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Friday, July 29, 2011

How to Activate Wealth Feng Shui using Plants

How to attract money luck with feng shui simple cures. Feng Shui is a science and there are no miracles to be expected. There is no replacement to hard work, but I have come upon certain Feng Shui cures that are really effective to trigger the money luck. Try it and may God help you.
First of all clear the area of money in your house. This falls in the south east sector of your home. There is no need to calculate exactly any specific degree but you can approximately assess and find this area. This area in Feng Shui is very important to trigger the money luck and get the money rolling in the house. There may be increase in income and also new sources of income coming in the family. Some people also reported money coming unexpectedly.
Place plants, especially the ones that have round leaves or curved leaves. These plants symbolize growth and also look similar to money, or coins. People also prefer to place silk plants that are easy to care for but importance has to be given to keep theses artificial plants clean other wise they will make way for negative energy.
Flower of Grace Feng Shui Floral Painting Rizwana Mundewadi
People get new job offers and also increase in income by placing plants that have round leaves. Even the relationships improve and placing plants in the North West area will also encourage helpful friends to enter their lives. When the plants grow and  prosper so does the financial status of the individual. Feng Shui also encourages placement of pair of healthy Jade Plants in this area to trigger the money luck. Jade plants are a very common cure in feng shui for many reasons. They have rounded leaves looking similar to coins and money, and they are green and require less care to grow. But remember that any plants that are kept in this area need to be maintained in a healthy and clean manner. If the plant dies replace them immediately with new fresh plants, if you do not get sunlight then place artificial plants in this area for improving your money luck.
All the Best from Rizwana!  

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