Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bed Mattress is Very Important for the feng shui of your bedroom What to do If you Love Your Old Mattress

Bed mattress is very important as however the bed is great the mattress also plays an important role in getting a good night’s rest. Bed mattresses are made of different materials and their costs also vary a lot.
Foam or Latex mattresses are available. Then some also go in for coir and foam, a combination of materials for bed mattress.  
The material has to be that supports the body and adjust according to the curves. The bed mattress must not be such that the sleeper’s body sinks inside. Then the materials stuffing must be such that helps absorb sweat and gives a good night’s sleep.
Beautiful Comforting Bed Mattress

Eco friendly mattresses and budget range mattresses are also available in a wide variety. Most of the choices in bed mattresses depend upon comfort level and brand name. Each individual has their own preferences and comfort level.
There are many who love their old mattresses, because of their comfort level, shapes, materials and size. Still the cotton mattresses are loved by many even after the contemporary foam and latex ones with their modern box style shapes.
Old mattresses can be reused by cleaning the cotton and made into new mattresses or given a  new cover in latest upholstery material. Getting the old mattress vacuum cleaned and fresh can help prevent dust mites and also choosing a new cover can make the old mattress almost new.  People prefer to have a combination of inside materials like coir and foam which gives the body support as well as is airy and allows body to breathe.
The loved mattress can be customized and used on new bed according to the size, stitched into new bed mattress covers. Usually bed mattresses are the reasons for not getting a good rest and comfortable sleep.  So if you love your old mattress reuse the same with a bit of refurbishing and continue to enjoy your comfort level mattress. 

Bed Bugs in Old Mattress
Change the bed mattress, how ever much you love it,  if it is infested with mites or in bad conditions as it will affect your health and prosperity. 
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