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Friday, July 29, 2011

Mountain For Support in Feng Shui

Feng Shui and the mountain paintings and pictures have lots of importance. When the child or any individual does not have enough confidence and this is affecting their career and studies in a negative manner, Feng shui has a cure for this.
When you see that your child is lacking confidence to talk to others and very often is unsure of his decisions then it is clear that they lack confidence. Such children present themselves as calm and well adjusted but they are not capable of conversations alone and very often shy away from responsibilities. Their parents have to help them in home work, encourage them in projects and they avoid becoming monitors in the class. Thus it is seen that hey avoid any responsibility and also are ready to follow peers even when they are wrong.
Wisdom Educational Luck Feng shui Painting Rizwana Mundewadi
Confidence Reiki symbol painting Razarts
How to help such a child who is good but lacks confidence? one of the important cures, tried and tested, is the placement of mountain painting behind the back of the place where the child studies. The images of mountains give support to the child and they gain confidence and you will see improvement in their confidence levels. Search for best seating position of the child while studying and place the study table in that area according to feng shui.
Now the paintings of any mountains will do but avoid pictures having sharp cliffs and pointed shapes of mountains. The most preferred shape of the mountain in feng shui is the one that resembles the shape of the turtle. The smooth surface and tall mountains without any sharp edges or cliffs are the right paintings to choose for the display in your child’s study room. In fact the turtle shaped mountains with resemblance to humps are also good.
Place the painting of mountains on the door or where the child sits , behind his back. This will show improvement in his confidence levels and new energy will be seen in him. People will start praising him and he will get good friends and encouraging teachers who will in turn increase his self confidence and thus help him to prove academically as well as mentally.
All the Best from Rizwana!  

Success and the Phoenix Symbol in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui the phoenix is considered very auspicious. This is one of the celestial animals in feng shui which is very good to bring money luck and good fortune. How and where to place the phoenix symbol will be discussed in this post.
What is the phoenix? the phoenix is one of the celestial animals mentioned in scriptures of feng shui and Chinese culture. This symbol is used for wish fulfillment. Why is the phoenix given so much importance? because the phoenix is the one who rises from ashes when everything is destroyed and this symbolism of the phoenix makes it very auspicious and important in Feng Shui. The placement of phoenix symbol, phoenix painting or any image of the phoenix in the home encourages good luck and prosperity. This activates the money luck of the inmates and increases flow of money to the house.
Where to place this symbol or painting of the phoenix? the best place to hang the painting or picture of phoenix is the south wall of the house or living room. This encourages increased money luck and also energizes the area of fame and recognition. Placing the symbol or painting of phoenix at a distance in the south encourages far farsightedness and long term thinking which is very essential for any business man to prosper in business.
Modern Contemporary Painting Raz
The phoenix can face any adverse environment and prosper among difficulties , and so doe s the person get confidence and increased visions of long term goals which are very essential for success in any business ventures.
The phoenix does not represent any religion and can be placed by any individual of any religion. One can be of any religion to follow Feng Shui and once again I mention that Feng Shui is a science and not a religion, so it is universally accepted by all.
All the Best from Rizwana!  

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Horse Shoe To Ward Off Evil Luck on Main Door and Get Good Fortune

