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Monday, July 7, 2014

Is your Bed Feng Shuid Choose Right Sized Bed According to feng shui

Choosing the right size and material of your bed  is one important feng shui energy enhancer that will affect your health and life. When we talk of feng shui for bedroom we mean not just the walls and the furniture as a while but each and every detail that will affect your good nights sleep.
The bedroom is the most important feng shui room where the body gets rest, is recharged, and ready to face the new day. Your work, studies, job, performances all have an imprint in attracting wealth and prosperity in your life. Your bed is one important furniture that can bring about a lot of imbalance and unhappiness in your life if not selected properly.
Feng Shui Bedroom
The right size of bed can give you a comfortable night’s sleep and give complete support to your whole body. People often choose combos in furniture and packages in bedroom furniture in sale and think they have got a good bargain. When in fact he furniture pieces may be smaller in size and made of low quality materials also.
The right size of bed is essential according to your body type and height. The person who is going to sue the bed is also important. For children’s bedroom if one child is sleeping single bed suffices but for more children with they can have single pieces or large king sized, or one made customized size bed for more children to sleep comfortably. Bedroom beds also vary in size from queen size, king size, large size, small or medium sized for couples.

The best feng  shui bed-
1) The sleeping individual must be able to rest comfortably and the whole body gets proper support.
2) Cushions and mattresses must also be comfortable and of right size.
3) Bed linen and cushion covers must be comfortable and of soft material.
4) Neatly tucked bed linen is important for restful sleep.
5) Height of your body is important while choosing the size of bed. When the individual sleeps flat the toes and head should rest comfortably leaving some extra space from all sides.
6) The material preferred in feng shui for choosing bed is wood but today we get a lot of contemporary style beds in metal, stone and other materials.  Go for comfort level.
7) Get a customized sized bed as each individual is different.
8) Select a rectangular bed, preferred, as our body is tall and will get maximum comfort. Today people go in for style and contemporary furniture bed designs that have beds in various fancy shapes , circular, abstract and even triangular. This gives a feeling of getting lost from where to get up and get down.
9) Select the right comfortable size of bed. It must not be very huge that the couple feels lost at two different ends while sleeping and also not too small that there is no space to move, either ways the comfort level is compromised.
All the Best from Rizwana! 
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