Friday, July 29, 2011

Success and the Phoenix Symbol in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui the phoenix is considered very auspicious. This is one of the celestial animals in feng shui which is very good to bring money luck and good fortune. How and where to place the phoenix symbol will be discussed in this post.
What is the phoenix? the phoenix is one of the celestial animals mentioned in scriptures of feng shui and Chinese culture. This symbol is used for wish fulfillment. Why is the phoenix given so much importance? because the phoenix is the one who rises from ashes when everything is destroyed and this symbolism of the phoenix makes it very auspicious and important in Feng Shui. The placement of phoenix symbol, phoenix painting or any image of the phoenix in the home encourages good luck and prosperity. This activates the money luck of the inmates and increases flow of money to the house.
Where to place this symbol or painting of the phoenix? the best place to hang the painting or picture of phoenix is the south wall of the house or living room. This encourages increased money luck and also energizes the area of fame and recognition. Placing the symbol or painting of phoenix at a distance in the south encourages far farsightedness and long term thinking which is very essential for any business man to prosper in business.
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The phoenix can face any adverse environment and prosper among difficulties , and so doe s the person get confidence and increased visions of long term goals which are very essential for success in any business ventures.
The phoenix does not represent any religion and can be placed by any individual of any religion. One can be of any religion to follow Feng Shui and once again I mention that Feng Shui is a science and not a religion, so it is universally accepted by all.
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