestruck by these beautiful coloured stones! Talismanic value, meaning Shine, sparkle, the Tibetan dzi, beads are of highly auspicious importance and original are costly.  Stones ,each have their own energy.
Tower of Fame
 Feng Shuii towers have been used and are great feng shuii cures for attracting academic and educational luck. Especially for children they work wonders and also for people who tend to lose focus from goals and leave jobs frequently.
Parents are most worried about academic scores and how to get admission in top schools for their children.
In Feng Shuii mostly the best stone is Jade, I love its soothing colour and it is not only a symbol for growth but also prosperity,wealth and goodluck. The tiers in an educational luck tower can be two, three, five, seven, eight, nine or more.

The Feng Shuii Educational luck Tower
You can choose according to number symbolism Numerology in Feng Shuii or go with the most that connects to your heart. I would always advise to follow your heart. As many times people buy the towers and then placement becomes difficult, and also caring for the tower. it may accidentally drop if placed in high traffic area in your house and thus attract shar energy in your space. They may develop cracks, or parts of tiers may get chipped, even scratched paints in feng shuii cures are not good  for your luck and space.  Such towers cease to function as feng shuii cures and start producing negative energies.
Meaning of the tower is stacked upon stones. Balance, harmony, victory and self acceptance. 
The right placement and the best number and also material of the education luck tower is important to see fast changes by this feng shuii cure. Then also is the procedure for placing the tower which involves purifying it , putting intentions, before placing it in your space. Otherwise they are just a piece of decoration!
When you wish to use the feng shuii education luck tower do clear your mind of any self proclaimed results as the Universes blesses in unthinkingly beautiful ways. The effects will definitely be seen, it may not be what you planned or wanted, it will always be for your and your child's higher good. 
Always choose good feng shuii cures , made of good stones and proper finishing. as cheap materials and plastic towers may not show you the expected results for your feng shuii education cures. 
While you use these feng shuii educational luck cures, the educational luck tower, also do activate the west sector that improves creativity and brings in confidence for your child. 
What changes will you see and what to expect from your educational luck tower- Be realistic in your approach and expectations with feng shuii cures and you will see miraculous results. For a child who is failing in all subjects if you see some improvement of grades , that also is great, and then gradually you will see changes happening and your child becoming more free, happy, confident and thus his overall health and well being improves with feng shuii.
Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is Feng Shuii!
Thank you for coming by Feng Shui-Simple Cures!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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All Paintings and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved © 2000-2017 Rizwana A.Mundewadi
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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Avoid These Two Numbers in Bedrooms Most Important Bedroom Numerology Feng shuii

Bedroom Art
Your bedroom is one of the most important feng shuii space that affects your life after your living room. whenever we activate feng shuii for any home we always focus on two rooms , living room and bedroom.
While people add up beautiful feng shui paintings and feng shui love cures they hardly pay attention to the number aspect. Unknowingly your simple mistakes in bedroom decor brings in negative energies in your bedroom and affecting your thoughts and life.
 wall Painting Display
Always when decorating your bedroom or refurbishing with feng shuii cures think about the basic Yin yang energy this space requires. Bedrooms need more Yin and not too much yang , but yes, even some Yang is required to maintain the harmony.
Think in pairs!
Healing Side table art
Everything, objects,decor elements, side tables, wall art.
never must you add up any piece that becomes the third in the decor part. This unknowing brings in energy/entry of third person in life.
By third person entry I do not mean always the spouse is of a doubtful nature, will have an  extra marital affair. It simply means third person comes in, it can be some relatives , in laws, friends who come in your life and influence your thoughts and emotions more strongly and this interferes with your family home harmony and peace.
Especially wall art above the bed has to be in pairs only, whatever you choose, even if it is  healing art, always hang these artworks in pairs only.
Another number to avoid in bedroom feng shuii is one. Try to avoid objects or art that strongly depicts individual power or single individual. Such inspirational power symbols are good for office or work spaces to boost up your morale and confidence.
Wall Art
All the Best from Rizwana!
Thank you for coming by Feng Shui Simple Cures! All content and Paintings, Photos are my original, Do not copy for fear of Karma!
All the Best from Rizwana!