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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Feng Shui and paintings of red colour

Paintings and artworks are becoming the in thing now adays and every home has some or the other artist's artworks displayed on their walls. The south area in feng shui corresponds with the fame and recognition area and it is represented by the colours, red, green, brown and all earth colours. Each area according to feng shui is mapped out and if this is energised will give a boost to the individuals career prospects and new opportunities in the present post.
Having artworks of red colour are used to energize the fame area and also increase confidence of the person. This gives a boost to the energy and career prospects of the individual and also gets good recognition in their respective fields.
It is important to remember that red colour is advisable only in the south area. If you hang this in the north or west it may not be as beneficial, sometimes even harmful for the inmates energy levels. Red colour transmits energy and improves the mood of an individual. But it must be considered that every individual has different tastes and likes and some people are not comfortable witht he colour red. It may give them feeligns of anxiety and anger. Some may even feel their energy is drained. This happens because we have different auras and our auras react differently to different colours. Responses to colours may be different for different individuals. Hence it is best to understand your personality and likes before going in for such a feng shui cure for the south area.

Feng Shui and the Toilet

Earlier toilets used to be in the backyard and outside the home. It was believed that all waste products and negative energy was yto be cleansed outside and not allowed to mingle with the positive energy of the house.
But nowadays due to space crunch our homes have bathrooms and toilets in the house. Even bedrooms and guest rooms have attached bathrooms.
It is advisable to not have more than two bathrooms in a house. Also keep the bathroom door always closed with the commode lid always shut after every use. According to Feng Shui all holes and drains are outlets for money going out and since the toilet hole is the biggets in the house it is aldisable to keep it closed after each use. If the toilet comes in the south area it will lead to material and finacial losses and bad name of the owner and family members. One can grow tall plants that survive in less light and allow for moistur econtent in the bathroom. Keep the colour of the bathroom according to the feng shui area. Red is not advisable as this place is where we relieve ourselves. One can go according to highlights and different nick nacks using specific colour for that particular area. Hanging a mirror just opposite to the toilet door will help the negative energy to fall back and not enter the home.
Always keep decorations and fancy artworks away from the toilet. It is also advisable to not highlight the bathroom much and keep it toned down as compared to the house. Keep the toilet disinfected and fresh smelling and clean as this will affect the health of the whole family and inmates of the house.