Since time immemorial people have been afraid or evil eye and evil luck to the house. People do all sorts of things for the main door to protect the house and family from bad eyes of the outside people and neighbours. This has been a universal fear among all religions and people put up symbols and also do rituals to protect the house. Even Feng Shui places much importance to the main door. Let us see what Feng Shui has for the main door.
One can put up symbols of religious sanctity on the main door. Some people like to hang torans having flowers or mirrors to ward off evil luck. In Feng Shui one can hang a mirror on the outside above the main door. This is a very effective cure to ward off evil luck and evil eye from outside. all the negative energy coming towards your house is reflected outside and does not enter your home.
One lucky charm also seen in many old home was a horse shoe that is nailed on the front door. This is very auspicious in Feng Shui as the shape of a horse shoe resembles like the ideal land shape of feng shui. In India many people fix the horse shoe for protection and luck. It is seen that the inmates get good business and increased financial incoming money if hung on the right place. Many people are very particular to search for the horse shoe of an aged horse as this indicates good long life and also prosperity for the home.
Fancy mirrors can also be hung on the door but care has to be taken that it is not on the door but outside above the door. Also please take care that this does not affect adversely your neighbours as sometimes all the bad energy is transferred to them. If the neighbours are the cause of bad energy or are negative people then you can place the mirror with the intention of letting all negative energy to go back from where it has come and not name any specific place. This will not harm anyone and the negative energy will turn into positive one outside your home, thus making the entrance appealing and inviting. 
Horse Shoe Luck Small painting 6.5x9.5 inches Rizwana A.Mundewadi

All the Best from Rizwana!  

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Increase Business Profits Drastically with Feng Shui

How can you increase your business profits drastically with using Feng Shui? 
Feng shui can show you miraculous increase in profits in any business.
Since the  principles of balancing the five elements are to be followed by Feng Shui one has to do a survey of what is place where in the house and office. When there are lost opportunities and losses in business many times one is forced to think about the other aspects of luck. Here Feng Shui helps to guide the individual to balance the five elements and leads to  good luck, prosperity and peace.
The main business nowadays comes from computers and you can see most of the offices and homes having computers and computer related work. When you observe them these individuals are cut off from conversations and engrossed with the internet and computers. 
The seating arrangement is of utmost important to improve money luck and get increased business. See that the individual working on computer is not facing the wall. Many times we see this arrangement and hence the individual is unaware of the person walking or coming from behind. This leads to feelings of insecurity and fear always about the future.
If there are many people working on computers the employer can prefer to have the computer cubicles that allow some interaction with other workers and not completely cut off from the other employees. 

Image Personality Makeover with Feng Shui Tips for Attracting Prosperity [Kindle Edition]

The Business owner or the employer has to pay attention to office Feng Shui and keep a green bamboo plant on the office table to encourage money luck. Always be with a smiling face and allow positive energy to move in the office and with everyone. This gives positive vibes to the new customer and people will feel happy to do business with you. Also when the employees are facing out they can interact with the customer even when they are working and this way you will not lose the new opportunities coming your way.
Try using Feng Shui for offices for improving your business and also if you work from home keep the area clean and all things must be organized to allow new opportunities and increase business profits.
All the Best!  

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How to Activate Wealth Feng Shui using Plants

How to attract money luck with feng shui simple cures. Feng Shui is a science and there are no miracles to be expected. There is no replacement to hard work, but I have come upon certain Feng Shui cures that are really effective to trigger the money luck. Try it and may God help you.
First of all clear the area of money in your house. This falls in the south east sector of your home. There is no need to calculate exactly any specific degree but you can approximately assess and find this area. This area in Feng Shui is very important to trigger the money luck and get the money rolling in the house. There may be increase in income and also new sources of income coming in the family. Some people also reported money coming unexpectedly.
Place plants, especially the ones that have round leaves or curved leaves. These plants symbolize growth and also look similar to money, or coins. People also prefer to place silk plants that are easy to care for but importance has to be given to keep theses artificial plants clean other wise they will make way for negative energy.
Flower of Grace Feng Shui Floral Painting Rizwana Mundewadi
People get new job offers and also increase in income by placing plants that have round leaves. Even the relationships improve and placing plants in the North West area will also encourage helpful friends to enter their lives. When the plants grow and  prosper so does the financial status of the individual. Feng Shui also encourages placement of pair of healthy Jade Plants in this area to trigger the money luck. Jade plants are a very common cure in feng shui for many reasons. They have rounded leaves looking similar to coins and money, and they are green and require less care to grow. But remember that any plants that are kept in this area need to be maintained in a healthy and clean manner. If the plant dies replace them immediately with new fresh plants, if you do not get sunlight then place artificial plants in this area for improving your money luck.
All the Best from Rizwana!  

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